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What an SEO Firm Can Do for Your Business


Published: July 8, 2021

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Hiring an SEO firm to optimize your website can make a big difference in how well it performs. SEO firms explore all aspects of your website to make sure it’s pleasing to both human readers and search engines. Read on to learn what an SEO firm like CopyPress can do for your website.

What is an SEO Firm?

An SEO firm is a company that helps optimize your website in order to rank higher in search engine results. These SEO experts do this partly by changing design elements on your website, so that it’s easier for search engines to classify your content.  Additionally, it’s common for big SEO companies to include SEO-optimized content creation that helps your website attract organic traffic.

Putting an SEO company to work on your website can offer a variety of benefits. These benefits can include better search engine rankings and better exposure. A stronger brand and increased credibility within your industry may result from better SEO practices. Additionally, it can bring more traffic to your website and can even help you get more sales through your site.

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What does an SEO Firm Do?

What SEO companies do is employ a variety of tactics that help businesses rank well in search engine results. Content creation, link building, and analyzing results are three of the most well-known SEO functions. However, SEO firms, like CopyPress, provide as many as 22 unique SEO-enriching services. These services include:

  • Initial research, audit, and analysis.
  • Keyword research.
  • Google Analytics analysis.
  • Google Webmaster Tools analysis.
  • Link profile analysis.
  • Site audit.
  • Initial optimization.
  • Website redesign.
  • Code overhaul.
  • Link removal and disavowal.
  • Link building.
  • Link monitoring.
  • Outreach.
  • Online PR.
  • Content creation.
  • Content marketing.
  • Blogging.
  • Content expansion.
  • Ongoing analysis.
  • Reporting.

Read on to learn more about each of these services and how they can help your website perform better with search engines.

Initial Research, Audit, and Analysis

When you hire an SEO firm to improve your search engine ranking, the process typically begins with analyzing the current state of your site. You could compare this initial research to bringing in a home repair contractor for an estimate before starting a project. A contractor would look for the things that need to be fixed in the structure of a home. An SEO expert would look for the things that need to be fixed, or optimized, in your website.

The tools that an SEO professional would typically use for initial research are a site audit and analysis. The audit looks at the keywords you’re targeting on your site. The analysis looks at how effectively your site uses the targeted keywords.

Keyword Research

SEO firms generally do keyword research fairly early in the planning stages of optimizing a website for better search performance. It reveals what key terms and phrases your potential customers are entering in search engines. This type of research creates a foundation for expanding content and filling in the foundation of your site content.

When you know what information your customers are looking for online, you can create and publish content that answers their questions. SEO firms use advanced keyword research techniques to provide you with an in-depth summary of the information you need to have on your site in order to rank well.

Google Analytics Analysis

Google Analytics analysis is another important task that SEO firms do for businesses. These analytics offer insight into how a website is performing for your business. Data is collected and processed by Google Intelligence. From there, the information can be presented in reports and graphics to make it easier to use.

So, what is an SEO company going to do with this information? In short, an SEO company navigates these complex analysis tools to create a solution that’s easy for a business to understand and use.

Google Webmaster Tools Analysis

Google Webmaster Tools can be analyzed to get information about the content on your site that’s been indexed. The information that’s gleaned from these tools can then be used to optimize your site and make it show up better in searches.

These tools can be used to explore your site’s current performance, add a sitemap, and remove outdated content from Google Search. These tools can also provide information about site safety, how it performs on mobile devices, and can identify problems that might arise for mobile users.

Link Profile Analysis

Your link profile consists of all the links that lead back to your site. Link profile analysis is a process that’s used to find and evaluate all the links that point back to your website. With your full link profile in hand, an SEO firm can then review the links and determine which ones help your site and which ones have a negative effect.

Link profile analysis is typically followed by preparation of a link removal and disavowal list to submit to Google.

Site Audit

A site audit explores your site’s functionality from the perspective of the user experience it creates. An audit of your site can also uncover SEO issues that need to be fixed to improve your site performance. A site audit should look at your site’s design to make sure it isn’t outdated, and it should determine if the fonts used are reader-friendly.

An audit should also make sure the navigation is intuitive and that all the links on your site function properly.

