Content Marketing for the Health Industry

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“CopyPress has been a wonderful partner for us; the team is involved in our entire content marketing process from helping to determine which blog topics to write, writing them, and ensuring they get seen by our desired audience. Working with CopyPress has been great and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Joe Sinkwitz

CEO and Founder at Intellifluence

Content Marketing for the Health Industry

At CopyPress, we create and promote content for health brands, including health care providers, wellness brands, and online pharmacies. Over the years, we’ve worked with companies like Compass One, Nurx, and Maxim Hair Restoration to deliver content across diverse markets.

CopyPress and Your Health Content

We understand that providing accurate and transparent information is crucial for health and wellness brands. What’s more, we understand this type of content needs to follow compliance requirements specific to your health sector. When you work with CopyPress, we provide you with an experienced team of creatives and specialists who uphold these values when developing content for your brand.

We use in-depth content analysis to uncover relevant topic gaps that your content isn’t currently targeting. Using this data, we help you create a plan that incorporates these valuable topics and keywords into your content strategy. The results give you relevant, authoritative content that provides accurate and trustworthy information, all while achieving your brand goals.

Our Content Marketing Experience

CopyPress has the tools and resources to develop compelling and informative health content that brings awareness to your brand. Partnering with CopyPress provides you with an entire team that understands content creation for health-specific topics and how to attract audiences to your business.

Get in touch with us to learn how CopyPress can help you build authority, engage with audiences, and achieve your business goals.

CopyPress Works With Amazing Clients

Plan a Strategy That Gets Results

CopyPress helps health care brands and businesses create content strategies that engage and convert, all while upholding the standards required in the industry.

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Brand Style Guides

CopyPress collaborates with you to plan a style guide that captures your brand voice. Through each step of production, we use this style guide to align our content to your voice so our creative team talks to your audience the same way you do. This document follows each campaign from beginning to end to ensure high-quality content, every time.

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Industry-Focused promotion

Leverage your industry authority by expanding it beyond your company website. Our team will identify the best-fit sites in our network for your goals — and if we don’t have the perfect sites for you already, we create a custom outreach plan to find them.

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eBooks for Health and Wellness

Inform and empower your audience with the health and wellness information they need. CopyPress creates visually engaging eBooks, which encourage your readers to learn more about your brand. We handle all steps of eBook development, from ideation to completion.

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