As a single source producer for custom eBooks, our services cover every aspect of creation, from initial research to document design.

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eBook Services

Quality eBooks can help establish your company as a credible source in your niche or industry. Relevant, engaging reading material can answer your customers’ questions or solve their problems. This can elicit conversions and allow you to foster greater trust in your brand.

CopyPress uses our proprietary software to help streamline the eBook creation process. We can assist you with everything from topic creation, research, wireframes, content creation, and design.

Our detailed planning ensures that your eBook is high quality and delivered on time. We interview your team members, conduct research, find data, and create content on your topic. Our content creators have extensive experience in different industries and niches, so they can manage any project you present.

I highly recommend CopyPress!
Russ Carpenter

Program Director, Bulwark Exterminating LLC

What Can CopyPress’ eBook Services Do For You?

Our CopyPress content creation team receives continuous evaluation and grading throughout the eBook creation process. This helps us maintain consistent quality for materials in any industry on or any topic.

 Our eBook services can help you achieve your content needs. We can run your entire project or simply assist with certain stages. For example, we can provide custom illustrations or images for a prewritten book, or we can write the whole thing from concept to completed eBook.

 We focus on your requirements to produce eBooks that complement your campaign efforts. To get started, schedule a free call and share more about your business and content marketing goals.

“We knew we had great data… CopyPress helped us translate that into a compelling, visual story.”

Bryan Gaertner
Vice President, Strategy & Operations

CopyPress Has You Covered…

Our Software Simplifies Everything!


Real-time reporting on campaign status

Log in anytime to view the status of your campaigns and assignments.


Add your whole team to your account

Everyone on your team can log in, view reports, and take needed action.


Easily provide feedback

Provide feedback on your content with just a couple of clicks.


Export content in a variety of formats

Bulk export your content to WordPress, Word, HTML, XML, plain text, and more.

eBook Writers and Designers

CopyPress has a community of writers, editors, and designers that we use to produce eBooks for our clients. Every creative in our network has to complete an onboarding process that helps us guarantee the quality and expertise of their work.

Once these writers, editors, and designers start working on eBook creation, we continue to evaluate and grade their performance.

These considerations help us maintain consistent quality for your eBooks – regardless of industry or topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps of the eBook design process?

Our eBook design starts with the discovery phase. Here, we review your brand guidelines, content goals, and style. The process includes feedback stages after the wireframe and initial design creation.

What is the standard production time for eBook creation?

We use two timelines for eBook workflow over a few weeks. The first timeline includes writing the eBook copy, which takes a maximum of 21 days. The design timeline takes a maximum of two weeks. We can run these timelines simultaneously depending on your goals and desired schedule.

What files do I receive when I order an eBook?

We can create your eBook in a variety of formats depending on your requirements. Once your eBook is completed, we can provide you with the editable files, too.

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