Content Create for International Content

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“Thoroughly impressed with the quality and speed!”

Kimberly Hale

Project Manager at CareerBuilder

Content Create for International Content

Content Create by CopyPress helps you deliver quality content to your customers all around the globe. We have the resources, tools, and teams to help you with any of your international projects.

International Article Services

Do you have a presence in international markets? Maintain your presence with high-quality content with CopyPress. Through our Content Create and Authority Builder programs, we do it all — from in-depth research articles to translating existing content.

Plus, our Content Create program offers a full, fractional content marketing solution. We don’t just create content. We provide you with an entire creative team that acts as an extension of your business. By partnering with CopyPress, you’ll have the experts, strategies, and content plan you need to achieve success within your markets.

By creating pieces that match your company’s style and brand voice, we help you engage with your target audience, no matter where they are.

Find Your Voice in the United States

Do you produce work outside of the U.S.? Or are you looking to start? We help American-based companies expand their businesses internationally. We also help international companies find an audience in the U.S. With an entire team of experts to work with, we help establish your brand in a new market while growing your customer base. No matter the scale of the project, we have the resources and expertise to help.

Ready to get started? Use our content analysis tool to start identifying your high-value opportunities. Then, get in touch with the CopyPress team for expert insights to help you plan your strategy.

The CopyPress International Content Process

With Content Create by CopyPress, you can expect a seamless workflow tailored to your specific campaign needs. Beyond high-quality content, partnering with CopyPress ensures:

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Consistent Communication

Every CopyPress client starts off their campaign with a dedicated client success manager (CSM). This person is your contact point for all your campaign’s questions or ideas. You can also adjust Content Create or Authority Builder order details with your CSM.

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Client-Specific Style Guides

We start off each international campaign by working with you to create a style guide that reflects your brand’s messaging, voice, and language. During each stage of content creation and delivery, we work with you to make any adjustments necessary to your style guide as your brand grows and changes. You can refine it throughout the project to make sure your vision and our creations are in sync.

Content Topic Research

Using data from our content marketing analysis tool, we find new keyword opportunities for your content strategy. By analyzing your website and your competitors, we help your business identify high-value SEO areas to target that will increase traffic and engagement with your brand.

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Goal and Expectation Alignment

Strategy planning helps our clients get the results they want, every time. During planning, our team develops test pieces for your review and continues to refine your style guide to capture your brand voice, so content meets your expectations before your campaign even kicks off.

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Promotion Where You Need It

When you combine the power of Content Create and Authority Builder, you not only promote your articles elsewhere on the web, but you also build valuable brand authority. By developing this authority, you can position your brand as an expert in your industry. The results? Increasing trust with your audience and building lasting relationships with customers.

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High-Quality, Market-Focused Content

Through our Content Create program, we deliver high-quality content focused on your target markets, no matter where they are. Plus, your client access allows you to review all of your content and each instance of global feedback so you can add your ideas and suggestions for revisions.