How PathForward Grew Its Audience and Got On Track to Double Its Revenue by Partnering with CopyPress

PathForward is a 24/7 psychic service provider and part of the parent company, VSE. Its network of experienced psychics provides actionable guidance that helps clients become their best selves. As their brand champion, Nick Fonteix was hands-on throughout PathForward’s content creation, launch, and development, including setting its SEO strategy.

The problem: VSE’s legacy service, Hollywood Psychics, was losing revenue and needed reinvigoration. After a bold reinvention and rebrand as PathForward, the service needed to establish a fresh tone that resonated with its new, growing audience—the millennial demographic. But the new brand also needed to distinguish its voice from VSE’s main psychic brand to become independently successful.

The solution: PathForward partnered with CopyPress, to create a vibrant tone based on the new company’s values and audience demographics to differentiate it from its sister brand. Working with CopyPress’ hand-picked team of creatives and client success managers meant PathForward received content that ranked higher in search—and built an emotional connection with its audience.

PathForward Case Study

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By partnering with CopyPress, PathForward has achieved:

  • A 50% increase in page views year over year.
  • A 30% jump in organic search volume.
  • A 5% return in company conversions.
  • A content marketing partnership built on trust and integrity.

Discover how PathForward achieved these results and how it’s set to double the revenue of VSE’s legacy brand since partnering with CopyPress for its content marketing needs.

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