Email is still one of the leading forms of online communication. As of 2015, more than 90 percent of adults in the United States used email, putting it ahead of text messaging and social networking. This is a valuable way to connect with your customers, but to do so you must first capture their email addresses. This is where opt-in forms come in. OptinMonster helps you improve your opt-in offers so you can collect the contact info you need to begin content marketing campaigns right in your customer’s inbox.

What Is OptinMonster?

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OptinMonster is a lead generation plugin designed to help you capture more email subscribers. If you’re producing quality content and delivering effective newsletters, offers, and other emails to your subscribers, this can translate directly into new customers and a fresh stream of sales. Email market and content development is a long and complex process. All that work is lost if you’re not capturing readers in the first place. OptinMonster helps you tackle that first step in successful email campaigns.

Attractive Form Creation

OptinMonster allows you to create perfectly targeted opt-in forms following a variety of templates. Key designs you can begin with include lightbox, floating bar, after post, slide-in, sidebar, and mobile forms. These allow you to capture nearly any type of customer with an opt-in approach that’s perfectly tailored to their preferences and needs.

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Within each design style, you’ll find several templates awaiting your customization. You don’t have to start from scratch and call on a professional’s design skills to create sleek, attractive, and efficient forms. OptinMonster presents you with everything you need to select and customize from its core offerings. Customization is quick, powerful, and simple. Though it’s not a drag-and-drop format, you can make many essential changes from the template editor. You can also change templates within the editor if you want to swap out quickly and try a new approach.

Central Monitoring

OptinMonster goes beyond its WordPress functionality and offers HTML code that you can incorporate into any website. This allows you to deploy the same opt-in forms across multiple sites and platforms. Monitoring it all from one central location, you’ll have rich insights into how your forms are performing and which sites and methods deliver best.

Exit-Intent Detection

One of OptinMonster’s key features is its exit-intent detection. This is designed to deliver opt-in pop-ups when a user is about to exit your page. This is a valuable feature for several reasons. First, it holds off on this opt-in offer while your customer is reading. If a visitor is deeply engaged in your article, you don’t want to interrupt with a pop-in that disrupts that experience. The slightest distraction can send your reader packing. If a visitor is engaged with the content that’s currently in front of him or her, don’t mess with it.

The moment of exit is an ideal time to make one last offer. When you know you’re designing for visitors with exit intent, you can customize your opt-in message accordingly. These visitors have obviously decided that your page doesn’t offer what they’re after. How can you change their mind and convince them to stay? This is the place for a value-packed offer that might entice them to opt-in for money-saving perks that can tip their decision-making back in your direction.

Behavioral Automation

Exit intent isn’t the only type of behavior OptinMonster watches for. This plugin also tracks key details such as:

  • The number of pages viewed
  • The device your visitor is using
  • Traffic source
  • Campaign interaction
  • Cookies present on the user’s device
  • URL parameters or anchor tags

This information will help you design opt-in messages that are highly relevant to the customer’s needs and behavior. If you’re speaking to someone who’s already dipped a toe into a particular campaign, you can push this promotion. A shopper who has viewed multiple pages on your site will have more familiarity with your brand than someone who is new to the site.

Responding to each customer’s unique behavior will help you develop opt-in messages that have a higher chance of conversions than those that send the same message to every customer.

Page-Specific Targeting

OptinMonster offers a page-level targeting feature that lets you create different opt-ins for each page or type of page on your website. Use this WordPress plugin to place opt-ins on pages that are already performing well, where you can expect to reach a large audience. Customize your opt-in messages for particular sections of your site, so you’re offering your newsletter of makeup tips on cosmetics pages and an offer for sizing help when visitors are looking at apparel.

Page-level targeting helps you design email campaigns and opt-in offers that are highly relevant. This increases your chances of interaction both in the short and long term.

Efficient A/B Testing

As most marketers know, A/B testing is a valuable tool for any campaign. This allows you to compare two marketing tactics side-by-side to see which is more effective with your customer. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to content marketing of any kind. Every niche is different, with a unique set of customer behaviors.

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The best way to improve your marketing efforts is to test, test, and test again. OptinMonster provides a simple A/B split testing module that makes this activity simple and intuitive. You can incorporate an A/B test with any campaign and evaluate your results at any time. Tracking conversion rates through OptinMonster will only increase your success with this plugin, as it allows you to see exactly where your results are strongest. This will help you determine where to place your opt-in offers, how to format them, and what to offer.

If you’re looking for a fast and intuitive way to improve your opt-in efforts, OptinMonster is a powerful plugin worth your consideration. Its features will help you simplify what could otherwise prove a complex task. This helps you dramatically improve your efforts to capture visitors’ email addresses and get more opt-ins for valuable communications.

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