While CopyPress is able to offer these services, they are only available to existing clients. Please contact sales for more information.

Content Promotion Services

CopyPress is here to connect your content with your target audience. Our content promotion services help you reach the largest audience through content promotion and content syndication.

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Content Promotion Services

Promoting quality content is important for an effective content marketing strategy. But if you don’t invest in a content promotion strategy, your content won’t reach your target audience and you will not see the desired results.

There are several benefits to using effective content promotion strategies, including increased visibility for your brand and recognition within your target audience. Content promotion can also help your SEO because it can contribute to your organic search rankings.

CopyPress has the expertise to help you reach your content goals. We can design an efficient promotion strategy for your content, regardless of the campaign size.

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Content Syndication

Content syndication is a key component in your content marketing strategy. Promoting your content to third-party publishers using our content syndication services offers a scalable and SEO-friendly approach.


Social Media Promotion

CopyPress offers social media promotion through social influencers and vetted bloggers. Our services help your content reach a larger audience and compliments your mix of content promotion methods.


Native Advertising

Native advertising (advertorial) services is perfect for clients looking to place original content on third-party websites. CopyPress services are FTC-compliant and a great addition to promoting content for PR, branding, or SEO purposes.


CopyPress Makes Content Promotion Easy…

Our Software Simplifies Your Everything!


Real-time reporting on campaign status

Log in anytime to view the status of your campaigns and assignments.


Add your whole team to your account

Everyone on your team can log in, view reports, and take action.


Easily provide direct feedback

Provide feedback directly on your content with just a couple of clicks.


Export content in a variety of formats

Bulk export your content to WordPress, Word, HTML, XML, plain text and more.

Use Our Established Relationships

With CopyPress, you have access to partnerships with thousands of quality publishers and influencers in different niches. These relationships help maximize the value of your content around the internet.

At the start of your campaign, we discuss your content marketing goals. Then we find the best places to deliver your content to your target audience.

If you’re trying to find a space for your blog posts, eBooks, articles, or infographics, we can find a relevant, targeted, and high-quality placement for your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I approve the publishers and influencers for my campaign?

Yes. We only share content with quality publishers and influencers who you approve.

Do you have a minimum order amount for content promotion?

Our monthly minimum is $2,500 total spent across all our services combined. This means we could build your campaign based on articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and content promotion depending on your goals.

I want to target a specific niche market. Can you help?

Yes. We offer content promotion services that target a variety of audiences in different niches. We help you craft a content promotion strategy based on your content marketing needs and goals.

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