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White Paper Release: The Art of Publisher Outreach

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Publisher outreach can be an intimidating strategy to first-time marketers. You have to get over your fear of rejection and persist until you get a response. If you’re used to creating content and waiting for people to come to you, then you may feel overwhelmed reaching out to other blogs and writers.

However, publisher outreach is more accessible when you treat it as relationship building. It’s not unlike networking and meeting new people. When you work together with publishers to develop mutually beneficial partnerships, then your outreach efforts are more likely to be successful.

Our latest white paper, “The Art of Publisher Outreach,” works to dispel the myths that publisher outreach is intimidating and aggressive. Instead, we focus on optimizing your outreach strategy and developing plans that benefit your business in the long run.

Who Will Benefit From This White Paper?

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The data and information in this white paper will benefit entry-level marketers and experienced outreach specialists alike. We have partnered with Pitchbox to share new insights on the latest outreach trends and best practices. Even if you have been honing your publisher outreach skills for years, you can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and tips.

Marketers can also use this white paper to make a case for creating an outreach strategy within your organization. If your business has placed publisher outreach on the back burner or doesn’t understand the value of this marketing strategy, then this white paper will help. You can make a case for prioritizing this strategy and develop the skills to do it well.

What Is This White Paper About?

To make our content as useful as possible to the people who read it, we divided our white paper into different sections based on audience needs. Depending on what you hope to get from this white paper, you can learn:

  •  The main benefits of publisher outreach for your brand and other marketing efforts
  •  The latest data with outreach best practices to increase your response rates and get the best results
  •  The required balance of skills needed to successfully create an outreach campaign

Throughout the white paper, we will discuss some of the top tools in the business and thought leaders who are making a difference. You can use these elements to shape your overall outreach strategy.

How Can You Get Our White Paper?

CopyPress will release “The Art of Publisher Outreach” in April, along with opportunities to discuss the content and take an in-depth look at various outreach strategies. You can participate in a webinar related to outreach and pose questions directly to our experts.

Check our resources page to access this white paper and read others that we have created. You can also download our publisher outreach white paper once it is live.

Share Your Thoughts

If you have other marketing topics you want to discuss, or if you have other questions about publisher outreach, let us know. We may discuss them in a webinar or future blog post to give you the tools you need to drive traffic and leads to your business.

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