Content Writing Services for White Papers

CopyPress offers a trusted solution to writing expert-level white papers. Our content positions you as a thought leader in your industry. We also help you generate more leads and establish your brand authority.

White Paper Writing Services

Your time is valuable. When running a business, there are only so many things you can do in one day. Don’t commit an excessive amount of time and energy to researching and writing a white paper yourself. Instead, choose CopyPress and let our writing and editing team do all that work for you.

We start by learning about your business, customers, content goals, and objectives. Then we create a style guide that aligns with your brand’s voice. To choose your writer, we use our team database to find someone who understands your business industry and niche.

Access your white paper in our content management system, Dante. There, you can leave feedback for the writers, your hand-selected editor, and QA personnel. You also give your final approval in the system before publication. Then, easily publish the completed white paper in a variety of formats. Our team of content experts does all the work, saving you time and resources. Let us focus on the writing so you can focus on your business. Schedule a call with us today to share more about your business and content goals.

Detailed Planning

We understand how important it is to find a content company you can trust. That’s why we plan out every detail of your white paper. The planning stages include interviewing your team members to get insights about the content you need to create. During this time, we focus on producing quality data and conducting extensive research on the subject.

From there, we match your brand voice and tone with excellent design. Our vetted team of writers and editors blends hard facts with engaging words. With our skills and expertise, capture any reader’s attention and establish credibility in your industry.

“CopyPress has been a wonderful partner for us; the team is involved in our entire content marketing process from helping to determine which blog topics to write, writing them, and ensuring they get seen by our desired audience. Working with CopyPress has been great and I would recommend them to anyone!”

~ Joe Sinkwitz, CEO and Founder at Intellifluence

The CopyPress White Papers Content Process

When you work with CopyPress for your white papers, expect a seamless workflow tailored to your needs and industry.

Individualized Communication

All CopyPress clients start off their campaigns with a dedicated client success manager (CSM). This person is your contact point for all your campaign questions or ideas. You can also adjust your order with your CSM. Anything you need, let them know.

Client-Specific Style Guides

We start off each white paper campaign by working with you to create a living style guide document. This guide grows with your campaign. Refine it during the alignment phase and throughout the project to make sure your vision and our creations are in sync.

Market-Focused Content

Through our coordination, we deliver high-quality content focused on your target markets, no matter how niche they are. When we have a draft of your white paper, your client access allows you to review content and global feedback and add your thoughts for revisions.


For white papers, the design elements are just as important as the copy because they help engage your readers and reiterate your messaging. Let us know what you think of the design pieces so we can create optimal places for them within your white paper.

White Paper Final Drafts

For a piece of content like a white paper, it’s important to see how the copy and design work together to create a cohesive piece for your audience. In this phase, review the full draft we’ve created. We’re one step closer to a finished product!

Final Approval and Publishing

Once you give final approval, we’ll be able to assist with publishing. For design-heavy pieces, expect a PDF with the raw files to place the document where you’d like. For more text-heavy white papers, publish directly through Dante.

White Papers FAQ

White papers typically serve a B2B audience and are often shorter than eBooks.

Our standard timeline for white papers is four weeks: two weeks for content creation and two weeks for design. We can adapt this schedule depending on your content requirements.

During the project, there are normally four stages of revisions: two for copy and two for design. We can adapt this if your project requires it.