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White Paper Release: How Video Marketing Has Changed Online Content


Video marketing has become an essential tool for any content creator. Videos are popular across all channels, industries, and demographics, making them as valuable as your website copy and blog content.

As mobile device usage has grown, so has the power of video content. Brands that fail to take advantage of this tool can lag behind their competitors in terms of website traffic, lead generation, and sales growth.

We wanted to demystify video content and highlight how useful and powerful this tool is, which is why we developed our latest white paper, “How Video Marketing Has Changed Online Content.” Learn more about video content and how you can leverage its use.

Who Will Benefit From This White Paper?

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Video content pieces tend to focus on B2C brands and social media content. While this platform is certainly important for B2C companies, other brands are tapping into the power of video. We wanted to create a white paper that is accessible to anyone, from B2B brands promoting software to B2C companies targeting older demographics.

Our main target audience for this white paper is content creators. We want to give content managers and marketers the tools they need to create something amazing, and the inspiration to impress their potential customers. If you want to create video for your brand but aren’t sure where to start, this white paper is for you.

What Is This White Paper About?

We wanted to cover multiple aspects of video marketing with this content. To make our white paper as accessible and valuable as possible, we divided the material into different sections. Each section provides insights and tools that you can use to make a case for video content in your organization and improve the quality of your current videos. A few sections include:

  • Demographic data and use statistics to understand who consumes video content and why
  • Descriptions of different video content options to help marketers understand what types of video they can create

Tips for improving video content to increase its value and the probability of success for your brand

While the white paper is packed with information and data, we strive to make it easily readable so that you can quickly gain value from what we have to offer.

How Can You Get Our White Paper?

“How Video Marketing has Changed Online Content” will be released in April. You can access the white paper through our resources page or download our video marketing white paper here. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on this white paper, as well as opportunities to discuss it and other trends surrounding video marketing.

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