Content Marketing Services for the Travel Industry

We know how important it is to create interesting content for the travel industry. CopyPress has the resources and skills to develop engaging content for your audience with strong, measurable results.

We’ve Got The Team

Our writers and editors deliver engaging content for travel businesses. Whether you run a cruise line, provide accommodations, or help clients plan their own vacations, we can create interesting articles, blogs, and white papers for your brand.

We have over 2,757 certified writers and editors available on our content team. Through them, we’re able to create content that matches your company’s style and brand voice. We always assign native language speakers to your project. That allows us to create unique content natively in over 67 countries and in over 42 languages.

Each of our writers has local knowledge of different places and cultures. They use that knowledge to write with conviction and insight about any given travel topic. Our content strategy team is ready to pair your content creation with content promotion. This ensures that your content enjoys the best reach and finds your target audience. Schedule a call to discuss your business and its content needs.

We’ve Got the Tools

At CopyPress, we have the experience to create an effective content marketing strategy for your business. As with any journey, there are many paths you can take with your content campaigns. But we have the data-backed experience to show you the way.

We use our proprietary software, Thematical, to find “low-hanging fruit” keywords and topics. Focusing on these keywords creates the best results for your content strategy. That’s because these keyword opportunities provide you with a chance to stay competitive. With Thematical, understand what your competitors are doing and figure out the best ways to boost your marketing efforts. That all starts by choosing CopyPress as your content marketing partner. Using our resources and experts, you can create lasting results from your marketing efforts.

“CopyPress has been a wonderful partner for us; the team is involved in our entire content marketing process from helping to determine which blog topics to write, writing them, and ensuring they get seen by our desired audience. Working with CopyPress has been great and I would recommend them to anyone!”

~ Joe Sinkwitz, CEO and Founder at Intellifluence

CopyPress Knows the Travel Industry

Whether you're running a travel agency or you're hoping to book more tickets on your cruise line, CopyPress knows the best way to attract your target audience.

Client-Specific Style Guides

Your goals and brand voice matter. We work to make sure we capture the feel of your company that your audience expects with a curated style guide. This living document follows your campaign from beginning to end to ensure top quality for every piece.

SEO-Focused Copy

We create content for every industry with SEO in mind. Whether you’re just starting your organic content strategy, you’re looking to add to an impressive portfolio, or you’re hoping to get your content seen by more people, CopyPress makes it happen.

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Blog Posts for Travelers

Blogs focus on trending, informative content. That’s what makes them the perfect format for the travel industry. Whether you’re talking about flying tips or sights to see, blogs create the perfect place for all your audience’s travel information.

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Travel Industry FAQ

Yes, we develop all website content with SEO in mind. We use our internal software, Thematical, to help find new content opportunities, keywords, and topics for you. Thematical reveals “low-hanging fruit” content opportunities for your campaigns.

We offer a variety of content for your travel industry business and its marketing needs, from blogs and articles and knowledge base resources to product descriptions, social media posts, eBooks, and information downloads on destinations. What do you need? Schedule a call with us to share more about your business and your content goals.

Yes. Our content team has writers and editors who understand the travel industry and its niche markets. With over 2,757 vetted writers and editors available in over 67 countries, we have local knowledge combined with content-creating expertise.