18 Influencer Marketing Platforms and How They Can Help Your Business



September 13, 2021 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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Influencer marketing is an effective way to promote your business and its products or services. But to find the right influencer for your brand, you need to use the right tools and programs. Influencer marketing platforms allow you to search for people that can help you market your business. Some can even help you keep track of your marketing campaigns. In this guide, we’ll discuss how influencer marketing can help your business, what an influencer marketing platform is, and which marketing platforms can best help you.

What Is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

An influencer marketing platform is a program that helps companies find social media influencers. Influencers can help companies promote their products and services using their social media accounts. Some of these programs also allow businesses to schedule and manage their influencer marketing campaigns. Using these tools, companies can track their campaign progress, manage relationships with multiple influencers, and assist with content amplification. Essentially, some influencer marketing platforms are one-stop-shops for marketing your products and services through social media celebrities.

How Can Influencer Marketing Help Your Business?

There are several ways that influencer marketing can help your business, including:

Increase Brand Awareness

Influencers often have a lot of social media followers. That means they have a large audience to which they can promote your products and services. Having that audience at your disposal is a great way to increase your brand awareness. When people see their favorite influencer using or promoting certain products, they might feel more inclined to buy those products themselves.

Additionally, because influencers conduct their work through social media, they can share their content very quickly. When they make a new post or video, their audience from all over the world sees it in instant time.

Attract Target Audience

Because there are many types of influencers, you can often find someone that attracts your target audience. They might have even promoted products or services similar to yours in the past. That means that by using them and their followers, you can entice your target audience more effectively. You can also compete with other businesses in your industry that use similar influencers.

As you develop content and ideas for your influencer, it’s helpful to understand how your influencer content works alongside your other content like blogs, white pages, and resource articles. Download CopyPress’s free eBook on the content marketing pyramid to learn tips to enhance your overall content strategy.

Trend Setting and Following

Trendy social media posts can help you generate interest in your company. At the very least, it gets your products in front of people, which can also help with your brand awareness. Influencers can also create trends themselves. If enough people trust an influencer’s recommendations, their promotions might cause your brand to trend online. That means other influencers or social media pages might promote your company just because it’s popular.

What To Look for in an Influencer Marketing Platform

Many platforms and programs offer different tools and features. As you choose a marketing platform, consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Can it find influencers? If your marketing platform can help you find influencers, this helps save you both time and effort. You can use the platform to search its database of influencers and find the best ones for your company. Some even have features that allow you to filter influencers and search for them by number of followers and their rate of engagement.
  • Can it reach your target audience? Finding influencers isn’t the only key to success. It’s also helpful if they can reach your target audience. Some marketing platforms organize influencers by the industries they work in. They might also organize them based on previous products or services they’ve marketed. When you know this information, you can compare an influencer’s audience with your own and see how they relate.
  • Does it come with additional features? Though it’s not necessary to find a program with additional features, some programs come with the ability to manage different marketing campaigns, track results, and analyze campaign performances. These tools can help you create more successful campaigns and manage multiple influencers more easily.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Here is a list of different influencer marketing platforms and the services they offer:


Screenshot of marketing platform Grin

Image via Grin

Grin is an influencer marketing software that offers a lot of tools for businesses. Those tools can allow companies to find new influencers, communicate with them, and pay them for their services. It also has tools to help companies manage their marketing campaigns. The software can track campaign results, integrate features from your e-commerce store, and manage influencer content. That means you can save every picture, video, or post you create and use it with future influencers.


Screenshot of influencer marketing platform, Upfluence

Image via Upfluence

Upfluence is a marketing platform that helps companies find and manage influencers. The software is available with different subscription levels depending on the size of your company and its needs. The platform can help you track different marketing campaigns and find the right influencers for each of them. The software also lets companies analyze the performance of different influencers to make sure they’re the right choice for the campaign.


Screenshot from marketing platform #paid

Image via #paid

#paid is a platform that connects businesses with influencers and content creators. Companies can search through a database of influencers that the company screens in advance. They can also see which target audience each influencer works with and their number of followers. Through the platform, companies can communicate with influencers, hire them for marketing campaigns, and review the content they create for their products and services. If the company approves, the influencer can then post the content on their social media sites.


Screenshot from CreatorIQ

Image via CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ is a marketing platform that uses unique artificial intelligence (AI) to help companies find the right influencer for their business. The AI sorts through the platform’s 15 million influencers and examines their content. It then matches relevant influencers and content to a company’s brand. The platform can then show users important information about the influencers, such as their number of followers, how authentic their audience is, and their location. It also has tools that can help companies track current campaign posts and overall campaign performance.


Screenshot of Influsoft

Image via Influsoft

Influsoft is a marketing software that provides a lot of useful functions to businesses. Like other influencer marketing platforms, it gives companies the ability to message influencers and organize them through a management system. It also allows companies to set campaign goals and track their progress on various social media platforms. You can even run multiple campaigns at one time and compare their unique performances. If you need to, you can also conduct competitor analysis to see how other companies and their influencers are currently performing.


