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October 10, 2012 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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Yes, that’s right; guest blogging is far from a threat of killing you, in fact it is the polar opposite. Don’t believe me?  Read on to see why a good guest blogging strategy has the power to bring you to life.

Increased Traffic

There’s no denying it, guest blogging will generate instant traffic to your website or blog. This benefit is probably the most attractive feature of guest blogging.  With your increased traffic, you should expect a gradual rise in the amount of blog subscribers, followers, shares, and likes.  It creates traffic for the blogger and for the host combined. The host’s loyal readers will naturally read your guest content and hopefully mosey on over to your website which in return brings fresh faces to your site or blog. Then, when you socially promote your new post on the host site, your followers will check it out and in return bring your host unique visitors as well. It’s an equation that allows everybody to win.

Quick tip: In order to generate the most traffic to your post, make sure you promote it on your website, social channels, and other digital media outlets.

Increased Authority

Whether you’re beginning a new career as a blogger, starting up your dream business or trying to make a name for yourself online, you are probably pretty knowledgeable within your topic. Being this knowledgeable would allow you to share countless valuable information to your targeted readers, there’s just one issue—you don’t have an audience, not yet at least.

Placing guest content helps your ideal audience start to recognize your name and associate it with the high quality content you’ve provided. The authority that the host blog has will naturally transfer onto you and therefore your power will start to glide up the totem pole.

As you continue to post on high authority websites, more and more readers will see your work and see your name. With a little sweat, tears and time this will give you the authority you need to get yourself noticed.

Quick tip: Aim to guest post on super high-quality sites rather than a low-quality site that accepts any content. The worst answer you’ll hear from the publisher is “no”. With the right pitch and quality content, the blog owner will gladly want to post your content, and the time you spent creating it will go the extra mile when it comes to building your authority.

Builds Your Audience and Influence

Let’s be real here: anyone can create traffic to their site with a little money. Quality guest blogging is free and just doesn’t get you traffic to your website or blog, it builds an audience by converting unique visitors into long-term readers and followers. The traffic from a guest post can already be considered an audience since the readers are a group of people interested in that topic and naturally will be interested in what you’ve got to say.

Providing guest content on blogs that are bigger and stronger than yours is an effective way to make a lasting impression upon readers. By combining your own audience and the audience of the host site, you’ll be able to reach a lot more people and influence a much larger population. When you’re only posting content on your own blog, you’re only reaching out to your one crowd. Reeling in a new crowd often is going to naturally build a strong audience.

Quick tip: Interact with your audience to really reel them in. No one is going to care about self-obsessed prodigy you claim to be. Ask your audience questions, share their posts, give them some kudos for their work too.

Increase Your Exposure

Guest blogging is a great way to increase your exposure while simultaneously building your brand awareness. Say you guest post for a site that gets about 10,000 daily visitors and your post is viewed about 2,000 times, you may only get about 100 visitors from the host site to your site, but your name, brand or company has been exposed to those 2,000 readers that didn’t know you even existed before reading your article. The more you contribute guest posts within your vertical, the more times readers will see your name and start to recognize you, which will hopefully in return make them want to start following your every move.

Quick Tip: Make sure you have a killer byline that stands out from the crowd. Make your byline catch the reader’s attention so much that they will want to remember your name.

Whenever you submit a guest piece of content, you can get quality backlinks either to your own blog, client’s website, or your own website. If the site owner agrees, they’ll allow a few backlinks in the post that target pages on your site or the target site. Google values these kinds of backlinks, especially with continuous search updates, as you’re guest blogging on platforms that are authoritative and based in your niche.

Quick tip: It’s possible that the higher quality content you provide the owner, the more generous they will feel about allowing a greater number of backlinks. Don’t just slop together a piece of content for the sake of it—make it count, make it worth your time and the blog owner’s time.

Avoid the Massacre

Now you should realize that this whole guest blogging isn’t so bad after all. However, guest blogging only has benefits if it’s done the right way. Make sure you’re investing the proper amount of time and quality into each step of the process to really make it a worthwhile strategy.  When done accurately and efficiently, guest blogging won’t kill you; it’ll only benefit and add to your tools for content promotion.

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