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WordPress Plugin Snapshot: WordLift – AI powered SEO

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Over the past year, the content marketing industry has seen an explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools. While some marketers prefer to use these options outside of their content management systems, others expect their AI to integrate seamlessly into WordPress. After careful review of the AI and ML market, WordLift has become one of the top options to choose from. It is highly rated, updated regularly, and a great option for marketers who want to improve their SEO by tapping into AI and automated processes.

Read about this tool if you want to explore the world of AI without significant financial investments or a deep knowledge of how ML works.

About the WordLift Plugin

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The WordLift plugin works as an editor and SEO specialist reviewing your content before you publish. Developed in Rome in 2011, it is now supported in 32 languages ranging from Chinese and Danish to Turkish and Bulgarian.

The AI WordPress plugin uses natural language processing and linked data publishing to make suggestions for SEO improvements. Some of these suggestions focus on the content side of SEO, encouraging writers to include better information and additional thoughts or place their ideas clearly for search engines to promote. Other suggestions and automation functions help with the technical side. The AI focuses on opportunities for interlinking and automatically ads schema markups and metadata to appeal to crawlers.

With this WordPress plugin, your content will make your audiences happier and more likely to share your pieces while staying on your homepage and engaging the search engines that bring people to your website in the first place.

Organize Your Content for Better Audience Response

The first part of the WordLift plugin is content improvement. After you write what you want to say, the plugin’s AI will review your keywords, phrasing, and ideas for ways to improve it. If you find yourself struggling to grow your audience engagement or increase shares, this tool can fill in gaps to make your pieces more compelling.

  • WordLift analyzes your content to answer the basic who, what, when, and where. If any of these elements are missing or buried, it will suggest content to answer questions looming in the audience’s minds.
  • Suggested internal links based on your content will help you boost SEO while providing valuable secondary information for your readers to learn more.
  • You can adjust your vocabulary to better connect with your audiences. WordLift can learn industry jargon and suggest it next time.
  • The AI will suggest additional facts, ideas, and arguments to make your content more valuable to readers.

You don’t have to accept all of these suggestions, but receiving suggestions for improvement may give you content ideas that you never had before.

Improve the Visual Aspects of Your Content

Once the words are in order, improve your content visually. Do you feel like your articles are full of text or dull stock images are randomly placed? If so, then you may want an AI tool to suggest locations for your images along with visual content ideas.

WordLift creates recommendations for your image content so that you can break up large blocks of text with visually engaging photos or videos. An additional tool that local SEO experts may find useful is the Geomap widget, which identifies city names and addresses to place an interactive map on your post. If you’re promoting a new location or an upcoming conference, a Geomap can help readers actively locate where you are.

WordLift is made to improve the readability of blog articles. Through timeline creation and related chord development, you can walk audiences through complex ideas with ease and without driving them to bounce from boredom.

Share and Promote Your Content Easier

Once you’re ready to publish your in-depth and visually engaging content, the SEO side of the WordLift widget takes over. It automatically adds markup to your article, making your content search engine friendly and increasing your likelihood of driving organic traffic. You don’t have to be an expert in technical SEO to take advantage of Schema data with this tool. This offering is a huge relief for many publishers who have a strong editing eye but struggle with adding clean code.

Through the WordLift Faceted Search and Navigator options, you can share relevant articles with your audiences on your webpages. This feature can keep customers on your blog reading other articles that you have created, improving your analytics and overall SEO value.

While it may seem like this tool does a lot, the publisher’s side doesn’t require much work. You simply have to follow the suggestions of the bot and accept or reject changes.

What Is the Value of AI in SEO Plugins?

Google’s Rankbrain algorithm updates and other changes for intent-based search queries show customers results based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. If Google is tapping into AI and ML, then it makes sense for SEO tool developers to harness their power as well.

AI isn’t as complex as some people make it out to be. AI basically pulls information from Big Data analytics and uses that data to make decisions. ML occurs when tools change their behaviors based on new information instead of relying only on rules a developer wrote.

Your website is distinctive and so is your industry. Instead of using a plugin that follows a set of rules and expects you to change and conform to global standards, AI tools conform to you. They learn what works for your company and your audiences. This approach creates better content for readers and better results for bloggers.

If you’re looking to test AI on your website and want to improve your SEO and content simultaneously, consider trying the WordLift WordPress plugin. Plans start at 20 euros per month (currently about $24 USD) and discounts for long-term annual use.

Adding something as simple as a WordPress plugin can change your content creation game and boost your SEO. You simply need the right tools to get the job done.   

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