Industry Experience

Over the last decade, we have created and promoted content for some of the largest brands in the world within industries such as financial services, consumer products, technology, travel and hospitality, legal services, health and wellness, eCommerce, government agencies, real estate, and many more.

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Our Content Marketing Experience

Our content marketing experience extends across a wide range of industries and companies. From legal and health care to casino and travel, our team has seen it all. For example, in 2018 alone, we worked with more than 200 clients in 20+ industries.

We developed content management tools and processes to help us excel at content production and promotion, regardless of industry. We have proprietary research and content management software that we use to streamline content marketing efforts, and our outreach and recruiting teams can onboard industry-specific creatives and publishers as needed.

Below are a few examples of industries we have been working with since the beginning.

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We understand the nuances and complexity of the financial services industry and have the content marketing solutions you need to compete digitally. Because of these strict guidelines, it’s important that you work with a content marketing company who has experience and subject-matter expertise. 

CopyPress has over a decade of experience creating and promoting content in the financial services space. Whether you need content writing services for a commercial bank or SEO support for a money management firm, we have the services to fit your needs. 

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CopyPress has a proven track record of generating ROI for start-ups and enterprise tech companies with the use of our custom software that can track and report results.

Every technology company is unique — and so are their customers. Therefore, it’s important for tech businesses to work with a content company who knows how to tailor strategies based on business objectives and measurable KPIs. 

Whether you are an innovative start-up bootstrapping your digital presence or a global tech enterprise looking to acquire more market share online, we have the content marketing experience and solutions to fit your needs.

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Scaling content marketing initiatives in the travel industry takes creativity and thoughtful structure. CopyPress has produced over a million travel-related pieces of content for some of the world’s most popular travel brands. We’ve created interactive city guides, location-specific review content, travel blogger programs, travel infographics, hospitality eBooks, and several other types of travel-related content. 

Because the travel industry is one of the most competitive spaces online, to compete digitally takes a concerted effort to develop and promote branded content. Travel brands love working with us because we have a large network of certified travel writers and bloggers. This breadth of talent, combined with our content management software and processes allow us to create high-quality travel content at scale. 

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