33 Careers for Aspiring Marketing Professionals

Christy Walters


September 24, 2021 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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Marketing professionals create strategies to let the public know about a company’s products or services. In today’s world, many marketing professionals focus their efforts online, though there are still aspects of traditional marketing present in their job duties. The best marketing teams require people with unique skills to fill a multitude of roles.

Why Should I Choose a Career in Marketing?

There are many benefits to choosing a career in marketing. Some of them include:

  • Connection: Working in marketing lets you meet and work with people from different fields and backgrounds. You may work on a large team or for a small company, and both options allow you to meet consumers across the internet and the country.
  • Creativity: Marketing allows people to utilize their creativity every day. You can dream up new ideas and be innovative in most aspects of your work.
  • Diversity: Marketing has opportunities for people with different interests. Whether you like data, design, writing, or conversing with others, there are plenty of available career paths and advancement opportunities.
  • Necessity: Marketing is important in every industry. Whether a business deals in goods or services, the work you do is always in demand.
  • Variety: The marketing industry changes constantly. It’s a challenge for people who love to learn and enjoy growth, change, and strategy.

    white coffee mug on a wooden table with the word begin on it in typeface

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What Are the Requirements To Start a Career in Marketing?

Most marketers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, writing, communications, business, or another related field. This is to help them learn the theory and skills behind their jobs. Marketers are also comfortable using digital tools and technology to combine digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies into their campaigns. Some additional skills for marketers include excellence in verbal and written communication and the ability to work both independently and with a team.

33 Marketing Careers

Here are 33 careers in the marketing field you can pursue:

1. Brand Ambassador

Average Salary: $41,965 per year

Brand ambassadors serve as representatives or faces of the company to the public. They work to create and uphold a positive brand image for their employer. They also increase awareness of a company’s existence and work to boost sales. Brand ambassadors may work at in-person events to meet with people, provide product demos, hand out free samples, and answer customer questions.

2. Consumer Behavior Specialist

Average Salary: $42,693 per year

Consumer behavior specialists use psychology to learn about the purchasing habits of customers. They conduct surveys and run focus groups to learn more about different demographics and audiences. Their findings determine which marketing strategies may positively influence sales and engagement for a business.

3. Social Media Marketing Manager

Average Salary: $46,663 per year

Social media marketing managers direct a company’s presence on one or more social media channels. They may be experts in websites and apps like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or LinkedIn. These people respond to follower questions and write posts or supervise others who create them. They also find and use social trends to get more brand recognition. Social media marketing managers ensure that their company’s brand message is consistent across all channels.

4. Marketing Assistant

Average Salary: $48,706 per year

A marketing assistant helps complete administrative tasks for marketing campaigns. They communicate with customers and clients to answer questions or share important information. They may also collect and input marketing data into spreadsheets, databases, or other company systems. Marketing assistants often write and distribute press releases. These positions are usually popular with entry-level candidates trying to begin a career in the marketing field.

5. Community Manager

Average Salary: $48,769 per year

Community managers work with social media managers to create online communities and connect with customers. Unlike those in social media, community managers speak as individuals rather than as a whole brand. They may use their own names or personal social accounts when communicating online as representatives of the company. Community managers also work to develop followers into brand advocates so that they can attract new people into the community.

6. Advertising Manager

Average Salary: $51,290 per year

Advertising managers gather and organize information to plan campaigns. They meet with department heads and other team members to develop strategies. They also meet with clients to provide marketing advice. Other duties of an advertising manager may include negotiating contracts, developing pricing strategies, and planning the channels for marketing distribution.

7. Marketing Account Executive

Average Salary: $51,428 per year

Marketing account executives interact with customers and clients to create and maintain relationships. They serve as a go-between for the clients and the marketing department to share information about the client’s wishes and the department’s abilities. They may also help build strategies and manage campaigns. Most account executives work at agencies and marketing firms.

8. Content Writer

Average Salary: $52,411 per year

Content writers create pieces to meet a company’s or client’s marketing objectives. Their work helps create connections between the brand and the customer. It also helps establish their companies as trustworthy experts in their fields. Content writers may write web copy, blogs, and social media posts. They understand search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and may have experience with research and layout design.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for writers and authors may increase about 9% from 2020 to 2030, which is as fast as average compared to other careers in the United States. The BLS predicts technical content writer positions may grow by 12% in that same time, which is faster than average compared to other fields.

