When I first joined CopyPress, I was completely unaware of the world of Social Media and Blogger Outreach. Sitting down on my first day, I remember thinking to myself, “What on Earth am I doing?” and “How can this possibly help businesses?”. However, after only a few days of training and getting hands-on experience, the results of what I learned became very apparent. The importance of reaching out to the online community can offer businesses of any size a huge advantage to their success. I have identified three reasons why businesses should be active in blogger outreach and social media.

Gaining Significant Following from Their Target Audience

One of the most critical advantages blogger outreach and social media offers to businesses is that companies have the ability to directly target people looking for that information. I know I’ve had more than enough headaches getting advertisements and misguided leads to websites that I thought were relevant to my search. With blogger outreach, businesses can easily target the specific audience they are after, because the bloggers are discussing that one particular topic. The benefits of posting material towards a specific audience can be viewed in a short matter of time as people review, comment, and discuss your product.

Building Relationships with Influential Authority Figures

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. Well, the same concept goes for social media and blogger outreach. When your business begins to build a good relationship with bloggers, they can have some pretty strong influence on whether or not readers say “yea” or “nay” to your product.  Outreachers must understand that the bloggers they are communicating with are often times seen as an authority figure in the field. What messages get conveyed on their blog can possibly make or break your mission for success. Therefore, having a good repertoire with the creator of the blog is essential, so that you start the relationship off right, so you can work toward positive reviews from that authority figure.

Become a Part of Leading Market Trends

Once you start connecting, and building those important relationships with others, you can actually start making a difference in readers’ mindsets and influence people’s buying decisions. By getting the information to your target audience, you open the gates to increase consumerism and hopefully a greater demand for your product. Also, because bloggers allow readers to comment about the discussions, you also get a firsthand insight into what people are thinking, what a general public view is, and have the ability to tailor your marketing campaign accordingly. Blogger outreach and social media marketing is really a win-all strategy for success.

So, whether you are a small, start-up business or a large-scale conglomerate, there really is no downfall to this form of marketing and publicity. Because this method of marketing is rather new and “up-and-coming”, the potential for growth are limitless. I am excited to see where blogger outreach takes marketing in the future, and am glad to be part of this new innovation.