Content Marketing Services for the Retail Industry

Our experts help you design and produce engaging content for your audience to boost your retail traffic and sales.

Content for Every Retail Niche

Every retail business operates within its own niche market. The needs of, say, fashion retail differ completely from home improvement retailers. We have over 2,757 certified writers and editors available on our content team and many of them are experts in different retail specialties. We’re able to create content that matches your company’s style and brand voice.

We always assign native language speakers to your project, and you can feel assured of the quality of the content that we create for you. And we’re able to create unique content natively in over 67 countries and in over 42 languages. We meet your localized content creation needs and coordinate different language versions across platforms and audiences if you need this control.

Thematical, our proprietary software, allows us to find new content opportunities for you. Use it to discover the new keywords and topics within your specific industry that allow you to get ahead of your competition. We create interesting content to fulfill your marketing needs. Schedule a call to share more about your business and what you’re looking for from your content marketing.

Understanding Your Audience

We succeed in content marketing for retail by first understanding your target audience. Once we know more about your business and content marketing requirements, we create a strategy to fulfill your content goals. We develop a brand voice and style guide so all the content matches your brand identity. Our team of writers, editors, and QA specialists then creates the engaging content your target audience seeks.

We know the best strategy to help with your content creation, placement, and syndication. Whether you have minimal or large content needs, we can fulfill your content goals. Reach out today and share more about your retail business and content creation requirements.

“Thoroughly impressed with the quality and speed!”

~ Kimberly Hale, Project Manager at CareerBuilder

CopyPress Knows the Retail Industry

A successful retail business needs a balance of customer service, quality products, and compelling content to support all its offerings.

Living Style Guides

Part of our onboarding process is creating a living style guide that you can update as needed to make sure our writers and editors are producing the content you need. This document ensures you’ll have high-quality content every time.

Optimized Copy

CopyPress uses SEO strategies to make sure potential buyers notice your work. Using our proprietary software, we analyze potential keywords for your content so you stand up against competitors in your space with content that captures attention.

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Product Descriptions That Sell

With intentional and interesting product descriptions, your customers feel as great about your products as you do. Our vetted writers and editors are your partners in publishing content that show the benefits and features of your products.

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Retail Experience FAQ

Yes. Our writers and editors understand the retail industry and many of its niche markets. We have the right team to match your brand and business requirements.

Yes, we always create SEO-friendly content for websites. We develop our content with SEO in mind to ensure it is as effective as possible for your content campaigns.

We can start in as little as a few days. Resource articles and blogs can take as little as a week. Schedule a call with us today to learn more about our services and how we help your retail business.