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Advertising Copywriter: How This Role Aids Content Marketing

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September 10, 2021 (Updated: March 8, 2023)

An advertising copywriter is a creative professional who develops marketing content to promote goods and services. You may question whether you need someone in this position on your content marketing team. Learning more about the role and what benefits someone in this job provides to your marketing campaigns can help you decide. In this article, we’re tackling questions and topics like:

Why Should Your Company Have an Advertising Copywriter?

Advertising copywriters aren’t just skilled with putting words on a page. They also understand the art of persuasion. Humans are complex and it’s difficult to predict exactly what they’ll do next or why they make the decisions they do. This makes marketing a tricky field because it relies heavily on researching and understanding these things.

Advertising copywriters are good at that aspect of the job. They may not know what someone’s going to do next, but they can create the copy and situations to influence a customer’s next move. This is even more important for B2B companies because in order to hook a client, you have to persuade multiple decision-makers of your product or service’s value, not just one person.

What Does an Advertising Copywriter Do?

laptop on a wooden table with hands poised over the keyboard

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Advertising copywriters write the words you see in digital and print advertisements. Brochures, website ads, and billboards are just some pieces they develop. Other job responsibilities may include writing company jingles, drafting product descriptions, and writing slogans. Some other daily duties may include:

  • Adapting content to meet client expectations
  • Brainstorming ideas with the creative team to turn into marketing materials
  • Discussing project briefs with clients and the marketing team
  • Meeting with clients and team members to understand brand voice, messaging, and audience demographics
  • Presenting copy to clients through digital communication and in-person meetings
  • Proofreading copy to check for spelling, grammar, and clarity errors

Is an Advertising Copywriter Different From a Regular Copywriter?

If you think a copywriter is a copywriter, think again. Advertising or marketing copywriters specialize in anything promotional and persuasive. They create hooks that make people remember products and services without the advertisements in front of them. Jingles like the Kit-Kat song and slogans like the famous McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it,” are two examples of advertising copywriting. That’s different from other types of copywriting like:

  • Brand: Sharing a brand’s story in a way that’s most appealing to its audience. They work with other copywriters to spread a brand’s message across channels.
  • Direct response: Working with calls-to-action (CTAs) to encourage people to take immediate action and make conversions. They may work with email marketing, landing pages, and digital advertising.
  • Email: Developing the words for email direct communication campaigns. They create clickable subject lines. enticing previews, and body content subscribers want to read.
  • Public relations: Having a journalistic voice and style to their content. They work with news outlets to promote events, products, and businesses through press releases and articles.
  • SEO: Understanding the complexities of crafting content that ranks high on search engine results pages (SERPs). They work with keywords and optimize content from all mediums to be recognizable and acceptable for searchers and search engine bots.
  • Social media: Developing social media copy paired with visuals or as stand-alone content. They primarily write to entertain, inform, persuade, and connect with the audience.
  • Technical: Working primarily with informational content to explain how technology products and services work. They may write product descriptions and explanatory articles.
  • Thought leadership: Working to establish their businesses as experts in any industry with informational and innovative content. Like brand copywriters, they may collaborate with other specialties to convey these messages across channels.

CopyPress and Advertising Copywriters

Having an advertising copywriter on your team helps you get persuasive content out to your audience. But going that route can limit the content you create. Working with a content agency provides the expertise of not just one advertising copywriter, but an entire team. CopyPress helps support your content marketing campaigns with a full staff of writing, editing, and strategy professionals in areas like:

Content Variety

Working with a single advertising copywriter may limit the type of content you produce. They have their specialty content types, but your strategy may need more than they can provide. With CopyPress, you have access to a variety of copywriters who work with content like:


Resource articles are one of the most popular pieces of content marketing to add to any strategy. CopyPress helps you create ones that improve your brand’s presence and reputation online. Use articles to establish your company as a thought leader in your industry. We work to create articles natively in over 42 languages so that you can reach your audience wherever they live. This is helpful for companies who have clients around the globe or are looking to expand their influence to new locations.

