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WordPress Plugin Snapshot: MonsterInsights

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights is an essential plugin for any blogger regardless of their content goals. Whether you’re creating a lead-generating website to grow your brick-and-mortar business or want an eCommerce blog to drive online revenue, analytics can tell you what you’re doing right and all the things you’re doing wrong. Keep reading to learn how this plugin can help your brand and why you should install it today.

About This Plugin

MonsterInsights acquired the Analytics plugin from Google in 2016. Google Analytics is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress, with more than 10 million downloads. Not only is this plugin commonly used, it’s also popular and effective. In fact, almost 70 percent of users gave it a four- or five-star rating, which means people trust the plugin to work for them.

Since acquiring the tool, MonsterInsights has continued to add new features to the Google Analytics plugin to help customers. The company also regularly updates the plugin to improve existing features and offer the best possible experience for WordPress users.

While WordPress has an existing analytics tool, many marketers prefer to install this more advanced plugin because it has more flexibility and detail than the traditional one. Furthermore, MonsterInsights Google Analytics is compatible with other WordPress plugins to provide all of the information you need in one place.

Create Content That Customers Want

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Without analytics, you’re operating your blog blindly. How can you know which pieces are effective without tracking their performance? How can you know which pieces were viral flashes in the pan versus long-term articles that generate links for months after they go live?

Every blog, website, and brand that wants to increase its readership can benefit from analytics. You don’t have to be a math genius to track a few metrics and make sure the numbers in your analytics program are increasing. MonsterInsights adopted the already user-friendly Google Analytics platform to help beginners understand the value of the tool while giving experts the resources they need to execute strategic plans.

If you’re just starting out, consider reviewing your blog posts on three different levels:

  • Weekly: Look for pieces with a high click-through rate and shares.
  • Monthly: Look for topics and formats that readers respond to more than others.
  • Quarterly: Look for pieces that generate mentions and links over the past few months.

Once you see what pieces are working well for your brand, you can start replicating your successes by covering similar topics with similar formats. Ideally, you would set traffic goals for potentially successful pieces so you can strategically grow your website throughout the year.

Connect MonsterInsights With eCommerce Plugins

Plenty of people create blogs as resources for their sales teams or live off of revenue from banner ads or affiliate links. However, more sites are turning their content or lead-generation websites into ecommerce pages to directly profit from their efforts. Here are some examples:

  • Hair salons can accept online reservations instead of relying on phone calls.
  • Bloggers can sell their books and other merchandise to monetize their efforts.
  • Companies can sell their products to a larger online audience instead of limiting their sales to their immediate geographic area.

By working with other plugins like WooCommerce, Google Analytics can provide brands with valuable sales insights. Through analytics, companies can learn which of their products are the most popular online and determine if these differ from their in-store sales.

This partnership also helps WordPress users understand the value of their marketing efforts. For example, if a content marketer creates a blog post promoting a particular product, the MonsterInsights Google Analytics tool can track the customer journey to see which customers landed on the blog and how many of them ended up buying the product as a result. Suddenly, each blog post can be measured with monetary value instead of just clicks and exposure.

Track Ads, Outbound Links, and Affiliate Performance

If you do monetize your blog with ads, links, and affiliate promotion, then the MonsterInsights Google Analytics tool is ideal for your brand. With this WordPress plugin, bloggers can follow trends and make business decisions based on that information. Here are a few important business essentials:

  • Calculating how much advertisers and affiliates owe you
  • Determining which blog posts drive the most sales for your brand
  • Deciding whether an affiliate partnership will work out based on clicks and sales

For example, a business might charge $100 for an affiliate link and corresponding blog post. If the blog post generates $5,000 in sales (which is a 50:1 return), then the blogger could likely increase his or her prices and charge up to $500 for a blog post, knowing that the affiliate link is worth a 10:1 return on investment.

Without analytics, it’s possible to successfully monetize, but difficult. Bloggers could find themselves underselling their wares or getting taken advantage of by larger brands who have analytics tracking.

Make Quick Changes With Real-Time Analytics

Analytics are useful for getting a high-level view of your brand, but more companies are relying on real-time analytics to determine their content’s effectiveness. For example, a blog post will receive the majority of its traffic within a day or two of getting published. If a blogger doesn’t hit their traffic goals, then they might want to promote the piece through Facebook ads to bring more people to it. With real-time analytics, bloggers can see if something is going viral or if it needs more attention.

Real-time analytics is also crucial for ecommerce brands. During the months of November and December, some ecommerce brands make a third of their sales for the whole year. Falling behind during a day could mean missing revenue goals for the quarter. By tracking sales in real time, analytics teams can determine when a brand needs to launch contingency plans to boost sales.

Even if you have never used an analytics platform before, Google Analytics from MonsterInsights can help you make strategic decisions for your blog. Consider downloading this plugin today to see how you can improve your website content and grow your sales.

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