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How to Scale Content Marketing for Automotive Clients


Published: February 15, 2019 (Updated: March 26, 2020)

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Whether your agency works with local dealerships in your area or international automotive brands, creating and maintaining a successful content marketing strategy can be challenging. The automotive industry is specific to a particular customer base. As a marketer, you need to reach the right customers at the right time while following the guidelines set by your clients. 

If you’re struggling to create content or maintain a content plan for automotive clients, learn how you can scale your content and have a fresh stream of copy coming down the pipeline. 

Common Problems Content Marketers Face When Working With Auto Dealerships

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We have worked with many marketing agencies that have all had similar problems with automotive clients. The automotive industry requires marketers to have strong attention to detail and an ability to scale quickly. A few common problems we see include the following:

  • Stale Topics: The ideas that you pitch have already been used before, are rejected by your clients, or are so similar that your content creators feel like they are writing the same pieces over and over again. 
  • Lack of ROI Goals: You offer content as part of your marketing package as a way to sell clients without any real drive or focus on what you are doing. You don’t have clear goals for success or ROI measurements to determine your performance. 
  • Lack of Time: Even if you wanted to dedicate resources to content marketing, you wouldn’t have the time. With ideating, writing, and uploading, no one on your team can handle the workload of content management, especially for a large automotive client. 

Fortunately, solutions to each of these problems exist. If you know how to clearly plan your content marketing efforts, you can develop a strategy that meets the needs of your automotive clients. 

Solutions for Scaling Content in the Automotive Industry

If you need to create several pages of content for a website build or need to refresh model pages for SEO value, then you need to scale your content creation. The best way to achieve this goal is with standardized templates, style guides, editing processes, and other infrastructure that will allow you to create a unified product. Regardless of who works on your content or how many people help, your content needs to have a consistent voice and standard of quality.  

Scaling content requires significant time and resources involved in training people to understand what is expected in the content production process. If you are unable to handle this burden while maintaining a standard of quality, you may need to outsource your work. Content companies that are used to training writers and scaling to meet content demand can help you expand your ability regardless of the company or project size.

How to Provide Quality Content to Your Automotive Clients

If your content creators have to look up the term “MSRP” and live in areas where they don’t need cars to get around, then you may need to reconsider who is providing your marketing materials. While plenty of gearheads exist in modern cities, it is hard to build up expertise if you don’t have an interest in cars or access to them.

To provide quality content you’ll need:

  • A team of writers and editors.
  • A method for grading writers and editors
  • A process of organizing large quantities of content
  • Someone to manage the process

Building this team isn’t easy. You have to recruit, vet, and manage these experts, a process that requires HR resources and time you may not have. Plus, working with individuals can get expensive based on compensation expectations. Expert writers can expect exponential pay rates based on what they charge other clients, a situation which can drive up your costs and ability to scale.

At CopyPress, we have strict tests that gauge how much knowledge writers possess about a certain topic, and we award certifications when they reach certain milestones. Many of these writers have worked in the automotive industry and have hands-on experience working on cars, selling them, or promoting them.

How to Provide Unique Content Topics

Not only does working with a strong talent pool of automotive content creators provide your team with a reliable stream of content, but it also creates better ideas and content opportunities.

Creating content is a complex process. Content managers have to train teams to perform keyword research needed to find valuable terms, guide them to creative ideation, and make sure their writers are reliable enough to continually produce high-quality content month after month for multiple dealers — some of whom may be in the same market. This effort requires content managers to trust their teams to do their part, all while they review ideas, edit content, and submit requests for ideation changes.

If you want to be able to scale your content, you need to find a source for reliable production with knowledgeable experts.

How CopyPress Can Help You Scale Content for Automotive Clients

We launched CopyPress to address problems of scale that marketing agencies face:

  • We create style guides and build a team of writers based on client feedback.
  • We have a huge inventory of automotive contractors who have worked with large and local dealerships and brands.
  • We handle ideation and give automotive clients the opportunity to approve or deny topics.
  • We ensure content matches the approved style guide with our internal Quality Assurance team.
  • We become an extension of your team with our dedicated client managers managing your campaigns.

We have seen the problems that content creators in the auto industry face and have taken steps to resolve them.

In particular, many of our automotive clients prefer to choose our CopyPress Agency program. This program provides unique resources and savings to marketing agencies that connect with us. A few of the benefits of this program include the following:

  • 10 percent off on orders $10,000 or more.
  • Agency access to our Keyword Juicer tool for SEO strategy and ROI.
  • White-labeled CMS coming in 2020.
  • XML-RCP WordPress for uploading.
  • Listing as a preferred agency in our agency directory.

The CopyPress Agency program benefits your company in multiple ways. Not only do you save from our agency discount, but you also have access to more tools and resources than you would otherwise have. Plus, as part of our Preferred Agency list, we can send new leads your way and help you grow your business for the future.

If you have automotive clients and need a strong team of dedicated content creators, reach out to us today. We work with professionals who are experts in the automotive industry, individuals who can help with website copy, product information, and general content topics. Give CopyPress a call to find out how we can help you.


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