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CopyPress’ content marketing analysis tool will help you discover new ways to position your content for maximum engagement and exposure. Plus, you’ll get a rundown of your top competitors and what they’re doing to win traffic.

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Hello! Let me give you a walkthrough!

- Jeremy Rivera, Director of Content Analysis

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let me give you a walkthrough

Hello! Let me give you a walkthrough!

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CopyPress helps businesses and agencies drive results.

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Your content analysis comes from CopyPress, a leading and respected content marketing company. We help businesses and agencies just like yours develop content marketing initiatives that drive results.

With data-backed approaches and team collaboration, CopyPress provides the partner solutions your business needs to achieve its goals.

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Get competitive insights now!

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Companies using our Content Analysis Tool!

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Analyze the keyword gap between you and your closest SEO competitors.

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Finding the “gap” in your content can yield helpful SEO strategy insights for your marketing campaign, and help you boost your rankings and revenue.

Get ahead of your competition

Leveraging your internal experts can be difficult. CopyPress designed Authority Builder to allow you to extract expertise from your team with ease. We manage the resources, process, and content creation around your experts.

You don't currently have experts? No problem. CopyPress will develop a custom outreach and recruitment program to change that!

Find where to put your content marketing focus

Authority Builder leverages CopyPress' deep experience in content creation to deliver a seamless end-to-end service that decreases your workload while improving your current content process and quality.

Which links are benefiting or hurting you?

Quality and authoritative backlinks are one of the pillars of good SEO. But not all links are helpful to you. Your customized content analysis will show you exactly which links you’ll want to keep and which ones you might want to disavow to improve your SEO

Find your next content marketing opportunities

Get ahead in your content marketing across all of your channels by focusing on the best strategic opportunities. Creating 20 well-targeted articles often has a bigger impact than creating 100 pieces without a plan.

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Don't take our word for it...

“It's infinitely cheaper and easier for me to use CopyPress rather than in-house.

They handle it all for me. It's easy for us to scale up quickly because they've got a stable of writers that know exactly how to write exactly what we're looking for.”

Photo of Greg Grifford

Greg Gifford

VP of Search at Searchlab

“CopyPress is able to provide unique and fresh content to our ever-growing customer base.

We know that when we need an influx of content to keep our clients ahead of the game, CopyPress can handle these requests with ease.”

Photo of Kevin Doory

Kevin Doory

Director of SEO at Auto Revo

“Working with CopyPress has been great and I would recommend them to anyone!

Their team is involved in our entire content marketing process from determining which blog topics to write, writing them, and ensuring they get seen by our desired audience.”

Photo of Joe Sinkwitz

Joe Sinkwitz

CEO and Founder at Intellifluence

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Get a FREE Content Marketing Analysis!

Your FREE analysis includes:


Keyword gaps between you and your competitors.


Your best keywords, plus the high-value keywords your brand should be targeting but currently isn’t.


Your backlink profile and which of these sites are trusted sources — and which ones aren’t.


Potential content partnerships with high-authority promotion and syndication providers for expanding your content reach.


Customizable lists to track and group your competitors’ top-ranking keywords.


Personalized lists to cluster, group, and sort your keywords by type and SERP feature so you can share with your team.

Arrow pointing to video Let's get the ball rolling!

Let's get the ball rolling!

Get your FREE analysis now!

Get your FREE analysis now!

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eBook: How To Analyze Your Content

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Get the ebook!

Ebook: How to analyze your content

Ultimate Guide to Content Analysis

Content analysis is an important part of a content marketing campaign as it allows you to monitor your campaign’s success and find gaps in your strategy.

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