Initial Optimization

The initial optimization phase explores ways to make a website more user-friendly. This includes identifying ways to make pages load faster and make pages look better on mobile devices. It can also include optimizing landing pages and expanding the content featured on the site. Front-end and back-end design elements are also reviewed during this phase. Analytics are also examined to identify issues that affect search performance.

Website Redesign

When an SEO firm signs on to do a website redesign for you, you can expect to get a restyled site that’s visually appealing and modern. Additionally, the SEO experts are likely to employ some fresh search engine optimization techniques so it performs better in searches. Building advanced SEO practices into your new site can help it perform well in searches without you having to spend extra for advertising.

Code Overhaul

Code overhaul on a website refers to revamping the existing code to make it more accessible to search engines. It can be performed on a partial basis to update coding elements that are missing. It can be done on your website’s existing design. Additionally, it can be done on an entirely new website design or as a complete code overhaul. Details like adding alt tags on images and H-tagging subheads are generally included in this type of overhaul.

Link Removal and Disavowal

Harmful links are one thing that may be revealed in the analysis of your website. If this is the case, an SEO firm would pursue having those bad links removed and disavowed. This is done by first creating a link-disavow file that includes all the bad links you don’t want to be associated with your site. The disavow file would then be uploaded into the disavow tool provided by Google. Additionally, bad links may need to be disavowed on an ongoing basis in case new harmful links are created.

Link Building

The link-building process involves getting high-authority websites to share links back to your site. This can be done through guest posts that share useful information about your area of expertise along with a link back to your website. It can also be done by sharing links through comments sections of other sites and by answering questions on question-and-answer sites plus adding a link to your site. When you engage an SEO company to handle this type of link building for you, you can be sure the tactics used are aboveboard and SEO-friendly.

Link Monitoring

Link monitoring is the ongoing practice of checking backlinks to make sure there are no harmful links directed to your site. It’s typically performed on a regular basis after the initial backlink analysis and link disavowal process has been completed. The tools that an SEO company uses to perform this task typically include a lot of information about the domains that link to your site. The information includes the anchor text the site uses to link to your site, keyword analysis, and a general overview of the site and the effectiveness of its SEO use.

Competitor Research

In business, knowing what your competitors are doing can be vital to your success. Constant monitoring of your competitors’ sites can give you a better idea of what customers are responding to and what you can do better. It can also serve as a source of inspiration and a way to spot opportunities based on details that are missing on their websites or on yours.

Brand Monitoring

The purpose of brand monitoring is to see what people are saying about your brand online. Various online channels are reviewed with this type of monitoring and comments are analyzed to determine their positive or negative nature. This can be vital in the event that negative comments about your brand are floating around on the internet. Knowing what’s being said lets you know what you’re doing right. It also allows you to do some crisis management if comments are mainly negative.


Outreach refers to the process of contacting sites in your industry that have high-domain authority to arrange for backlink placement. It includes finding the ideal sites for link placement and persuading them to place links to your site in their content. This type of backlinking technique needs to be based on adding value for site visitors. Additionally, it’s a form of networking that benefits both the site gaining a link and the site sharing the link.

Online PR

Online PR is a way to share news about your organization through a digital press release. It’s commonly used when reaching out to news sites that share news about your industry. Online PR can also be used to contact bloggers and journalists who might be interested in covering the story your company wants to share. It can serve as a way to get your company mentioned on social media. It’s also useful as a way to gain high-quality backlinks from news sites and established blogs.

Content Creation

SEO firms typically offer content writing as part of a plan to optimize a site by adding organic keywords to content. Keywords to target by adding them to content are chosen through keyword analysis. This is accomplished by tactics that include proper keyword placement and coding that make keywords easier for search engines to read. It’s also important that the content be reader-focused because if people don’t read it, it doesn’t help your site in the long run.

Content Marketing

Content marketing combines preparing written content with SEO best practices. The content should contain targeted keywords without overstuffing them into text. This type of marketing is also typically targeted to a specific location, and headings need to be optimized. It’s addressed to speak directly to your target market, and it’s intended to be shared on social media because it is of interest to your customers. Content marketing can help you begin a conversation with customers. It can also increase customer loyalty along with awareness of your brand.


Blogging is a popular form of content marketing. You get to share information about your products, brand, or industry in friendly written blog posts. It’s a writing style that customers typically enjoy reading, and it’s a convenient way to share important news or fun stories about your brand. Further, you can use some basic content marketing techniques when blogging. These include naturally adding keywords to your content and optimizing headers for better search engine results.

