How RagingBull Increased Monthly Organic Traffic With CopyPress

Since 2017, RagingBull has simplified stock trading to provide customers with confident control of their investments and the ability to live without limits. Its platform is a premier destination for both new and experienced active traders looking for stock picks, ideas, trading advice, and education.

The problem: RagingBull wanted to increase organic traffic to boost sales. But its internal team had a hard time finding a vendor that could handle content marketing strategy, production and promotion, and reporting with one solution. RagingBull tried to resolve the issue itself, but it just didn’t have the internal resources to scale an effective content marketing campaign.

The solution: RagingBull partnered with CopyPress to create a content strategy that covered in-depth investment topics and achieved higher search rankings. The CopyPress team handled the entire project from developing the content timelines to managing content promotion. To meet RagingBull’s specific publishing needs, CopyPress created a custom process for uploading and reporting SEO metrics with access to the company’s WordPress and Google Analytics platforms.

RagingBull Case Study

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In six months, RagingBull achieved:

  • A monthly organic traffic increase to 100,000 users.
  • Content production, optimization, and promotion for over 570 pieces of content.
  • A strengthened reputation as an expert and thought leader in the industry.

Find out how RagingBull’s partnership with CopyPress helped the company gain a significant increase in organic traffic and drive conversions to its website.

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