Content Writing for Production Descriptions

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“CopyPress has been a wonderful partner for us; the team is involved in our entire content marketing process from helping to determine which blog topics to write, writing them, and ensuring they get seen by our desired audience. Working with CopyPress has been great and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Joe Sinkwitz

CEO and Founder at Intellifluence

Content Writing for Production Descriptions

Our copywriters create engaging product descriptions that can help increase your sales.

Product Description Writing Services

Well-written product descriptions highlight how special your products are. Quality descriptions deliver a better user experience. They also increase conversion rates, which means more income.

Copywriting for product pages requires knowledge of your specific industry and SEO. Our team understands the importance of both.

To get started, we outline your brand voice and specific requirements in a style guide. This helps our team guarantee consistency across every product. Then your content enters the alignment phase. Here, CopyPress develops test pieces for your review. You make changes and we understand exactly what you want before kicking off the campaign.

And it’s not just about the individual descriptions. Category-level content helps your customers better understand the grouping of your products. CopyPress has you covered. We write descriptions of products with many SKUs for every color, size, and variance.

What Can CopyPress’ Product Description Writing Services Do For You?

You want your products and categories represented by high-quality descriptions. Why? To convince people that shopping or partnering with you is the right choice for them. CopyPress creates better product descriptions than other mass-produced services available online. We provide what you pay for: catalog-quality copy.

Our streamlined solutions for sales-oriented product descriptions benefit you and your audience. Dante, our proprietary content management software, helps us scale your campaigns with ease. We also provide a unified brand voice, regardless of the project size.

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The CopyPress Product Description Content Process

When you work with CopyPress for your product descriptions, you can expect a seamless workflow tailored to each type of product.

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Consistent Communication

Every CopyPress client starts off their campaign with a dedicated client success manager (CSM). This person is your contact point for all your campaign’s questions or ideas. You can also adjust your order with your CSM. Anything you need, let them know.

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Client-Specific Style Guides

We start off each product description campaign by working with you to create a living style guide document. We then refine it during the alignment phase and throughout the project to make sure your vision and our creations are in sync.

Content Topic Research

Through our content topic research, we find new keyword opportunities for your content strategy. We analyze your website and those of your top competitors that show us which SEO areas to target in each of the product descriptions our team creates.

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Goal and Expectation Alignment

The alignment phase of the CopyPress process helps our clients get what they want, every time. Here, our team develops product description test pieces for your review and refines your style guide so we know exactly how to shape your content.

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Promotion Where You Need It

You can utilize content promotion to get your articles elsewhere on the web so they’re widely accessible to the readers you most want to target. The Content Connect network hosts publishers in every industry, so we can customize campaigns with ease.

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High-Quality, Unique Content

Through our coordination, we deliver high-quality content that captures your brand voice and is unique to each of your product descriptions. Your client access allows you to review content our team develops so you can add your feedback and thoughts for revisions.