Premier Publishers. Modern Brands. One Marketplace.

Premier Publishers. Modern Brands. One Marketplace.

Content Connect offers publishers an alternative to traditional advertising: content promotion. Placing relevant and quality content on your site means value for your readers. And it’s an ad-free monetization strategy for you.

Stop wasting time sorting through thousands of advertisers. Let us send the opportunities to you. We do the work for you and build brand relationships to find content specific to your niche. Then, we deliver hand-selected content collaborations straight to your inbox.

Content Connect by CopyPress

We make it easy for you to find new ways to create revenue on your terms. Choose the most relevant niches to your site, and we’ll send you the best-fit opportunities—as soon as they’re available. This way, you can save time and focus on what you do best: publishing.

When you join our private marketplace, you get more than premium promotion opportunities. You get long-term brand relationships and access to an innovative publisher network. The best part? This network continues evolving to meet your goals.

Who Works With Us?

Our publishing partners come from a wide variety of niches, including travel, parenting, food, and more. We work to locate the brands that create exciting content for these audiences. We then bring these branded articles, infographics, and interview offers to our publishers. This allows our partners to place the content on their sites for high-impact returns.

With Content Connect, you know you’re choosing from the best of the best branded content. Our brands want to find the best publishers, too. We review each of our brand partners for quality. Our dedicated project managers work with these brands to find the best-fit Content Connect sites for their content. These project partnerships create a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Ready to monetize your platform without compromise? Get started as a publisher today.

Interested in Becoming a Brand Partner?

Content Connect gives its brand partners exclusive access to thousands of domains. These domains are organized by vertical and owned by dedicated, creative publishers. Why not create promotional campaigns across the sites your audience already loves? Our expert project managers are ready to help your company plan its promotional strategy. Schedule a call today to discuss your content promotion goals.

Why Content Promotion

Content promotion allows publishers to monetize content without relying on traditional ads. Our platform makes it easy to review offers and communicate with project managers.

With our pay-per-post model, accept or decline publishing opportunities as you see fit. You can also customize headers and optimize the content for your site’s SEO. This ensures you get as much value as possible from each post.

The Content Connect Advantage

CopyPress has taken over a decade of experience managing copy, digital media, and content syndication projects and turned it into the best content promotion management system available.

We’re here to help you succeed with the right promotional strategy. The Content Connect setup process is effortless. There are no fees, and you’ll work with a project manager on each campaign you participate in. This is a Platform as a Service that gives you a user-friendly content promotion network and support system.

By connecting with clients across many verticals, we’re able to do what we love. And that’s building tools that enable both creatives and brands to strategize, promote, and make new things.

How Content Connect Works

Our Content Connect platform takes the hard work out of browsing and vetting brands by bringing only the most relevant opportunities to you.

Step 1

Build your free publisher profile in our secure system.

Step 2

Tell us what types of content you’re looking for.

Step 3

Get notified when we find content relevant to you.

Step 4

Choose and publish only the content you want.

Step 5

Enjoy the financial benefits of your new branded content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Publishers list the prices they require in order to place branded content on their domains. We then find brands who meet that pricing.

The speed and frequency of opportunity notifications depends on a few things. These factors include how many ongoing campaigns are a match for your site’s niche, your price per post, and how many sites you manage.

Content Connect processes and delivers payment within 30-60 days.

Yes, you can enter up to 10 sites when you create your account. If you manage more than 10, you can email us directly for a bulk import. Content Connect can identify unique opportunities for each site you provide, no matter the niche.

Find Branded Content Partnerships Today

Click here to sign up for Content Connect. Setting up your free account takes less than five minutes, and our experts are ready to begin finding the best content matches for you.