Content Writing Services for eBooks

As a single source producer for custom eBooks, our services cover every aspect of creation, from initial research to document design.

eBook Services

Quality eBooks help establish your company as a credible industry source. Relevant, engaging reading material answers your customers’ questions or solves their problems. This elicits conversions and allows them to foster greater trust in your brand.

CopyPress uses custom software to help streamline the eBook creation process. We assist you with everything from topic creation to design. This includes research, wireframes, and content creation. Our detailed planning ensures that your eBook is high quality and delivered on time. We interview your team members, conduct research, and create content on your topic. With different industry experiences, our content creators manage any project you have.

What Can CopyPress’ eBook Services Do For You?

Our CopyPress content creation team receives continuous evaluation and grading throughout the eBook creation process. This helps maintain consistent quality for materials in any industry or on any topic. Our eBook services help you achieve your content needs. We can run your entire project or simply assist with certain stages, like providing the written content.

We focus on your requirements to produce eBooks that complement your campaign efforts. To get started, schedule a free call and share more about your business and content marketing goals.

“CopyPress staff is very responsive to our needs and acts as a true partner in all respects. We use them both for large scale blog content production, infographic design, and for domain-authority building. They are constantly recalibrating their strategy and processes in accordance to my team’s feedback. I am very satisfied with the service I’ve received from CopyPress!”

~ Eddie Childs, Inbound Marketing Manager at Mediagistic

The CopyPress eBooks Content Process

When you work with CopyPress for your eBooks, expect a seamless workflow tailored to your needs and industry.

Consistent Communication

All CopyPress clients start off their campaigns with a dedicated client success manager (CSM). This person is your contact point for all your campaign’s questions or ideas. You can also adjust your order with your CSM. Anything you need, let them know.

Client-Specific Style Guides

We start off each eBook campaign by working with you to create a living style guide document. This guide grows with your campaign. Refine it during the alignment phase and throughout the project to make sure your vision and our creations are in sync.

Personalized Creation and Review

Our team develops a working draft of your eBook through our personalization of the creative process. Using your client access, you can review all your content so you can easily provide your feedback and thoughts for revisions.


For eBooks, the design elements are just as important as the copy because they help engage your readers and reiterate your messaging. Let us know what you think of the design pieces so we can create optimal places for them within your eBook.

Final Draft of Your eBook

For a piece of content like an eBook, it’s important to see how the copy and design work together to create a cohesive piece for your audience. In this phase, review the full draft we’ve created. We’re one step closer to a finished product!

Final Approval and Publishing

Once you give final approval, we assist with publishing. For design-heavy pieces, expect a PDF with the raw files to place the document where you’d like. For more text-heavy eBooks, publish directly through Dante.

eBooks FAQ

Our eBook design starts with the discovery phase. Here, we review your brand guidelines, content goals, and style. The process includes feedback stages after the wireframe and initial design creation.

We use two timelines for eBook workflow over a few weeks. The first timeline includes writing the eBook copy, which takes a maximum of 21 days. The design timeline takes a maximum of two weeks. We can run these timelines simultaneously depending on your goals and desired schedule.

We can create your eBook in a variety of formats depending on your requirements. Once we complete your eBook, we provide you with editable files, too, at your request.