Content Connect by CopyPress

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Content Connect by CopyPress

Content Connect works with publishers and brands to place exciting branded content on websites. These customized partnerships are the ultimate win-win scenario. Publishers get paid to post unique web content designed with their readers in mind. Brands benefit by having their content promoted on high-quality, high-visibility sites.

Content Connect is the matchmaker in these connections, making it an easy and quick process for the publisher and the brand.

Ready to get started?

Select “Publisher” if you…

  • Are a website owner or authorized website editor.
  • Are seeking money-making opportunities for your website.
  • Are interested in collaborating with brands that your readers love.


Select “Brand” if you…

  • Are an agency, enterprise, or mid-market business.
  • Want to develop a digital content strategy for a specific audience.
  • Envision your content on relevant, high-quality sites – but don’t know how to get it there.