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Content marketing is a subsegment of marketing that involves sharing written, visual, and audio pieces with a target audience. It doesn’t explicitly promote your brand. Instead, content marketing provides value to your audience and sparks interest in your company’s products and services.

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Content Marketing: Definition and Types

Here’s something you probably already know: starting a business is easy but marketing one is hard. You believe in your brand and everything...

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Agency Solutions Entity SEO for Branded Search and Improving E-E-A-T

Most folks who have been around SEO in the last few years have likely heard the terms “knowledge graph” and “entity SEO” batted around a fair bit.  But what are entities? What is the knowledge graph? And most importantly, what ways can you leverage them to improve...

31 Oct 2023

Content Marketing How To Create Your Authority-Building Machine

Over the past few weeks, we’ve embarked on a comprehensive journey, unraveling the intricacies of establishing and amplifying authority through content. In the first post of this series, we delved deep into the foundation of Google’s interest in authorship, understanding its current stance and the undeniable value...

17 Oct 2023

Yellow and white text on blue background, that reads "Authority Building: Expanding Past Your Website" by Dave Snyder at CopyPress.
Content Marketing Authority Building: Expanding Past Your Website

In the previous guide, we discussed how to create authority from expertise, where I broke down: This week, we’re covering the use of websites beyond your own to increase your authority. You can use these concepts for a number of marketing channels and PR, reputation management, link...

12 Sep 2023

Content Marketing Authority Building: Creating Authority From Expertise

Last week, we took a look at the basis for authorship and authority. We delved deep into the foundation of Google’s interest in authority, tracing its evolution from the original PageRank concept to today. We discussed how Google began recognizing authors as “entities” and the testing of the rel=”author”...

29 Aug 2023

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