How T-Mobile Increased Organic Traffic and Boosted Domain Authority with CopyPress

Since its inception in 1994, T-Mobile has offered postpaid and prepaid wireless voice, messaging, and data services and wholesale wireless services across the United States. As one of the largest players in the telecommunications sector, T-Mobile has an annual revenue of over $40 billion.

The problem: T-Mobile wanted to increase its online presence and promote content through link building. The brand’s marketing team wanted to avoid SEO penalties and other mistakes during the link-building process. It also needed valuable content on the brand’s digital channels to link back to through scaled content creation. The company had to promote and share information about its products continuously, while growing brand awareness, without being repetitive.

The solution: T-Mobile partnered with CopyPress, which helped fine-tune the company’s content promotion strategy, including expanding its content offerings to infographic syndication. CopyPress helped T-Mobile expand its campaign reach to new verticals, meaning the company could update its strategies to align with developments in the telecommunications industry. CopyPress’s integration of infographics helped enhance the company’s original link-building and distribution goals.

T-Mobile Case Study

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The results generated engagement on unique domains monthly, even after the campaign ended. T-Mobile also achieved:

  • A 220% increase in organic traffic to its website.
  • A jump in domain authority to reach a score of 74 out of 100.
  • ROI-focused content promotion, that increased web presence with over 2,500 placements.

Find out more about T-Mobile’s partnership with CopyPress and how the company increased organic traffic, boosted promotional campaigns, and improved its content marketing to position itself in the industry.

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