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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

In the modern world every company has a website, so companies need to find more effective ways to reach their audiences. Your business needs a blog because they strengthen a company’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This moves beyond a simple website or social media platforms.

The more content a blog has available, the more visibility the company gets through search engine results. Forbes reports, once a business is able to develop a solid marketing strategy, they will enjoy an enhanced brand reputation, an increase in consumer trust and engagement, which increases leads and conversions. This strategy is a long-term investment in your brand and your business’ reputation.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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Business 2 Community states, 70 percent of all companies have a blog, which is a collection of articles featured on a website. Blogs establish a business’ trust with its intended audience, focusing on customer concerns and identifying relevant solutions. Velocitize explains blogs help companies keep their intended audience up-to-date on business information and special events. New content creates a direct line of communication between a company and its audience personalizing the information to suit your business’ ever-changing needs.

Blogs also give the desired audience the ability to provide feedback on the content created or raise additional concerns of which the company may not be aware. A blog allows comments to be public, but only with approval, unlike social media sites. Businesses want their social media sites to be public to increase exposure, but it does leave room for negative exposure.

As the content reaches its intended audience, simple prompts will request current and potential customers to sign up for the blog, which adds the customer’s personal information to the email database for the company. Constant contact through email is not as efficient as new content from a blog, because mass emails are generally flagged as spam and rarely make it into the primary inbox. This process is a waste of time and money.

Heightened Site Traffic Converts to Increased Leads and Sales

Company blogs can increase sales because they increase lead generation. A healthy blog requires three to four posts per week to produce new monthly leads. Additionally, the new content also keeps business relevant to previous customers.

When a potential customer clicks on a blog link, it shows they are already interested in your given business relevance. This interest could be just looking for more information, or they can be interested in acquiring your products, or services. It is better to incorporate videos as relevant to create even more engaging content. Videos tend to go viral more than traditional print content because it is visual and easy to consume.

Your business needs a blog because it is also the most effective method of demand generation in the business-to-business setting. Blogs allow a company to tell their story in a way that will encourage others, especially business decision-makers to use their products and services. The more creative the content, the more engaging it is with your audience.

Creating a buzz around your business will make the content in your blog a commodity. This buzz is especially important for any business in the technology sector. The technology sector has been growing at an exponential rate for quite some time, so people are always looking for the newest upgrades and advances continually.

Educational content is linked to an increase in sales because the content provides companies the opportunity to teach and explain available products and services. The educational content makes it easier for companies to increase their social exposure since they now have content available to share. Brand awareness is the only way for an individual company to stand out apart from its competition.

Blogs Help Create Brand Awareness for Your Business

In the modern world, nearly every business has a website. Unfortunately, a website alone is not enough to make your business name stand out among its competitors. Any company focused on raising funds use their fundraising events as creative content, and then use more content to describe how the funds were appropriated, and how they impacted the community.

Internal linking increases brand awareness because information from previous blog entries can be linked making the business more visible through search engines.Search Enginge Journal explains, blogs create more instances of inbound links to your business website. In some cases, now accounting for a 97 percent increase in inbound links.  As your content becomes more prevalent, your business grows in authority in your chosen business sector.

Social media management is a time-consuming process. Your blog content can be the focused information shared with the world. Creative content shows a level of expertise and professionalism that simple social media posting lacks. As more people link to your blog, the potential reach of the content is limitless.

Your Business Blog Is Your Company’s Voice

Millennials research blogs before making any final buying decisions.  Your blog gives your company a voice, not only to show what you offer the customer but for your community. Social responsibility is the best way to show how your company stands apart from the rest of its competition.

The only way to get this information to your audience is through a blog. Not only will you be able to depict your social responsibility you can prove it is an ongoing thing through your blog. Generally speaking, people tend to share negative information twice as often as positive information. Blogs give your business a positive voice.

A large company may be able to hire a fulltime writer to create content all day long. This option is improbable for a small business, especially those with few employees filling many business roles. Outsourcing content creation can be a cost-effective way to keep your business blog stocked with new and relevant content.

If you are looking for a reason to start a business blog think of your next business opportunity and document the experience. Businesses making any upgrades should consider documenting the process. This documentation is especially necessary if your business is closed, so your audience does not forget about you during downtime.

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