9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Average Salary: $52,583 per year

SEO specialists figure out how to make their clients’ or company’s websites appear and rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). These professionals may have experience with online analytics tools like Google Analytics and Moz. They may also have excellent writing skills and understand link-building strategies. SEO specialists can develop relationships with the media, influencers, and other people on the marketing team to figure out ways to best collect and share information.

10. Graphic Designer

Average Salary: $53,380 per year

Graphic designers collaborate with other team members to design visual pieces for their company. These may include things like brochures, websites, logos, and other promotional materials. Designers may work in both print and digital mediums. The BLS predicts graphic designer jobs may increase by 3% between 2020 and 2030, which is slower than average compared to other careers. Need help to get graphics together for your business? Contact CopyPress to learn how we can help you with your static and animated graphics.

11. Promotions Director

Average Salary: $58,436 per year

Promotions directors run advertising campaigns that offer deals and discounts to customers. They may be responsible for things like coupon campaigns or sales bundles. Those in promotions study data to develop a concept that reaches and appeals to the largest target audience. They also collaborate with influencers and other partners to spread the news of the promotions across platforms.

12. Email Marketing Specialist

Average Salary: $59,019 per year

Email marketing specialists develop email and other electronic communication campaigns. They create and curate content for their subscriber lists and wider audiences. Email specialists collect information about their readers and subscribers to influence those choices. They also learn the best times to send emails, how to segment a subscriber list, and how to increase customer communication.

13. Digital Marketing Coordinator

Average Salary: $60,267 per year

Digital marketing coordinators implement a company’s online marketing strategy. They may work with social media, websites, and email campaigns. They’re familiar with analytics programs and data collection. Digital marketing coordinators also complete other tasks like approving images for social media or approving content for the website. They may possess technology and coding skills that help them do their jobs.

14. Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) Specialist

Average Salary: $60,424 per year

PPC advertising specialists develop enticing ads to appear around the internet. They monitor the effectiveness of the ads. That data allows them to make adjustments to the strategy and generate more traffic, revenue, and conversions. They understand how major search engines work, and they stay familiar with internet trends. PPC specialists may be skilled in both general research and consumer behavior analysis.

15. Film and Video Editor

Average Salary: $61,900 per year

Film and video editors create marketing videos for their companies or clients. They’re involved with the entire production process of filming, editing, and publishing. Some may specialize in long-form documentary-style videos, and others may excel with short, viral clips. Their work can promote their employer’s brand on websites and social media platforms. The BLS expects this role to grow by 29% in the next 10 years, which is much faster than average compared to other jobs.

16. Brand Manager

Average Salary: $62,842 per year

Brand managers shape the public view of a specific brand. They create a consistent message across all channels, both online and in-person. Brand managers work closely with people like writers, designers, and social media managers to make this happen. They may also have experience with customer relationship management software.

17. Communications Manager

Average Salary: $63,289 per year

Communications managers oversee the marketing team’s public connection strategy. They work with other professionals to ensure that there’s a consistent company message both internally and externally. Communications managers focus on sharing information among groups and teams to ensure all departments understand the company goals and values and how they relate to daily operations.

18. User Acquisition Manager

Average Salary: $63,380 per year

User acquisition managers figure out how to get people to become customers or clients. They create and test different types of campaigns to see which are most popular. They also work with growth managers to see how the insights they collect factor into the company’s development strategies. User acquisition managers spend much of their time collecting, organizing, and analyzing data.

19. Market Research Analyst

Average Salary: $65,810 per year

Market research analysts gather information and create reports about marketing strategies and how they affect a particular organization. They figure out what people want from a company and how much they’ll pay for it. Market research analysts are knowledgeable about sales trends, competition, and consumer behavior. They help companies make logical and profitable marketing decisions.