Screenshot of Tagger

Image via Tagger

Tagger is an influencer marketing platform. The platform has several tools similar to other marketing software. Those tools include an influencer researcher, an influencer management system, and a campaign tracker. The platform also has a social listening tool that allows businesses to conduct competitor research. The tool can also help you better understand your target audience by seeing what interests them on social media.

Post for Rent

Screenshot from Post for Rent

Image via Post for Rent

Post for Rent uses tools like influencer discovery and campaign management to help businesses with their influencer marketing. The software also has the ability to pay influencers directly after their services are complete. If businesses require additional help, Post for Rent also offers services that can help companies shape their influencer marketing strategy. That way, they can target their consumers more effectively.


Screenshot from Neoreach

Image via NeoReach

NeoReach is a software that companies can use for influencer marketing. The software allows businesses to find influencers through its search platform with over 40 filters. It also has the ability to plan campaigns, manage influencer contracts, and track campaign results in real time. You can also share the use of the software with other members of your company and team. That way, different company departments or members can easily make changes or adjustments to the campaign.


Screenshot of Klear

Image via Klear

Klear is a great influencer marketing tool with a strong focus on competitor analysis. The software allows you to add the social media accounts of competing businesses to analyze their posts and content. You can see what other companies post and which influencers they use. From there, companies can create more effective content for their own brand. Like other software, this marketing platform also lets you search for influencers that can target your main audience so you can better sell your products and services.


Screenshot from Julius

Image via Julius

Julius is a marketing platform that can help a lot of customers and businesses. Though the platform offers similar tools compared to other marketing software, it does have some unique services. If your company already works with some influencers, the software allows you to add them to its database. It helps them create a portfolio and vets them to make sure they’re legit. The software also shows companies the activity on influencers’ social media pages and what time of the day people tend to engage.


Screenshot from Brandbacker

Image via BrandBacker

BrandBacker allows companies to engage with social media influencers and bloggers. Then, they can use those influencers to promote their products and services through giveaways, live events, and reviews. The software can also conduct analysis on competitors and your own company. It can tell you who is interacting with your brand and who’s posting about it on social media. During the campaign, the software also informs you about influencers’ successes, their media value, and the level of audience engagement with their content.

Find Your Influence

Screenshot from the Find Your Influence mobile application

Image via Find Your Influence

Find Your Influence is exactly what it sounds like: it allows businesses to find an influencer for their brand. The software provides a search engine with numerous influencers for businesses to choose from. The software lists the influencers’ target audience and the industries they work with. It also allows companies to create new marketing campaigns within the mobile app. That way, they can keep track of their campaigns’ progress and effectiveness on the go.


Screenshot from IZEA an influencer marketing platform

Image via IZEA

IZEA offers two different software for companies to use with influencer marketing. The first software, Discovery, offers companies the ability to find influencers. It also lets companies compare the influencers to one another, including their average likes per post. The second software, Unity Suite, allows businesses to find influencers as well as create and monitor their marketing campaigns. They can also use Unity Suite to create content for their products and share them with influencers to use.


Screenshot of Onalytica

Image via Onalytica

Onalytica has tools to help companies search for influencers in their field. Once companies find influencers, they can analyze them and see their community and the companies’ current brand awareness. Then, businesses can use the software to create and manage their marketing campaigns. After the campaign has some time to run, they can measure the campaign’s success and make adjustments if necessary.


Screenshot of Tapinfluence user interface

Image via TapInfluence

TapInfluence, like other marketing platforms, offers a lot of tools for finding influencers and running campaigns. However, the software also has other tools that companies might find useful, such as click traffic tracking. Click traffic tracking allows businesses to track the performance of their campaigns based on how many clicks they receive. The software can also integrate with major social platforms and Google Analytics. This can help give companies even more information about their campaigns so they can make them more effective.


Screenshot from Traackr

Image via Traackr

Traackr allows companies to find and vet influencers to market their products and services. The platform also lets companies create campaigns and analyze them to see their effectiveness. It then helps them optimize their budget so they can track their spending and ensure they’re paying the right amount of money for each influencer.


Screenshot from Influence.co

Image via Influence.co

Influence.co is an influencer marketing platform that doubles as a social media site. On the platform, businesses can create profiles, search for influencers, or post job opportunities. They can also post on the social media feed to inform influencers about their brand or ask for advice on their marketing campaigns. Influencers can create profiles and post content to attract companies. They can also respond to companies who post on the social media feed and interact with them directly on the platform.


Screenshot from Afluencer

Image via Afluencer

Afluencer is a marketing program that connects businesses with influencers. Influencers can use the program to create profiles and tell businesses which brands they’ve marketed for. Businesses can also create profiles and search through influencers to find people that best fit their company. If a company wants to contact an influencer, it can use the program to message them directly and talk about what it needs. At this time, the program doesn’t offer campaign tracking resources, but it can still be an effective tool for finding influencers.

There are many influencer marketing platforms to choose from. Each has its own tools and gadgets that can help you find influencers for your brand and maximize their impact. Some also have other important tools to help you manage and track your marketing campaigns. If you want to perform effective influencer marketing, it’s important to search for the best marketing platform that can help you accomplish it.

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