NURX is a revolutionary health care brand that focuses on accessibility and affordability for all customers. The brand focuses on choice, control, and freedom so clients can access the care they need on their own terms. Through its online health platform, NURX provides a range of everyday medications and advice to help people take control of their health.

The problem: NURX wanted to increase its keyword rankings and organic traffic. And the team needed to find authoritative writers with deep knowledge of the medical field to meet these content needs. With other projects to focus on and constant company growth, NURX needed a partner to handle this aspect of its business.

The solution: NURX partnered with CopyPress to improve its SERP rankings. By developing a style guide for all brand content, the CopyPress creative team created a web page, FAQ, and product description pieces that matched the brand’s unique voice and vision. CopyPress recruited and vetted subject matter experts with medical industry experience to provide accurate and authoritative content to increase search rankings for NURX.

Nurx Case Study

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CopyPress also helped the brand:

  • Develop over 900 pieces of new content for its platforms.
  • Increase organic traffic by more than 350%.

Discover how NURX’s partnership with CopyPress helped the company increase its search engine authority, improve SERP rankings, and capture more attention from its audience.

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25 May 2023


25 May 2023


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