20. Market Analyst

Average Salary: $69,658 per year

Different from market researchers, market analysts look at how a company fits into the context of a larger market. They’re concerned with how a business compares to its competitors and how much of a market share their company holds. Market analysts may conduct customer satisfaction surveys, do product testing, and run competitive analyses. They may also have good problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

21. Product Developer

Average Salary: $71,640 per year

Product developers work to create items people want to buy at a price point they’ll pay. They’re involved in the design phases of development and marketing. Engineering and design backgrounds may be helpful in this role. According to the BLS, product developer positions may grow as much as 6% in the next 10 years, which is as fast as average compared to other jobs in that same time period.

22. Digital Marketing Analyst

Average Salary: $71,917 per year

Digital marketing analysts examine statistics and make recommendations about online marketing improvements. They look at items like social media ads, website banners, and online branding when gathering and interpreting data. Digital marketing analysts work closely with designers to improve campaigns. They often utilize problem-solving skills to come up with innovative solutions.

23. Market Research Supervisor

Average Salary: $76,097 per year

Market research supervisors provide management and guidance to the market research department. They ensure proper use of analytics programs and techniques. They also interpret consumer trends. One important job of a market research supervisor is to determine the demand for products and services within a particular industry and teach team members how to perform this same research.

24. Creative Director

Average Salary: $78,474 per year

Creative directors oversee the art and design development for marketing campaigns. They lead copywriters, graphic designers, and layout editors to plan and execute the feel and message of a particular campaign. Creative directors make the final decisions about tasks and elements like color choice, edits, item placement, and fonts.

25. Growth Marketer

Average Salary: $82,191 per year

Growth marketers help scale a business to a larger capacity. They’re concerned with getting more conversions, making more money, and selling more products. Some of their tasks include conducting A/B testing on different promotional elements and studying conversion rates.

26. Product Marketing Manager

Average Salary: $94,399 per year

Product marketing managers develop plants to promote and generate interest in products. Their jobs may combine elements of public relations, advertising, and product demonstration. They have a deep understanding of the target audience and customer base for a company. Product marketing managers work with product designers, but they’re in charge of just one product or product line.

27. Product Manager

Average Salary: $96,419 per year

Product managers identify how customer needs fit into a company’s larger business objectives. They determine what a successful product looks like, then create goals for release and sales. They also supervise the teams that help get the product from idea to tangible commodity.

28. Product Development Manager

Average Salary: $115,640 per year

Product development managers lead research, assessment, and coordination for building new products. They help improve existing services to meet user needs. Some of their principal duties include monitoring industry trends, managing technical development, and conducting market research. Product development managers also assess how viable new products are in solving customer problems.

29. Market Research Manager

Average Salary: $118,294 per year

Market research managers set policies and practices for conducting market research and collecting market data. They analyze that data and present it to other company teams, such as the sales, management, and research departments. These managers also oversee the staff of the market research department and approve their team’s budget.

30. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Average Salary: $129,980 per year

Chief marketing officers are the leaders of the entire marketing department. They get the final say on all campaigns, messages, goals, and interactions relating to the team. CMOs serve under the chief executive officer (CEO). They also communicate the wishes of the CEO to the marketing team.

31. Vice President of Marketing

Average Salary: $139,685 per year

The vice president of marketing (VP) works under the CEO and CMO to develop the company’s marketing plan. They create strategies and help the team with implementing those plans. Marketing VPs provide training for members of their team, and they also help the CMO with the administrative details of running the department, like setting the budget.

32. Public Relations Director

Average Salary: $147,979 per year

Public relations (PR) directors are the heads of a public relations department or firm. They develop and execute strategies that help create and maintain a positive public image. One of their primary jobs is forming relationships with members of the media and government officials. Directors oversee the rest of the PR staff and approve and review team member assignments. They work with marketing and advertising managers to ensure that all campaigns create a favorable brand image. They also oversee crisis operations to repair or strengthen the company’s reputation.

33. Market Research Director

Average Salary: $166,553 per year

Market research directors lead the market research department. They review changes in the industry and adjust marketing plans accordingly. They also analyze goals and programs in order to recommend improvements. Market research directors are responsible for creating ethical research and advertising policies for their departments and companies.

Marketers take a generic product or service and associate it with a brand name. This is an important function for a company that wants to create a brand-loyal audience that returns for future purchases. Understanding the needs of a target audience and how to apply those preferences to advertising, research, and analytics can make jobs in this field easier.

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