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How SearchLab Digital Rapidly Scaled Content Creation with CopyPress

SearchLab Digital is a marketing agency that specializes in local SEO and paid search. The company helps small and medium-sized businesses to reach the top of local search results. SearchLab’s SEO Manager, Andrew Marr, oversees challenging and interesting SEO campaigns to help clients grow their online presence.

The problem: SearchLab made a name for itself by helping clients dominate their local search results and grow their businesses. This success gave SearchLab’s leadership the idea of setting ambitious goals for the company’s rapid growth. But its creative team was small. If SearchLab wanted to add new clients quickly, its current content development setup wouldn’t sustain that growth.

The solution: At the suggestion of one of SearchLab’s senior leaders, the company partnered with CopyPress to meet its clients’ content production needs. CopyPress assigned two dedicated account managers to SearchLab to take care of sourcing authoritative writers for the right clients and manage the entire content creation process.

SearchLab Digital Case Study

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Besides managing SearchLab’s scaled content development, this partnership also brought:

  • A 233% increase in clients for SearchLab.
  • Clients reporting an average organic traffic increase of over 102% within a year.
  • Development of a SearchLab article repository of over 4,000 pieces in 19 months.

Discover how SearchLab’s partnership with CopyPress helped streamline the content creation process to scale production and provide more content to satisfied clients.

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