Digital Marketing Director: What They Do and Why They’re Important

Christy Walters


April 4, 2022 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

three women in an office sitting around a grey table one could be a digital marketing director

A digital marketing director creates, plans, and implements all digital aspects of a brilliant marketing strategy. These professionals also manage a team, plan for the future of the department, and collaborate with other departments to reach goals and create the best outcomes for the company. If your organization doesn’t have a digital marketing director currently or is looking to hire a new one, you may ask yourself some questions about picking the right candidate for the role. In this article, we cover questions like:


Why Should Your Company Have a Digital Marketing Director?

three women in an office sitting around a grey table one could be a digital marketing director

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Digital marketing directors choose what content appears on digital media channels to build and maintain the brand image of your company. Their primary focus is engagement and interaction on digital channels. This may be to increase those metrics if they’re currently not where you want them to be, or maintain them if they’re high. Directors do this through content management and promotion.

It’s important to have one person dedicated to these efforts and to oversee a team that helps implement them. While someone in the general marketing department could handle these tasks, digital marketing is an area of specialization. People spend so much of their time online these days, so it’s helpful to have a team focused on that niche. According to HubSpot70% of marketers actively invest in content marketing, so if you’re putting money in to create that content and share it digitally, make sure someone is monitoring it to make it the best it can be.

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What Does a Digital Marketing Director Do?

A digital marketing director oversees the online marketing efforts of a company. This can include tasks from building strategies to hiring the right team members to implement them. Some daily responsibilities of a digital marketing director include:

  • Managing all digital marketing channels, like blogs, emails, websites, and social media
  • Developing campaigns that create and maintain customer interaction
  • Working with design and sales directors to create cohesive strategies with the goal of customer satisfaction
  • Forecasting sales performance trends to increase a company’s market share
  • Managing online content
  • Improving content marketing strategies through search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Preparing the budget for the digital marketing department
  • Measuring the return on investment (ROI) and key performance indicators (KPIs) for all digital marketing campaigns
  • Developing a digital marketing roadmap to guide department strategy
  • Studying and staying up-to-date on digital technology and marketing developments in the field
  • Launching eCommerce initiatives, such as online stores
  • Managing ad-buying partnerships
  • Creating and refining a list of contacts, such as customers, leads, and prospects gained through digital marketing efforts
  • Providing or scheduling team training for important topics and concepts such as SEO or conversion optimization
  • Creating and curating content for digital platforms, such as photos, videos, blog posts, and articles
  • Monitoring the competition and looking for gaps in content strategy


If you’re looking for tools to help you with your digital marketing efforts, especially monitoring the competition, request your free content analysis report from CopyPress. This tool helps you look at your current content strategy compared to your top three competitors and find areas where you can capitalize to grab more market share and audience attention through keyword development.

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Is There a Difference Between a Digital Marketing Manager and Director?

Yes, there is a difference between a digital marketing manager and a digital marketing director. In smaller companies, leadership may use these terms interchangeably to describe the person in charge of digital marketing within the organization. In larger corporations, there may be a bigger distinction between the two roles. Marketing managers typically oversee specific campaigns, while directors oversee the entire department. Directors manage the managers. Directors typically also get the final say over any decisions made for the department.

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How Can CopyPress Help Digital Marketing Directors?

Whether you’re a digital marketing director yourself or you’re an executive or company owner looking to support one on your staff, CopyPress can help. Our services, process, and strategy initiatives help support this crucial team role in a variety of ways, including:

Serving Up Various Types of Content

CopyPress functions like an extension of your organization and helps digital marketing directors create many types of written and visual content to display across channels. When you work with us, choose from options like:

Animated Videos

Animated videos, also called motion graphics, take written facts and figures and turn them into engaging stories and educational tools. Use them to illustrate your unique selling proposition (USP) for products and services, or to share steps and tips for completing a certain action or function in your industry. Online dynamic content can keep your audience engaged, and more likely to share it with friends, colleagues, and other internet users. This can increase your reach and potential for conversions.

Blog Posts

When you develop blog posts with CopyPress, we provide original content that engages your audience so you, as a digital marketing director, can focus on other tasks. We frame each post around an eye-catching topic relevant to your industry, using our proprietary software Thematical to find these topics and keyword opportunities for your content strategy to help you rise above the competition.

CopyPress blog writing services include writing, editing, and quality assurance. Our creatives use your living style guide document to learn your brand voice and ensure each piece lands with your target market. Our writers have experience creating content in industries like travel, health care, job recruitment, and finance, among others, making them able to cover virtually any niche expertly.