Blog Posts

Blog posts serve a variety of purposes in your content marketing strategy. Use them to comment on trending topics in your industry or provide brief summaries of new products or services your company offers. No matter your goals for a blog, we create each post around an eye-catching topic relevant to your niche. If you need help to choose topics, we use our proprietary software Thematical to locate keyword opportunities to help you outperform the competition.

Our blog services include writing, editing, and quality assurance on each piece. We work with you to create a style guide and teach our creatives your brand voice. That ensures each piece resonates with your target market.


Use eBooks in your content marketing for promotion and lead generation. Make them available on your website as gated content or use them as lead magnets in your direct marketing communications. This type of content lets B2B companies show their expertise and stake claim to thought leadership status in their industries. The CopyPress team helps you with every stage of eBook creation, from ideas to publication.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are some of the bread and butter of advertising copywriters. They’re persuasive for selling both products and services. Engaging descriptions help set a business apart from its competition. CopyPress creates polished product descriptions meant to increase client interest and sales. We put a focus on SEO for each one to help them get better reach in organic search. Expertly crafted product descriptions deliver a better user experience and highlight the unique features of everything a company offers.

White Papers

White papers are another popular form of content that advertising copywriters develop. They’re a preferred way to share product and service information and value with a B2B audience. White papers help position a brand as a thought leader and persuade an audience why your solution is the right one for their problem. The CopyPress creative team meets with each company before creating white papers to choose the right topics and learn more about your company and goals.

Living Style Guides

Whether you’re an advertising copywriter consulting with us, or a marketing director looking to support your team, we work with you to create a living style guide for your campaign. This document tells our creative team exactly how to develop each of your pieces for maximum reach and impact.

It includes details about your brand voice and style choices so that no matter which CopyPress writer crafts your content, you get a consistent voice, tone, and feel throughout. Work with our team to align this style guide to your goals, and make changes to the document as you see fit, even in the middle of a campaign.

Vetted and Trained Creatives

Why hire just one advertising copywriter when you can have an entire team at your disposal? It takes time to find the right people for every job. But with CopyPress, we do the work for you. We prioritize quality, so we vet talent for our content team, including writers, editors, and quality assurance professionals. We train each person for your handpicked team to follow your style guide and develop content in your brand voice. It’s like working with your own internal team without the hassle.

Niche Knowledge

Advertising copywriters are good at persuasion. But that’s not the only thing they need to know. Do they understand your niche or industry? The information that persuades a company to sign a contract with a technology company differs from what a medical supply company needs to attract new clients. Finding someone who can do it all might not be possible, but it’s definitely not easy.

With CopyPress, you have access to writers with experience in a variety of niches. Whether you’re a travel agency or a recruitment firm, or anything in between, we understand how important it is to have creatives on your project that actually understand the field and the lingo. Trust our writers to not only understand your industry, but describe your brand story, products, and services in a way that resonates with your audience.

Language Versatility

Even if you find a great advertising copywriter who understands your niche, they still might not be able to meet all your needs. Especially if you work with clients around the world in different countries. It helps to have people on your staff who speak languages other than English natively or fluently. CopyPress has the talent to provide that service. Our group of writers and editors speaks over 42 languages. We’re able to assign native speakers to companies with footholds in other countries. This helps ensure that your message and meaning don’t get lost in translation outside the United States.

Alignment Priority

One of the most unique features about working with CopyPress vs. a single advertising copywriter is the time and attention we put into making sure the content we produce aligns with your expectations. Each client goes through what we call the alignment phase before a campaign kicks off. Here, our creative team designs content test pieces for your review. You can determine if we thoroughly understand your goals and meet your content expectations. After your client review, update your living style guide to ensure that the process from campaign kickoff to delivery runs smooth.

Advertising copywriters help convince your audience why working with your company is the best and only solution for their needs and solutions. But one copywriter may not be enough. That’s why working with an agency that provides all the talent you need at every phase is a better bet for your time, money, and peace of mind. Ready to start your content partnership with CopyPress? Schedule your free 30-minute introduction call today.

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September 10, 2021 (Updated: March 8, 2023)

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