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Interactive Developers

CopyPress is looking for developers who can create engaging interactive applications, games, and programs.

This is an ongoing campaign and selected applicants (who continue to provide quality work) will be offered continual projects. Project pay is determined by project scope (size and difficulty) and skillset required to complete the assignment. Project managers evaluate the amount of time it will take to complete a project and set a flat rate that starts at $50/hour and upward.


  • develop slick, creative interactive applications to be used on both desktop and mobile
  • cut up assets from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • storyboard interactively for a client wireframe
  • create custom animations that bring visual value without being distracting
  • clearly communicate with clients and project managers in order to complete projects collaboratively
  • create final products that are equivalent to the quality of design found on the CopyPress Digital Media Portfolio


  • advanced skills in HTML/CSS/JS
  • experience in object-oriented programming
  • well versed in commenting code, proper naming conventions, and portability
  • ability to create code in a timely, clean, and professional way
  • ability to possibly juggle multiple projects at one time
  • creativity and originality

Not Required, But Desired

  • proficiency in Adobe Flash
  • experience working in PHP
  • strong design skills

How to Apply

Register with CopyPress Community and select “Developer” for the question “What position(s) are you interested in applying for?”. Provide a url to your online portfolio. The interactive developer┬áposition is currently by invite only. Your eligibility will be determined by the portfolio work you submit.


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