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations are scalable content solutions that allow you to provide value to your audience in a visual format. Rather than using stock photos for content, you can increase brand recognition and user interest with images created specifically for each of your content projects. Custom designs can make your articles look more professional, increase credibility, and promote sharing across various online platforms, especially social media.


Digital marketing directors use eBooks for a variety of content promotion and lead generation activities within an online marketing strategy. For example, eBooks are great lead magnets and email newsletter incentives to keep people subscribed and coming back for more information and downloads. Not only that, they can help establish your company as a credible source of information in your industry. At CopyPress, we use proprietary software to streamline the eBook creation process, helping you every step of the way from topic choice, research, wireframes, and design.


Infographics allow digital marketing directors to share data or complex processes through engaging visual displays. Especially through online channels, infographics make it easier for an audience to understand facts and figures and remember the information they’ve received. We create both static and dynamic infographics at CopyPress. You may choose static infographics to accompany other written content or a dynamic one to increase engagement on your website or landing page.

Interactive Media

Interactive media is a hot topic online because it increases user satisfaction by making readers and viewers an active part of the content experience. From digital quizzes to dynamic illustrations, CopyPress’s team of designers and developers help digital marketing directors create interactive content that walks leads from a point of interest right to a conversion, in a way that makes the process seem interesting and fun.

Product Descriptions

For digital marketing directors who share product information on various online channels, CopyPress generates polished descriptions that help increase interest and sales. The focus on SEO for each product description helps this content get better reach and matches search intent with your summaries of important products and services. Well-written product descriptions help highlight the unique features of everything you offer or sell. They can also deliver a better user experience for your views and increase conversion rates online.

Resource Articles

Quality, engaging content is a central pillar of any successful marketing strategy. CopyPress can help you create and share quality resource articles that support and improve your brand’s presence online. They can also improve company credibility and allow your brand to become a thought leader in your market or niche. At CopyPress, we’re able to create unique content natively in a variety of languages. This can be especially helpful for companies and digital marketing directors who work with clients and in markets around the globe to expand reach and brand awareness.

White Papers

White paper content is a preferred way for digital marketing directors to interact with a business-to-business (B2B) audience and position their brands as thought leaders in their respective industries. At CopyPress, we learn about your business, customers, and goals to choose the right white paper topics and put together the most qualified team to create your content.

Creating a Living Style Guide

When digital marketing directors work with CopyPress, they engage in creating a living style guide. This document follows the client from ideation through publication and covers what it means to write in a specific brand voice, and all the nuances that make the writing seem authentic, such as word choice and punctuation usage. Our team works with you to align your style guide with client goals. Digital marketing directors can change the living document throughout a campaign to ensure that our creatives understand your exact expectations for each project.

Assembling a Curated Team

At CopyPress, we care about our creative team, and they care about you. By jointly prioritizing our writers, editors, quality assurance professionals, and clients, we’re able to ensure quality work on every campaign, every time. We put a heavy focus on the research and onboarding phase of partnerships with digital marketing directors and their brands to find the right creatives in your niche to deliver high-quality content for every campaign.

Working Out Inconsistencies with Alignment

One of the unique features a digital marketing director gets from working with CopyPress is working with us through the alignment phase. This process takes place after onboarding but before we begin work on your campaigns. During this phase, our creative team generates content test pieces for your review to determine if we thoroughly understand your goals and expectations. Each test piece is subject to client review and encourages updates to the living style guide to ensure once we start on your campaign, it runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Providing Consistent Communication

Perfecting a content strategy comes with much back-and-forth discussion among marketing teams to provide the best quality content that reaches the audience where they spend time and discusses topics of particular interest to them. At CopyPress, we understand just how vital this communication is for digital marketing directors to complete their tasks efficiently and on time. That’s why we offer a Slack channel for each client account, and a dedicated client success manager as your point of contact. With these resources, you get the answers to your content questions quickly, simply, and in one location from one company representative who you trust.

Delivering and Publishing Content with a Proprietary CMS

Our proprietary content management system (CMS) Dante is a digital marketing director’s one-stop resource for reviewing, tracking, and even publishing content for a variety of mediums and channels. With Dante, you can see all external creative comments, as well as global feedback. You also have the option to change any piece at your discretion right within the editing window. When it’s time to publish, simply send your pieces to the right location with one of our API options or download the content in an appropriate file format for your convenience.

Getting answers to these and other questions can help you decide if hiring a digital marketing director is right for your company. It can also help you understand how best to support a digital marketing director in your company with the external resources they need to excel in their roles.

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