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Office Satisfaction Report

Updated October 2016

Employee Engagement Score

Hooray! On average, employees within CopyPress are very engaged in their work! You should be really proud of all the work you’re doing. Employees are given enough feedback and are ambassadors for the comany. With that said, CopyPress’s culture could still improve by promoting healthy initiatives and encouraging employees to learn more about the company's core values and history.

That's incredible! CopyPress’s current employee engagement score of 8.3/10 is at the 96th percentile rank. That means that our score is better than 96% of all companies who have taken this same survey. This is an outstanding achievement! Keep up the efforts to maintain that benchmark level!

Employee Net Promoter Score

Nice! Employees have an average Employee Net Promoter Score of 37. This is a very good score. Nice! It seems like our employees are willing to recommend CopyPress.

Learn more about eNPS

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) measures the likelihood of whether an employee would be willing to recommend your organization as a place to work and the products/services they sell. A score between -10 and +20 is a normal score to have. But, let’s not be satisfied with “normal”! Let’s Continuously improve our eNPS over time with help from everyone.

10 Key Metrics of Engagement

These are the metrics we use to measure overall employee engagement. They cover topics ranging from how employees feel about the quantity and quality of feedback they receive to their personal health and happiness. Review the results from our most recent survey below.

Yeah, yeah... I hear you in the back grumbling about the “sterotypical hyper-happy company unicorn” and his “warm fuzzy nonsense”. But, before you pass on the love I’m spreading, take a moment to envision yourself feeling all good n’ stuff as you stroll out of the break room having voluntarily cleaned the microwave. Keep the high fives a’coming, rockstar!

Our Goals

Take a moment and pat yourself on the back, we’re doing a great job! Let’s not stop here, though. Take a good look at our new goals and do something today to make our workplace better for someone else. Together we can make a difference!


Develop healthy habits

Eating healthy and exercising daily increases your energy levels and reduces stress, which will make you more productive and improve your quality of life. Check out choosemyplate.gov for great suggestions you can start implementing today!


Review our Core Values

One of the Office Vibe findings was that we aren’t as familiar with our core values as we should be. If you want to review them over donuts -er, I mean apples, you can find me in the breakroom from 3-4am EST on February 29th about every four years.

Yo, Sprinkles! Where did this data come from?
It’s Science baby! Science and this cool tool we use called Officevibe. In their own words “Officevibe provides the simplest way to measure employee satisfaction and gives you actionable tips to enjoy a better workplace. IMHO, they are correct. We love it and use their service to make our office a better place for everyone.

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