Whitepaper Release: Determining the Right Influencer Type for Your Campaign

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August 3, 2017 (Updated: January 24, 2024)


“Influencer marketing” is one of the most popular buzzwords in the content marketing industry. Many companies want to try to generate website traffic and sales through this promotional concept, but few think they have the right business for it. In particular, small businesses and B2B companies struggle to decide whether influencer marketing is for them. However, with the right influencers, it’s possible for any brand to benefit from this form of marketing. You don’t have to hire Kylie Jenner to sell your brand — and in many cases, it’s better if you don’t.

To help companies better understand how they can tap into influencer marketing and boost their brand, CopyPress partnered with Intellifluence to create a whitepaper: Determining the Right Influencer Type for Your Campaign. In this guide, you will learn how to identify influencers for your field, properly vet them in your campaign, and move forward with your marketing strategy with the best partners possible.

Keep reading to learn more about this whitepaper and how it can provide value for your business.

Where Can You Find the Whitepaper?

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The whitepaper is available starting August 3, and you can find it on the CopyPress Resources page.

If you’re interested in a more interactive and in-depth discussion of the whitepaper, you can also tune into our webinar, which will discuss influencer marketing and vetting influencers. It will be held on August 3. During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions and join the discussion with industry leaders on the benefits of influencer marketing and how it can be executed successfully.

After the webinar, the whitepaper will be live and free to read, share, and comment on.

About Intellifluence

Intellifluence is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and it offers a marketing platform that connects brands with key influencers. The founders’ goal is to help brands find the right influencers in their industry and connect the two entities to form lasting partnerships. Oftentimes, finding the right influencers is the hardest part of influencer marketing, which is why Intellifluence continues to grow and why CopyPress decided to partner with it.

Who Will Benefit from this Whitepaper?

This guide has two main objectives for readers: proving the benefits of influencer marketing and outlining actionable steps that marketing departments can take to test their first influencer campaign. This whitepaper will be valuable for middle managers who want to persuade senior directors about the importance of influencer marketing. Once a test is approved, lower-level employees will be able to use this guide to find, vet, and monitor influencers during their campaigns.

Outside of approaching this whitepaper on the employee level, we also targeted specific industries and types of businesses we wanted to appeal to. Brands like Coca-Cola and Maybelline don’t need instructions on how to successfully find influencers. These brands are massive and sell B2C products that are easy to find. We wanted to work with small businesses who might not know how to get noticed by their key influencers.

We also wanted to work with B2B brands that struggle to explain what their product does and why it’s important to their industry. With influencers, it’s possible to expand your company’s awareness and reach, which can help boost sales.

What is this Whitepaper About?

This whitepaper provides a three-step process to starting your influencer marketing campaign. It walks readers through the process of choosing influencers that will suit their brand, measuring their value, and then taking steps when some don’t provide the results they should. Along with providing concrete information, this whitepaper also provides an introduction for people who aren’t completely familiar with influencer marketing.

Choosing the Right Size Influencers

Influencer size is one of the biggest issues that marketers come to us with. Finding influencers who are large enough to have an impact is important, but it can be hard to get their attention if they’re too big. This section will discuss how brands can find the right size influencers for their needs and identify this “sweet spot” that helps them create a beneficial relationship.

Gauging Influencer Effectiveness

Influencer size typically isn’t as important as influencer effectiveness. Would you rather have an influencer who has a million followers drive a thousand people to your website or an influencer with ten thousand followers drive two thousand people to your website? Even after you evaluate the traffic levels from influencers, it’s also important to measure engagement, leads, and sales value. This section will provide information on quantifying the value of your influencers to measure effectiveness.

Adding and Dropping Influencers

Once you can track the effectiveness of your influencers, you can start to change your lineup. Influencer marketing is like a baseball team: you want to recruit the best players and use them for maximum impact. If an influencer isn’t performing like you think they should, you should let them go — or at least send them down to the minor leagues.

This section will review ways that companies can end partnerships with influencers without ruining relationships.

Influencer marketing is often part of a larger content and social media plan. This fact is taken into consideration throughout the whitepaper. Companies who are trying to use influencer marketing as a tactic to boost their existing efforts will learn how it can help multiple marketing channels and improve your business.

Share Your Thoughts

Influencer marketing is a complex topic that can’t be covered in just one whitepaper or webinar. If there are more questions you have about the subject, let us know. We’re constantly looking to expand our resource guide and can continue creating content about influencer marketing if you want to learn more about it. Feel free to reach out to one of our team members to discuss influencer marketing and how you can apply it to your business.

You can also reach out if there are other subjects you would like to learn about. By providing resources for our readers and customers, we can help them make better decisions for their brands and grow their sales.

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