How we increased our

Lead flow 300%

Hi, I'm Dave Snyder, CEO of CopyPress.

Over the past year, we perfected a process that increased our lead flow by over 300%! We’ve had so much success with it that we want to offer this service to our customers, all at 50% of the cost of a single marketing employee.

Show me how!

300% increase in leads over an 8 month period!

There are 5 steps in our lead generation process.

Create blog posts

We generate 12 blog posts on key topics in our niche—1,000 words in length with FULLY illustrated headers. This generates traffic and links.

12 blog posts

1,000 words each

Illustrated headers

Professionally written

At CopyPress, we have years of experience writing professional, high-quality blog content for companies big and small. We’ve worked with brands you know, like Hipmunk, Airbnb, Facebook, Macy’s, and MTV. Our writers are trained and vetted professionals with knowledge on a wide variety of topics. If you need content written for a niche we’ve not covered before, we’ll find and train writers for you!

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Create a whitepaper

We create a whitepaper based on one of the 12 blog articles. The whitepaper features custom illustrations and organizes data and information into an interesting and highly shareable format. We’ll use this whitepaper to help generate leads.

1 whitepaper

Custom illustrations

Accurate research

Highly shareable

Not only does CopyPress have trained writers ready to take on a whitepaper for you, we have expert researchers as well. To make certain the entire process runs smoothly, you are assigned a marketing strategist, project manager, and a QA team, ensuring that your content is top-notch and delivered on schedule!

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Create supporting media

We then take the whitepaper content and generate it into an infographic and Slideshare. The infographic gets posted on our blog and social accounts to drive traffic. The Slideshare can be used in LinkedIn advertising, onsite, and to host a webinar. Next, we design a popover and 250 x 250 ads to lead blog or website traffic to the whitepaper landing page.

1 infographic

Internally here at CopyPress, we have found Slideshare to be a great resource in the planning and execution of monthly webinars. The webinars serve as an opportunity to connect with potential clients and creatives in our space. All the while, we're garnering search love, strengthening our brand, and funneling traffic to our whitepaper and other resources.

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Launch whitepaper

Once all the content is ready and the popover has been implemented onsite, we are ready for launch! The popover funnels visitors to the whitepaper landing page, maximizing the lead generation from the blog traffic we have been generating from ongoing publishing.

All of this work is paying off as we watch our list of quality leads grow. We reach out to our leads with targeted mailing campaigns using our email marketing service (Mailchimp). We have most of the process automated, making it quick and easy. If this is all new to you, no worries, we can help you set it up!

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Targeted outreach

Now that it’s all up and running, we begin reaching out to publishers in our vertical to promote the whitepaper, infographic, and Slideshare presentation. In our experience, this has led to a tremendous increase in inbound, natural linking, which increases traffic and leads.

Following these 5 steps over a period of 8 months resulted in a 300% increase in our monthly lead generation!

The numbers tell the story! What are you waiting for?

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Now, we are going to offer this service to our customers!

This package will allow you to leverage the work of a full content team at 50% of the cost of a single marketing employee.

Quarterly Marketing Package



Blog posts

1,000 words in length with illustrated headers



Professionally written with custom illustrations



Custom illustrated and designed based on your whitepaper information and topic


Slideshare deck

Created from your custom infographic for use in LinkedIn advertising, onsite, or to host a webinar to drive more traffic to your whitepaper


Popover and 250 x 250 ad

Fully designed image assets to be implemented on your site to drive traffic to your whitepaper

As always, you will have:

Full access to a client strategist

Full access to a QA team


We'll send your infographic to 50 pre-approved publishers in your space!**

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Prices based off of a quarterly commitment. Content delivered over the period of the quarter.

Publication not guaranteed but we see a floor acceptance of 10% on this type of content.

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We can’t wait to start working together! From here on, it’s easy :) Just fill out the form below with your contact information and we will be in touch with you soon to work out the details!

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