white coffee mug on a wooden table with the word begin on it in typeface
Agency Solutions 33 Careers for Aspiring Marketing Professionals

Quick Navigation Why Should I Choose a Career in Marketing? What Are the Requirements To Start a Career in Marketing? 33 Marketing Careers Marketing professionals create strategies to let the public know about a company’s products or services. In today’s world, many marketing professionals focus their efforts...

24 Sep 2021

Team of people working in an office.
Agency Solutions Advertising Agency: What It Is and How To Hire One

Quick Navigation What Is an Advertising Agency? What Does an Advertising Agency Do? Why Should a Business Hire an Advertising Agency? How Much Does It Cost To Hire an Advertising Agency? How To Hire an Advertising Agency? Top Advertising Agencies Advertising agencies are helpful assets to many...

14 Sep 2021

laptop on a wooden table with hands poised over the keyboard, possibly an advertising copywriter
Agency Solutions Advertising Copywriter: How This Role Aids Content Marketing

An advertising copywriter is a creative professional who develops marketing content to promote goods and services. You may question whether you need someone in this position on your content marketing team. Learning more about the role and what benefits someone in this job provides to your marketing...

10 Sep 2021

laptop sitting on a person's lap with hands over the keyboard
Agency Solutions How and Where To Hire a World-Class Blogger

Quick Navigation What Characteristics Make a World-Class Blogger? Why Should I Hire a Blogger? How Do I Find a Talented Blogger? How Do I Hire a Blogger? How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Blogger? How Do Bloggers Get Paid? Websites To Help You Hire a...

10 Sep 2021

woman in black long sleeve blazer sitting at a computer in an all white office with a window behind her to show she's in a skyscraper
Agency Solutions What’s the Average Content Manager Salary? (And Other Questions)

Quick Navigation What Does a Content Manager Do? Who Does a Content Manager Report To? Are Content Managers Paid Hourly or With a Salary? How Much Do Content Managers Make on Average Per Year? What Benefits Can I Get as a Content Manager? Skills for a Content...

9 Sep 2021

Large computer screen in a grey office with a man sitting to the right staring at the screen; concept for planning out lead generation strategies.
Agency Solutions 13 Lead Generation Strategies You Can Start Using Today

Quick Navigation What Is a Lead Generation Strategy? Types of Lead Generation Strategies 13 Lead Generation Strategies Lead Generation Hacks and Tips Lead generation is the process of finding new prospects and using tactics to turn them into sales opportunities. Lead generation differs from advertising in that...

9 Sep 2021

crumpled piece of white computer paper with the typed words marketing strategy on it sits on a light wooden table with an iron sitting on the top left corner of the page a plant on the top right corner of the page and office supplies scattered around the desk
Agency Solutions All You Need To Know About B2B Lead Generation

Before you can make a sale or start a partnership with a client, you have to attract a lead. Leads are the potential clients or customers that need your products or services and want to learn more about what your company can do for them. B2B lead...

26 Aug 2021

Two people talking about something on a park bench.
Agency Solutions Acquisition Strategy: A Definitive Guide

Quick Navigation What Is an Acquisition Strategy? Why Do Companies Make Acquisitions? When Do You Need an Acquisition Strategy? How To Build an Acquisition Strategy Types of Acquisition Tactics Acquiring a new business is a great way for companies to grow and succeed. It can also help...

30 Jul 2021

Agency Solutions SEO Agency: What It Is and How To Choose One

Quick Navigation What Is an SEO Agency? How Do You Know You Need an SEO Agency? Benefits of Using an SEO Agency How to Choose the Right SEO Agency Top Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Search Engine Optimization Company Know Your SEO Goals and Desired Outcomes...

22 Jun 2021

three women meeting around a table with laptops planning UX personas
Agency Solutions How To Create a UX Persona (With Template and Example)

How well do you know your content users? Not your buyers and not your leads, but your users. These are the people who spend time on your website or viewing your content online. Your users and your buyers aren’t always the same people. But if you can...

20 Mar 2020

Agency Solutions A Guide to Digital Marketing Agencies

In this article…  What is a Digital Marketing Agency? What is Digital Marketing? Benefits of a Digital Marketing Agency Who Works Within a Digital Marketing Agency? When Should a Company Hire a Digital Marketing Agency? Where to Begin When Searching For a Digital Marketing Agency Why Choose a...

24 Feb 2020

People in a business meeting; concept for scale content marketing for automotive industry.
Agency Solutions How to Scale Content Marketing for Automotive Clients

Whether your agency works with local dealerships or international brands, it’s challenging to scale content marketing for automotive clients. The automotive industry is specific to a particular customer base, and content approaches have to fulfill this niche to be successful. As a marketer, you need to reach...

15 Feb 2019

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