11 of the Best Content Marketing Conferences To Attend This Year

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March 7, 2022 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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The best content marketing conferences offer the chance to learn more about the industry and provide networking opportunities with peers. With so many options available, how do you know which ones are worth your time, or why you should go to any at all? In this article, we cover:

What To Expect at a Content Marketing Conference

A content marketing conference is an event that brings together marketing professionals, agencies, vendors, speakers, and other individuals and groups to share and discuss industry information. The topic or purpose can vary by conference. Some are general, as a way for those in a niche to network. Others may be more specific, focusing on one type of strategy, topic, or trend. Typically, many groups work together to make a conference happen, including:

  • Sponsors or hosts: The individuals, companies, or groups organizing the conference and promotional events. They may choose the venue, dates, and topics.
  • Presenters or speakers: Individuals or organizations presenting their content on a stage or at individual workshops or sessions throughout the conference.
  • Vendors: Individuals or companies that pay for booth space to sell products and services or create a space to network with potential clients or customers.
  • Attendees: Individuals or groups who attend the conference to learn more about the topic or connect with companies to help them with their business needs.

What Criteria Make a Content Marketing Conference “The Best?”

The criteria of what makes a content marketing conference “the best” may differ for every company. It depends on your role in the conference and what you expect to get out of it. For us, and the purpose of this article, the best conferences are the ones that sound most interesting and can provide the most value to everyone in attendance. Other influencing factors include looking for conferences hosted by trusted names in the industry and ones with flexible attendance options.

In this list, we’ve included some conferences where team members from CopyPress expect to attend as sponsors in the exhibition hall. We hope to meet and talk with you in person about all your content needs!

Types of Content Marketing Conferences

Image of a conference audience; concept for content marketing conferences.

There are several types of content marketing conferences you can attend. For hosts, providing more options allows more people the ability to take part and network without some of what could be barriers to attendance, like travel. Conference options include:


Live conferences are the ones with which you may be most familiar. They often take place on-location, at venues like convention centers where there is a lot of space for vendor booths and presentations. Live conferences may take place in the same location every year or travel from city to city. Attending or taking part in a live conference may require travel and lodging. They’re beneficial opportunities to network in a traditional setting.


Virtual conferences have become more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic began. They take place solely online, typically through video and audio conferencing programs like Zoom. Attendees, hosts, and presenters can take part from across the country or even around the world and still collaborate. Presentations are all virtual and may include slideshows and question-and-answer sessions. There may be fewer barriers for people to attend virtual conferences, but they may also provide fewer chances for networking directly within sessions.


Hybrid conferences are those that take place at a live in-person venue but have additional virtual components. For example, an on-location conference may choose to live stream or record its presentations and share them virtually for those who can’t attend. Hybrid conferences allow for the most flexibility for presenters, vendors, and attendees. They also provide choices for how people want to experience a conference and get the most value out of it. Hybrid conferences may have different pay tiers for those who attend in person, virtually, or do both and have extended access to resources.

General Content Marketing Conferences

Consider attending these conferences that cover a wide range of content marketing topics:

1. Lead Generation World Conference

Location: London, England

Dates: May 9–10, 2023

Lead Generation World (LGW) is a conference for performance marketers, lead generators, and related service providers. Its primary goal is to help advertisers and lead buyers navigate the landscape of lead generation. This is possible through highly targeted content and network opportunities. One highlight is the facilitated group discussions for marketers, C-level executives, media specialists, and others in the industry to help all participants take part in meaningful learning discussions.

LGW also has a U.S.-based conference that took place in California earlier this year. For 2024, the U.S. conference takes place in Florida on January 7–9. LGW also offers a podcast for participants and ways to stay connected through Twitter and Facebook.

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2. Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Masters of Marketing Marketing Conference

Location: Orlando, Florida and Virtual

Dates: October 24–27, 2023

Host: ANA

The ANA Content Marketing Conference focuses on strategy, resources, and best practices of content marketing. It’s geared toward both senior-level and general marketers, or anyone who wants to learn more about the industry beyond the basics of content marketing. Some highlighted topics for this year’s event include:

The ANA Content Marketing Conference also has virtual options available for those looking for a remote or hybrid experience. Use the hashtag #ANAActivate to follow along on social media. Attendees can download the ANA Events App for Android and iOS devices to better plan their experience. ANA members can take advantage of exclusive one-day events, and the ANA also hosts multiple industry conferences throughout the year.

