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Performing a Content Audit


Published: June 2, 2021

A content audit is a process and practice of regularly reviewing, assessing, and updating all the content you have online. Over time, old content can build up on your site and decrease the efficacy of your other search engine optimization, or SEO, strategies. A content audit helps to ensure your content is fresh and relevant and that it helps you reach your SEO and overall content goals.

You can expect a number of benefits from performing a thorough content audit. A few of the primary advantages include finding areas in which you can improve your content creation, establishing topics or formats that readers favor, consolidating similar topics or articles, and finding new ideas for articles or posts.

Knowing how to do a content analysis is highly beneficial for your business. It’s most useful to perform content audits at regular intervals, like every quarter or year, depending on the amount of content your organization produces and the need for new information for your readership or customer base. Following a consistent process can help ensure you maximize the productivity of your audit.

Review our infographic below for guidance on how to perform your own content audit.

How to do a Content Analysis


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