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How Lokal Media House Saved Time and Money Scaling Content with CopyPress

Lokal Media House is a Dallas-based digital marketing agency helping businesses reach more customers online through a mix of SEO support, paid advertising, social media, and website development. As Content Manager, Julie Hayes develops content plans and marketing strategies for the agency’s clients and manages its relationship with CopyPress.

The problem: Lokal Media developed a three-year plan to grow from 14 to 400 clients. As the agency expanded, Lokal had problems creating content at scale for a complex client base. Lokal’s limited capacity challenged its ability to scale to meet customer demands for more breadth and volume of assets.

The solution: Lokal Media House partnered with CopyPress, which provided a skilled team of experts to create quality content across each of Lokal’s client niches. With custom style guides, organized content production processes, and consistent quality content that reflected its brand voice, Lokal Media scaled its content quickly and easily.

Lokal Media House Case Study

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Aside from top-quality content, Lokal’s partnership with CopyPress also:

  • Increased online content visibility and Lokal’s client leads.
  • Brought a 6,000% increase in organic traffic for one of Lokal’s key clients.
  • Saw an overall 535% increase in organic traffic across client niches.

Discover how Lokal Media House’s partnership with CopyPress helped its team regain more working hours for internal projects and scale production to meet growing demands in this customer success story.

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