3. ANA Masters of B2B Marketing

Location: Orlando, Florida and Virtual

Dates: June 5–7, 2023

Host: ANA and LinkedIn

The ANA Master of B2B Marketing Conference invites the best minds in strategy and execution to share their nights about content marketing’s most popular and trending topics. This content is primarily for anyone in business-to-business (B2B) marketing looking to learn, share, and connect with other professionals in the industry. Some topics of study for this year’s conference include:

  • Society and sustainability
  • Data, technology, and measurement
  • Talent and marketing organization
  • Brand, creativity, and media

This is a hybrid conference, with both in-person and virtual options so you can take part wherever you feel most comfortable. Use the hashtag #ANAB2B to follow along or join the conversation on social media. Attendees can download the ANA Events App for Android and iOS devices to stay informed throughout the conference.

4. Inbound

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Dates: September 5–8, 2023

Host: HubSpot

The Inbound conference helps unite thought leaders in marketing sales, revenue, and customer success from around the world. The conference balances breakout sessions, spotlight presentations, interactive workshops, book clubs, and meetups to provide a well-rounded experience for people of all learning styles.

Though the Inbound conference isn’t new, this year HubSpot is hosting its second hybrid conference for three of the four days, starting on September 7. Attendees can register and watch lectures, presentations, and more content from anywhere around the globe. If you attend in person, find the CopyPress team! We’ll be attending again this year.

You can also follow the fun on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn by using the hashtag #INBOUND.

Digital Content Marketing Conferences

Consider these conferences to share and learn more about digital content marketing in a variety of niches:

5. SearchLove

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dates: Summer, 2023

Host: Distilled

Distilled’s SearchLove conference focuses on analytics, optimization, paid promotion, content, and any other hot topics that deal with search. People of all experience levels are welcome to explore information about:

The SearchLove conference also offers virtual options for those looking to attend from home or in a hybrid capacity. You can follow the fun further on the event’s Twitter account.

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6. MozCon

Location: Seattle, Washington

Dates: August 7–8, 2023

Host: Moz

Moz is a big name in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing, so it’s no surprise the company hosts its own digital marketing conference. Marketers of all interests and skill levels, agencies, and executives can spend two days learning about topics such as:

This conference is one-track, meaning everyone attends all the same events and presentations. Unlike other conferences with multiple tracks, this eliminates the need to decide which sessions to attend and keeps you from missing out on some great information. This is another event the CopyPress team will be attending this year, so be sure to find us!

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7. Digital Summit Series

Location: Various locations in-person and virtually throughout the United States

Dates: March–December 2023

The Digital Summit series is one of the most flexible conferences marketers can attend. With both in-person and online options, you can choose to get your information from the comfort of your office or by taking a trip. With conference locations all over the country, you’re likely to find one nearby to help save on travel costs. Throughout the series, expect presentations on topics such as:

Use the hashtag #DigitalSummit to follow along online or visit one of the event’s social profiles on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

8. DigiMarCon

Location: Various locations throughout the United States, across the globe, and online

Dates: April–November 2023

Host: International Association of Digital Marketing Professionals (IADMP)

DigiMarCon boasts itself as the “largest digital marketing, media, and advertising conference & exhibition series in the world.” Each conference invites digital marketers to learn about trends, strategy, and best practices. It also combines networking events and technology expositions for mobile, MarTechSaaSAdTech, and internet technology. Some topics for this year’s series include:

Social Media Marketing Conferences

Consider these conferences to learn more about the specific topics of social media and content marketing:

9. Social Media Marketing World

Location: San Diego, California

Dates: February 18–20, 2024

Host: Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner designed Social Media Marketing World for professional marketers who want to build confidence, advance their careers, improve results, and meet goals. With options for live-streaming sessions and receiving recordings of all workshops, your entire team can take advantage of this conference, both in San Diego and at your headquarters. Topics of discussion include:

Even though the 2023 conference already passed, you can gear up for early next year by planning ahead.

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10. VidCon

Location: Anaheim, California

Dates: June 21–24, 2023

Presented by: TikTok

VidCon is a gathering for platform innovators, digital creators, and content fans. Depending on which category fits your needs, you can choose from the industry, creator, or community tracks. The industry track provides the most comprehensive experience, with workshops, keynotes, panels, and parties to learn more about the industry and its current trends. Different from other social media conferences, VidCon is concerned with all things video and dynamic, and its related platforms, like YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok.

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11. ANA Digital & Social Media Conference

Location: Carlsbad, California

Dates: July 17–19, 2023

Host: ANA

Besides its general content marketing conference, ANA hosts a series of specific niche conferences in different cities across the country throughout the year. The Digital & Social Media Conference focuses specifically on topics related to optimizing your social content to get more reach and followers, and learning how to get the most from your digital strategies. Topics for this year’s conference include:

As a hybrid conference, this offers plenty of options to attend from around the country and access resources beyond the scheduled conference days and times. Use the hashtag #ANAdigital to follow along on social media.

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Attending a content marketing conference can help you learn more about the future of the industry and what accomplishments your peers are making in the field. We hope to see you at some of these events. But if you’re attending virtually, start a conversation with us today so we can start getting you on the path to meeting your content needs.

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