At CopyPress, we are privileged to work with clients all over the globe; however, this can sometimes make us lose touch with our home city of Tampa. Many companies that work globally have difficulty either connecting to their local communities or finding the benefit in it. Well, if you’re looking for ways to connect and reasons why you should then I’ve got you covered.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies today are expected by consumers to engage in corporate social responsibility. A great way for companies to give back is to get involved in their local communities. It can be easy to lose your grounding in the city you are based in when you are constantly working with people miles away, but getting involved in local festivals, charities, or career fairs is a good way to keep your team involved with the people around them. Check out these mega brands that are helping on a micro level:

Just last month Google donated $6.8 million to pay for free Muni passes for San Francisco youth to ease the displacement crisis happening in Silicon Valley.


Whole Foods created the Whole Cities Foundation to provide healthy foods and nutritional education to underserved communities.

JetBlue launched a program called Soar with Reading designed to inspire kids’ imaginations to “take flight through reading” and delivers books to schools in need.

soarwithreadingIf you think you’re too global to reach your local community- you’re probably wrong.

Local Lessons Translate to Global Clients

Understanding your local community can help you understand your clients’ position in their community and how to scale to small businesses. You can help global clients reach their local communities better if you have an understanding of how relationships between large and small business can be built, fostered, and utilized.

Furthermore, small business is small business regardless of what country it’s in, and a business is a business regardless of its scale. This means businesses face similar problems. Becoming involved in local businesses and groups can also help you understand a small business client across the country. Also, if you connect with local professionals in a particular industry they can help you better serve clients in different areas in the same industries.

This Expands Your Reach and Understanding

When you travel to different places, it’s likely that you are traveling to connect with people and experts in your space. But connecting with your local community means that you’re unlikely to come across the industry you are in very often. This will help your company learn more about different industries and the pain points they feel. Consider joining local networking groups that you can provide services to. There’s probably a huge group of local companies that can utilize the services and products you offer.

At CopyPress, our main target market is marketers, so we often go to marketing conferences and conventions, but in reality, nearly every business needs content, so every industry is a potential target market. This goes for every company, and getting involved in events in those industries is crucial, because the better you know your client and their market the better you can serve them.

You probably wouldn’t think to go to an RV show for work, but if your client is a mobile home resort then attending an industry-related event can only help improve the product or services you provide.

If your client provides services in photography, getting them involved in the community is a great way for them to market their business. Have them photograph the animals for a local shelter to post on their adoption page with the photographer’s watermark and site link, or have them get involved with organizations that put on local events like food truck rallies or art shows and have them photograph the event on behalf of the organization.

Personal Improvement

Getting your company hands-on in your community is not only excellent for PR and networking, but it also helps employee growth and improvement. Encouraging your office to get involved in community events, networking, or charities can help bring your employees together and- as cheesy as it sounds- bond. No one enjoys the cliché team building activities, but getting people out of a work environment to improve the company and impact the community they live in is like team bonding in a much more productive and effective disguise.

Global companies tend to look past the importance of getting involved in their local communities. This is a huge mistake and a missed opportunity. Take the time to find out what kind of things your company can get involved in in your community to bring some publicity to your brand and help your local market.