How Kabbage Built Links and Increased Syndication Outreach with CopyPress

Kabbage was a FinTech company based in Atlanta, Georgia before it joined forces with American Express in 2020. The company empowered small businesses through straightforward, flexible access to capital. Before its merger with American Express, Kabbage extended more than $5.6 billion directly to small business owners and powered automated funding for organizations across the globe.

The problem: At the time, Kabbage wanted to increase organic search traffic to high-level target pages on its website. But the company couldn’t manage a link acquisition and content syndication campaign on its own. Kabbage needed a community of publishers to work with but didn’t have the time and resources to do the outreach.

The solution: Kabbage partnered with CopyPress and developed a plan to target high-quality finance sites for content syndication. CopyPress created connections with financial publishers, specifically targeting domains with categorical importance and high Trust Flow metrics. Then the CopyPress team optimized content to help Kabbage rank for high-value terms, giving the brand even more reach.

Kabbage Case Study

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Through its partnership With CopyPress, Kabbage:

  • Increased the number of unique visitors from 12 per month to an astounding 9,500 per month.
  • Distributed content to premium traffic locations valued at $449,000 per month in PPC.
  • Transformed organic search into a leading revenue channel.

Discover how Kabbage’s partnership with CopyPress helped the brand increase awareness and leveraged ROI-focused content resulting in millions of dollars per year in loan revenue.

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25 May 2023


25 May 2023


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