Content Marketing for the Health Industry

At CopyPress, we create and promote content for some of the largest health brands. These include companies like health care providers and online pharmacies.

CopyPress and the Health Industry

Providing accurate and transparent information is important in the health industry. Your audience needs to feel engaged by the content you provide. But they also need to be able to rely on data accuracy.

CopyPress upholds these values with our content. We tailor your project to meet your goals and engage your target audience.

One way we accomplish that is by following any compliance requirements necessary in your sector of the health industry. We share engaging information while being mindful of your company’s compliance requirements.

Our proprietary software, Thematical, helps us find opportunities in your content strategy. We turn overlooked and “low-hanging fruit” keywords into valuable content for you.

Our Content Marketing Experience

CopyPress has the experience of creating and promoting your content. We work with companies across many industries. There are over 2,757 certified writers and editors available on our content team. Even better, we create unique content natively in over 42 languages.

Our client success team provides the best service possible to meet your needs. The creative team understands health-specific topics. We adapt to meet your style and brand voice requirements.

We scale up your content marketing efforts as needed. Make an introductory call to discuss your requirements. This helps us understand more about your business to develop the best partnership.

“From creating content in various languages to helping with idea creation, the CopyPress team has been a pleasure to work with.”

~ Mattias Bergehed, Head of SEO at LeoVegas

CopyPress Knows the Health Industry

We understand the needs of health and wellness businesses to connect with their audience in a trustworthy, authentic way.

Living Style Guides

CopyPress captures your brand voice in a living style guide. It helps us understand your voice so our creative team talks to your audience the same way you do. This document follows each campaign from beginning to end to ensure high-quality content, every time.

SEO-Focused Copy

We optimize content to get it to the top of SERPs, no matter the topic or industry. This SEO-focused approach can help you start your organic content strategy, add to your existing content portfolio, and help people find you more easily.

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eBooks for Health and Wellness

Inform and empower your audience with the health and wellness information they need. CopyPress creates visually engaging eBooks, which encourages your readers to learn more about your brand. We handle all steps of development, from ideation to editing.

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Health Industry FAQ

Yes. Our creative team has experience in various industries, including health, wellness, and medicine.

Yes. We can scale production to fit your needs. Speak with one of our team members about your content marketing goals and content volume. Then create a strategy and content plan for you.

We can tailor any of our content and services for a business in the health and wellness industry. We prepare written pieces and visual designs with your brand as the focus.