Content Writing Services with Industry Experience

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“From creating content in various languages to helping with idea creation, the CopyPress team has been a pleasure to work with.”

Mattias Bergehed

Mattias Bergehed

Head of SEO at LeoVegas

Content Writing Services with Industry Experience

No matter the content marketing services you need, we have the experience to help. CopyPress has had the pleasure of working with many businesses in many industries. From travel and health to finance and technology, we know the best ways to attract your target audience.

Experts for Whatever You Need

CopyPress has a team of expert writers, editors, and quality assurance specialists to create content on any topic. From there, they conduct thorough research on the topic to ensure the information is factual and relevant to your business’s field. That’s our process for any piece of written content, including blogs, articles, and white papers.

If you need written content for a new niche industry, we use our network of creatives to find specialists for you. We work to meet any need you have and help you reach your content marketing goals. Schedule your free conversation with us to discover that whatever the scale of the project or topic of your content, CopyPress has the skills, resources, and experience to help.

Our Main Industry Focuses

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CopyPress has over a decade of experience creating content for financial services and financial publishing companies. Use this expertise to attract new clients to your financial enterprises. Answer questions with content like eBooks and resource articles.

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B2B technology is a competitive industry. We’ve created and promoted content for some of the largest technology giants in software creation and IT consulting. Reap the benefits of this experience for all your technology content needs.

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People are looking for new jobs and career advice every day. CopyPress knows how to attract career-seekers to recruitment websites with interesting and engaging content. Request blog posts or resource articles to target those in the market for a new role.

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Staying active and healthy is a top priority for many people across the world. We’ve created and promoted content for many companies in the health and wellness industry, like health care providers and online pharmacies.

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Over the last decade, our team helped many B2C companies design and produce engaging content for audiences to boost traffic and sales in the retail industry. Choose from options like product descriptions and blog posts to capture your audience.

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We know how important it is to create interesting content for businesses in the travel industry. Engage with your audience through a variety of content options. Choose pieces like blog posts and eBooks to capture hospitality companies and tourists, too.

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