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Which Type of Sales “Pitcher” Are You?


May 31, 2013 (Updated: January 26, 2023)

With baseball season in full swing, I wanted to give you a different look than you have ever seen in regards to pitches. Just like a pitcher steps onto the mound, every person in sales or marketing has strengths when it comes to their pitch.


This pitcher seems to overpower their batter with the power of their pitches. I consider myself to be a fastball pitcher because I send out as many and as hard pitches as I can. The reader isn’t fooled by what my email is, but they are impressed by the selling points. I show them my previous works and reasons why my product will benefit them. They have seen pitches before but not with the type of quality that I have in mine.

Strengths: Target can’t resist but to swing and the amount of pitches is impressive.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t tend change from the norm and it’s a pitch that all batters have seen. Its success also relies on previous work.


This pitch is different from the everyday fastball. This pitcher has mastered personalizing everything to the smallest detail. Their audience can’t help but swing since the pitch is new and exciting and stands out amongst the cookie-cutter sells that they are used to receiving.

Strengths: Personalization leads to an incredible response rate and is great for building relationships.

Weaknesses: This pitcher can’t pitch as often as the fastball pitcher. Each sell takes more time and effort to try and be unique or connect with the audience.


This pitch is usually used by the fastball pitcher who is now faced with an All Star level which is going to take something a little different than the norm. Usually the fastball works for this pitcher but now he or she is going for the Albert Pujols of targets.

Strengths: Knows when to change it up from the fastball and knows how to write a pitch that doesn’t sound like a generic robot, form letter or Nigerian prince that needs money.

Weaknesses: Doesn’t send out personalized or unique pitches as often as the curveball pitcher and sometimes teeters on the brink of kissing up too much.


When things are going well, this pitcher is happy and maintains his or her cool. He or she is making several pitches a day and has people biting on their selling points at an alarming rate. They have a great body of work or case study in their portfolio which only adds to their successes since others immediately see the results.

Strengths: When they are in control of their pitches, they are the best. They create relationships while seamlessly getting what they need.

Weaknesses: When things start to go downhill they go downhill fast. Either through getting cocky or pushing too hard, the person they’re pitching to can start to get uneasy. The pitch is in no way deceptive since knuckleballers are a one trick unicorn, but the blogger, target, client, etc. can immediately end a relationship because they were not as forthcoming or seemingly a sure thing as some of the other pitches they’ve seen.

Diversifying your pitches is important in the beginning stages of connecting or sales to see what yields the best results. Once you’ve found a good grove, you will know what type of pitcher you are and will be getting All Star batters to swing on your pitches in no time.

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