Content Editing Services

Content writing and editing work together to ensure you’re sharing quality, polished pieces with your audience that make them want to come back for more. For all the content we produce, CopyPress offers high-quality editing services.

Content Editing Services

In the last decade, CopyPress produced hundreds of thousands of pieces of content. We have over 2,757 verified writers and editors available on our content team. With them, we’re able to create written works that match your company’s style and brand voice.

After our writers work their magic, all content passes to our competent and experienced editors. They review each piece for spelling and grammar, flow, and accuracy. This helps us ensure that we’re providing not just high-quality written work, but engaging and factual pieces, too. Whether you need a batch of blog posts written in a consistent tone or SEO-friendly product descriptions, our CopyPress editors have the experience and skills to meet your needs.

Both our writers and editors can work at any scale. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to achieve your content goals. CopyPress ensures quality no matter the industry, content type, or campaign size. Our editors help refine written pieces to meet your business niche and brand voice requirements. We customize our services and scale our production to fit your largest or smallest content needs. Ready to get started? Start a conversation with CopyPress today to learn more about how we use this top-tier editing service for all your content.

“The CopyPress team has been great to work with. Their design work and copywriting have helped boost our content marketing strategy. In addition, their client relationship managers are super responsive, and their turn around times are great!”

~ DonnaMarie Mazzola, Strategic Marketing Leadership for Online Success at VSE

What We Offer


Our experienced writers and editors have the skills and research talents to develop the right content for your target audience.

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Blog Posts

CopyPress produces engaging blog posts written and edited by our skilled team. We customize our services for your specific needs.

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International Content

Wherever you run your business, we deliver excellent, well-researched content in over 42 languages.

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Product Descriptions

CopyPress creates engaging product descriptions that help e-commerce brands increase their online sales.

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White Papers

We have professional content creators skilled in a variety of topics within different business niches who write and edit your white papers.

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Our team of verified copywriters, editors, and designers produce eBooks with custom research, writing, and design.

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Content Editing Services FAQ

We include content editing in all our content creation service packages. We have a monthly account minimum of $5,000 collectively applied across all our services.

Yes. Like our writers, our content editors have experience in a variety of industries. This helps them fact-check and understand the tone and flow of pieces for niche industries.

If you need something with your content marketing but don’t see it listed on our website, please reach out or schedule a call with us to share more about your business and your content marketing needs.