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WordPress Plugin Snapshot: Slider Revolution

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So, your WordPress business website is up and running, and there’s good content posted, but you still find the website’s design a little drab or unremarkable. Fortunately, you have your own domain and the full capability to design your website however you wish, and there is a sea of impressive plugins out there. Perhaps you’ve always liked when websites have a horizontal slideshow of pictures or other content and want the same thing for your front page or other areas.

Slider Revolution, sometimes shortened to Revslider, is a simple but powerful tool that makes this much easier. Let’s go into the finer details of what Slider Revolution can do and some of the best ways to make use of its capabilities. After this quick snapshot, you should not only be willing to give Slider Revolution a try, but also gather some concrete ideas of how to use it for your website.

What is Slider Revolution?

Slider Revolution is used for carousels: any sliding box of multiple images, videos, animations, or other pieces of content. If you go to a major news site’s front page, you’ll see that many of them customize the top of the page with a repeating, timed slideshow that switches to different article previews. This is exactly the kind of thing Slider Revolution can do, and with a little creativity it can be used in many other contexts, especially content marketing.

One of the best things about Slider Revolution is that it’s fully responsive, meaning that no matter what device or browser a visitor is using, the slider will be scaled and positioned appropriately. Your installment of the plugin will receive regular updates to stay compatible for every user who visits your site. Best of all, a regular license to use on a single website is only a one-time payment of $25 for software that’s constantly updating its responsiveness and adding new, powerful features. Let’s take a look at some of the features already available.

Tons of Templates

No web design experience is necessary to build a slider with this plugin. Once you activate Slider Revolution, you can select one of over 140 templates and then customize it to perfectly match your needs. There are templates perfect for category pages on a blog, where you can get an attractive preview image for every single listed post or piece of content. There are also great templates to show off your e-commerce products, in case you’re using content marketing to draw attention to a store.

Once you’ve chosen your template, Slider Revolution’s no-nonsense drag-and-drop editor lets you put your content (videos, images, etc.) together in whatever order you desire. Similar to other top tools for image customization, the editor is almost as powerful as raw CSS coding and infinitely less complicated. If you’re ever confused by the system, a purchased license gives you six months of dedicated support to get over any blocks in the learning process, and extending that license for six more months is less than eight dollars.

Object Library

Often a plugin will have the bare software needed to get the job done, but you’ll still need some materials relevant to your projects. You may need to find images that suit your content and draw the reader’s eye, or want to make something very specific.

With Slider Revolution, you’re good to go. The included object library is packed with icon fonts, general-use images for backgrounds, scalable vector graphics, and transparent PNG images to overlay on a background. Mix and match your own graphics and materials with what the library offers or rely totally on the regularly growing collection.

Add-Ons and Effects

hand on white surface writing "Create"

Image via Flickr by MrJamesBaker

All Slider Revolution customers get access to a library of additional software, or add-ons, that can do almost anything you could imagine. Want to make one of those whiteboard effects where an animated hand is quickly writing messages in dry-erase marker? There’s an add-on for that. Then there are the more technical add-ons that help with blog engagement, such as automatic sliders that show related posts at the bottom of any post someone is reading.

There are also many special effects you can apply to your slider and the content within. For example, there are 3D parallax effects that make your images pop off the screen and shift around, using perspective tricks to make them appear three-dimensional. You can even make these effects link to the user’s mouse so that a clickable segment of an image gets larger and more in focus when the mouse cursor gets closer.

Get It Free

Slider Revolution is $25 per license for a single domain or $120 per license for a product that you sell. For most general content marketing use, the $25 license to use on a website is perfectly fine. However, what if you didn’t even have to pay that?

If you haven’t bought a website theme to match with your domain yet, you’re in luck! Be careful when shopping around and you should find some paid responsive themes that bundle Slider Revolution in with the deal. This way you’ll get the awesome software and an excellent WordPress theme, usually at a better price than if you had purchased Slider Revolution separately from your theme. Not to mention, having Slider Revolution included already makes the installation process easier, since there’s no risk of previously installed software getting in the way.

Sliders help organize and visualize the information you want your visitors to see, and present it in a way that looks professional and perfectly suits your website design. It’s the most popular slider WordPress plugin in the world, and a good companion to a website-based content creation strategy. If this kind of web design interests you or seems beneficial to your content marketing, you owe it to yourself to give it a whirl.

Our snapshot series is meant to show you great plugins worthy of your content marketing campaign, so keep an eye out as we feature the best software in the WordPress plugin store. Work becomes easy and even fun if you use the best tools possible, so check out our other plugin snapshots to see what you may have been missing.

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