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Content marketing is a subsegment of marketing that involves sharing written, visual, and audio pieces with a target audience. It doesn’t explicitly promote your brand. Instead, content marketing provides value to your audience and sparks interest in your company’s products and services.

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Content Marketing: Definition and Types

Here’s something you probably already know: starting a business is easy but marketing one is hard. You believe in your brand and everything...

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Image of magnifying glass over the word "metadata", concept for what is metadata in SEO.
Content Marketing What Is Metadata and How Does It Help With SEO?

You might have heard the definition for metadata is “data about data,” or something similar. But this is a confusing definition that doesn’t help anyone understand how critical metadata is for your business’s SEO strategies. Fortunately, this guide clarifies what metadata is and how it helps your...

30 May 2023

person holding glasses above a sheet of paper with a sales funnel graphic on it. concept for lead generation and search intent in marketing funnel.
Content Marketing How To Target Search Intent in the Marketing Funnel

Search intent is the reason someone conducts a search online. Some reasons for searches are pretty straightforward, like trying to find a specific website or link, or contact information for a business. But what about when the intent isn’t this straightforward? How are you supposed to determine...

26 May 2023

Stock image of person holding a tablet device with the Google home search page opened on-screen. Concept for position zero in featured snippets.
Content Marketing Position Zero: A Look at Featured Snippets

Anybody familiar with auto racing knows that drivers compete for the pole position—spot number one—when qualifying for a race. This position secures their credibility as the best driver for the event. In content marketing, many brands work to get their content into a similar “pole position” in...

25 May 2023

chain links to represent internal links
Content Marketing Everything You Need To Know About Internal Links

If you want your audience to go from one page to another on your website, how do you expect them to get there? The logical answer is usually “through the navigation” or “by a click.” But those two options only work if you have a logical internal...

2 May 2023

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