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We provide a high quality, managed content service. You won’t have to waste time hiring or managing a content production team. We will handle the entire process for you and stick to your deadlines. We work as an extension of your agency for your clients.

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We take all the headache out of adding content production to your range of client services. Our editorial and project team will make sure that everything is taken care of for you. We will match your client’s brand voice and meet their deadlines. Creating quality content for your clients need not be such a hassle any more!

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We provide a fully managed content service, with over 1,000 writers available on many different topics. We can manage all your small or large content production needs. Whether you need one or 100 writers we will fulfill all of your content needs!

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Being able to anticipate and fulfill your client’s diverse needs is part of being a great agency. Being responsive to your client is what sets you apart from other agencies, and it’s one reason why your clients chose you in the first place. Now you can easily add your own-branded solution for content creation to your range of client services.

We created more than 2,800 pieces of copy for Land’s End, hitting their SEO goals.

Nurx saw an increase in organic traffic of 350% from the 989 articles we wrote for them.

A team of 50+ research writers wrote over 5,000 articles. Over a 1,000% organic traffic increase.

And we helped one large recruitment company – who asked that we don’t use their name publicly, though you’ve definitely heard of them! – increase their website traffic by 440%. They are now at over 13.5M organic SEO visitors a month with our help. We’ve written over 30,000 articles and content pages for this one client over the last 3 years.

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“CopyPress does an amazing job of blending high-quality production with deep SEO expertise—and does all it can to help us reach our goals. No other vendor could have helped us achieve scale to the extent CopyPress has.”

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Get $9,285 worth of managed content marketing services FREE!
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