Content Connect by CopyPress

Content Connect by CopyPress

You work hard to make your brand stand out. Now make sure your content finds the right audience. Content Connect, CopyPress’ content promotion service, places your branded content on the websites that your audience already loves. Ready to maximize your brand’s impact and reach? Get started with Content Connect today.

Why Content Promotion?

Content promotion helps you market your brand in a competitive digital world. CopyPress has the expertise to reach your content goals. Our time-tested strategies increase your brand visibility, improve brand recognition, and boost your SEO rankings.

The Content Connect Platform Simplifies Everything

Top brands and premier publishers are housed in one place.

Putting brands and publishers in the same network makes running campaigns easy and straightforward.

Centralized project management streamlines campaign workflow.

Our Content Connect project managers use the platform to communicate with you and with publishers. This standardizes how pitches, messages, and transactions are tracked.

Get chosen by publishers who want to work with you.

Publishers accept the branded content offers that appeal to them. Content Connect finds the best-fit matches for your campaign and sends the offers. But the publisher-choice system ensures the publishers who accept your offer are eager to host your content.

Form lasting partnerships with publishers.

Starting a new campaign in the same niche you used before? We’ll contact the publishers who previously accepted your content offers as part of our targeted outreach. Expanding into other niches? We’ll make publisher connections in your brand’s newly charted territory.

Use Our Established Relationships

Content Connect gives brands access to thousands of quality publishers in different niches. At the start of your content promotion campaign, we discuss your goals with you. Then we find the best places to promote your content to your target audience. If we don’t have the ideal domains for your content in our network, we’ll go out and find them for you.

If you’re trying to find a space for your articles, infographics, and resource pages, we can find relevant and quality placements for them. Have a unique type of content that needs a home? Discuss it with us, and we’ll customize a strategy to get that content on high-impact sites.

How Content Connect Works

Our Content Connect platform takes the hard work out of browsing and vetting publishing partners.

Step 1

Tell us about the type of content you want to promote.

Step 2

Review your current market with the Content Connect team to determine the types of sites you want to target.

Step 3

Let us dive into our publisher network to find the domains that match your metric and vertical criteria.

Step 4

Allow us to communicate with the top publishers for you and place your content on their sites.

Step 5

Enjoy the high-impact promotional placements and their benefits.

Interested in Becoming a Publishing Partner?

Content Connect publishers are the creative minds who own and edit websites. Publishers in the Content Connect network receive notifications about exclusive branded content opportunities via email. You can accept and decline as many opportunities as you want– all at a price point you choose. Register today to receive content opportunities that make it easy to monetize your platform and offer value to your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can target a variety of audiences in different niches on behalf of our brand partners. Each domain in our inventory can be sorted by niche, making it easy for us to identify the sites that match your content.

Each publishing partner is reviewed for quality before they join the network. Our internal system ranks sites from Levels 1-4 to reflect metrics like domain authority, trust flow, and traffic. We also consider each publisher’s social media reach and following.

Once we conduct our customized outreach for your campaign, it takes 30-60 days to place content.

Our monthly minimum is $6,000 total spent across all our services combined. Depending on your goals, we could build your campaign based on articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and content promotion.

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