SEO Writing Services

Search engine optimization is the key to ranking higher in search results and getting content in front of your target audience. We have a team of experts who know exactly how to create, adjust, and monitor your pieces to improve your SEO efforts.

The Best Ways To Monitor Performance

SEO success starts with clear goals and metrics. Hitting your goals and content metrics with key performance indicators is essential for your marketing campaigns. That’s why we work with you to understand your SEO goals and to find the best ways to reach them. We create meaningful metrics to see how your campaigns perform and understand how to shape them to fit your needs.

Plan Your Content Around Data

CopyPress understands how crucial it is to create the best SEO content for your brand. Pieces that rank high on search engine results pages and attract the right people build a loyal customer base. Using our software, Thematical, you’ll discover important data about your content. Use this data to plan your marketing strategy and improve your SEO results.

Here’s how it works: first, the program compares your domain with competitors. It delivers impressive keyword data about all sites. Next, Thematical uses machine learning to sort and “bucket” keywords based on similar search results topics, eliminating hours of guesswork. Based on these buckets, we analyze the SERPs to create content that ranks on page one.

Using Thematical, we’re able to conduct a content gap analysis at any scale. That means you save time and valuable resources. Schedule a call with us today to share more about your business and learn more about how CopyPress and Thematical can help you.

“From creating content in various languages to helping with idea creation, the CopyPress team has been a pleasure to work with.”

~ Mattias Bergehed, Head of SEO at LeoVegas

The CopyPress SEO Writing Process

When you work with CopyPress for your SEO content, expect a seamless workflow tailored to your specific campaign needs.

Our SEO Method

No matter the content type, SEO is one of our top priorities. We use our own research and data to focus on the right keywords for the job. Watch your content soar to the top of the search engine results page and boost your organic traffic.

Content Topic Research

Through our content topic research, we find new keyword opportunities for your content strategy. We analyze your website and those of your top competitors that show us which SEO areas to target in each of the product descriptions our team creates.

Human-Made Content That Works

Google recently announced that it marks pieces developed with AI content writers as spam. CopyPress has over 2,757 human writers and editors ready to work with your brand and craft content that fits your style and tone.

SEO Writing Services FAQ

We analyze the content you’re targeting to help you build a campaign that reaches and exceeds your goals. As part of the process, we discuss the content opportunities you could target. Our strategy team then shows you how to achieve your content goals and measure your campaign’s performance.

During campaign creation, we give advice about the best KPIs for your business and performance metrics based on the current market and past client success. For example, you may target website visitors you’d like to convert to paying customers. We can discuss how to achieve these goals throughout the process.

Thematical is CopyPress’ own content and keyword research tool. It uses insights and machine learning to build keyword and content topic clusters. We use these to get base ideas for content and strategy. This allows us to target content areas that achieve your SEO goals with less effort. Targeting content this way helps you find data insights that can serve as the foundation for your campaigns.

Once we understand your content needs and begin client onboarding, you can use Thematical right away. It’s included with all content projects. Call us today to see how we improve your content strategy so you can start using all the tools and resources we have available to you.