Content Expansion

When you have a solid start on your website and content marketing efforts, content expansion is a way to take it to the next level. You can refine the content that’s already on your site by updating it with new keywords and coding. You could also add more content to round out the content you already have on your site. You could do this by adding more written content, video clips, or infographics that are optimized. Additionally, infographics offer an extra benefit. They’re easy for readers to share on social media sites.

Ongoing Analysis

SEO isn’t something you can do once and walk away. It’s an ongoing process. After your initial analysis, you need to keep performing site analyses regularly. This lets you measure the things that are succeeding. It also lets you see what falls short so you can focus your efforts on weaknesses and fix them. If you hire an SEO firm to manage this type of analysis, it gives you professional insight about what to do next.


The reporting you get back from a firm that’s managing your SEO should give you an in-depth snapshot of what’s working for your site. It also shines a spotlight on the things that aren’t quite up to speed. Reports summarize the things that have been done. It also lists SEO-related tasks that still need to be done for your site to rank well.

Your SEO Agency Is Helping You: Signs They’re Doing It Right

Your site coming up higher in search results and getting more traffic is one of the main signs your SEO agency is effective. One important thing you should expect to see from your SEO agency is a series of detailed reports. Frequent communication is another reasonable expectation. Your SEO company’s representative should explain reasonable timelines to you. Seeing results in the appearance of your website and an increase in featured content is also a positive sign.

Your SEO Agency Is Hurting You: Signs They’re Doing It Wrong

If you hire an SEO firm that uses what’s referred to as black hat SEO techniques, it can set you back. Watch for things that can hurt your website rankings, such as unrealistic promises about how quickly you can expect to see results. Promises that you’ll gain the No. 1 spot in Google searches aren’t necessarily realistic and should serve as a warning sign. Additionally, if your chosen SEO agency doesn’t provide reports and won’t communicate with you, that’s not a good sign about the service you’re receiving.

6 Rules for Working With an SEO Company

  1. Learn all you can about SEO best practices so you can identify if anything is amiss.
  2. Don’t leave anything to chance. Get a written summary of the services the company will provide for you.
  3. Keep the lines of communication open. If the company doesn’t contact you with reports and frequent updates, reach out to them.
  4. Think of improving SEO for your site as an ongoing process. Higher rankings don’t typically happen overnight.
  5. Think of your SEO company as a partner. Be responsive to requests for information and to making changes, even if those changes aren’t what you expected.
  6. Be realistic with your expectations. SEO changes practically at the speed of light, so your SEO company can’t honestly give you a guarantee of success.

Benefits of Using an SEO Company

Using an SEO company can help you get a better return for the money you invest in marketing. It can also help you see results faster than if you try to manage SEO tasks in-house without expert guidance. So, what is an SEO firm in terms of your content marketing process? It’s typically a broad-based solution to creative branding and achieving a higher click-through rate for your website.

Developing SEO Strategy & Goals With an SEO Firm

Active communication is the foundation of working with an SEO firm to develop your SEO strategy and set goals. It isn’t possible for a company to promise you the No. 1 spot for a chosen keyword due to potential changes in how search engines select results. However, you can work with your chosen agency to set realistic, measurable goals and build your SEO strategy off  those goals.

How Do I Find the Best SEO Company for My Needs?

  1. Look for an SEO agency with experience in your industry.
  2. Check the company’s reputation online, looking for both star ratings and written customer testimonials.
  3. Check company websites to see the SEO techniques they use for their own business.
  4. Browse through the information on the company’s About page to learn about the training and experience of the staff members.

What to Ask Any SEO Company Before Hiring Them

  1. Before hiring an SEO company, ask for referrals from past customers or to see examples of results past clients have enjoyed.
  2. Ask for an itemized list of the services they offer and why you need each one.
  3. Ask to see a sample of SEO writing they’ve created for a past client.
  4. Ask a basic question about SEO that you already know the answer to based on your research. This is to find out if they can answer it adequately and honestly.

Some things to consider when looking at an SEO company website include information about the SEO company best practices used. Also check out SEO company reviews for any organization you consider hiring. SEO firm reviews can tell you a lot about big SEO companies and what they can do for your site. Additionally, be sure to check out our information on how to create a great infographic while you’re browsing around the site.


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