Content Manager: What They Do and Why They Matter

Christy Walters


March 29, 2021 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

woman sitting at table with two other people and a laptop in front of her, possibly a content manager

A content manager supervises the creation, strategy, and promotion of a company’s marketing messages. They have the responsibility of doing everything from writing and editing copy, hiring team members, and overseeing the content distribution. These team members are crucial to making sure all content marketing efforts run smoothly for their brand. Today we’re exploring why you should have someone in this role on your team and how CopyPress makes their job easier with topics like:

Why Should You Have a Content Manager?

For any area of your business to succeed, it needs careful attention and care. You have account managers to make sure your business provides everything your clients need. You have office managers to ensure your team schedules the right meetings and hits the correct deadlines. IT managers help make sure all your technology is working and serving the right purpose. Why would you leave your content marketing unattended when you have managers for other important roles in your company? Especially when 70% of marketers actively invest in content marketing as part of their core strategy.

Content managers are multi-talented professionals. They have the skills to write, edit, and review pieces, but they’re also good at strategy and leading a team. Even though content marketing is a subsection of your larger marketing department, it’s still important to have a designated leader for this operation, rather than letting all the responsibility fall to the marketing director.

Content managers provide more individualized attention to this area of your marketing department. They work more closely with the creative team to provide actionable feedback for pieces, brainstorm content ideas, and take care of smaller, less critical tasks to free up time and work capacity for marketing directors so they can focus on the big picture, rather than the day-to-day operations.

What Does a Content Manager Do?

woman sitting at table with two other people and a laptop in front of her, possibly a content manager

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Content managers spend their days completing various hands-on, research, and supervisory tasks. Some of the most common job duties for a content manager include:

  • Developing content plans and marketing strategies
  • Conducting content audits
  • Managing a digital marketing team
  • Running the interview process to hire new content creators
  • Assigning content pieces to creatives
  • Providing feedback on content drafts
  • Conducting market and competitor research
  • Creating written or visual content for publication
  • Publishing and sharing content to blogs, websites, and social media outlets
  • Responding to audience and community comments on social media, chat features, or email
  • Monitoring comments and interaction on community channels, like social media
  • Choosing and building relationships with content syndication partners
  • Tracking and monitoring content key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Generating progress reports and analyzing results
  • Researching publishing and software solutions

Is There a Difference Between a Content Manager and a Marketing Manager?

The differences between a content manager and a marketing manager may come down to the structure and size of your organization. In smaller companies, one marketing manager may oversee all aspects of the marketing department, including content management. For larger companies, a content manager may oversee the creative team or specific campaigns and work side by side with other niche marketing managers like digital marketing managers and social media managers. In larger companies, all these niche managers often report to the marketing director or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

How Does CopyPress Help Content Managers?

Whether you’re a content manager, or you’re a CMO, or a director, looking to support a member of your team, CopyPress helps make the job easier. Our services and strategy help support this role in ways like:

Prioritizing Research

Research helps drive strategy. Data builds solid campaigns. At CopyPress we know it’s important for content managers not to just have a plan, but have a justification for the decisions they make. That’s why we use our proprietary software, Thematical, to get you started on the right foot. This program helps us compare your current content to that of your top three competitors. It also provides data about your content gaps, or areas you can target with your content to better provide the information your audience craves.

Want a sneak preview to see how Thematical works for you? Request your free content analysis report from CopyPress. This document uses the same proprietary technology to give you more insights into the current state of your digital content.

“CopyPress gives us the ability to work with more dealership groups. We are able to provide unique and fresh content for an ever growing customer base. We know that when we need an influx of content to keep our clients ahead of the game in the automotive landscape, CopyPress can handle these requests with ease.”

Kevin Doory

Director of SEO at Auto Revo

Developing a Variety of Content

Content managers may specialize in one specific content type or spread their expertise across every piece created for the marketing department. No matter your content manager’s specific duties, we provide expertly crafted resources for:


Pillar content and resource articles help show your audience exactly what you do and how it benefits them. CopyPress helps you create this quality content to support and improve your company’s or your clients’ online presence. Work your way to the designation of a thought leader in your market or field and increase your brand credibility.

With CopyPress, we help you create unique content natively in a variety of languages. If your brand works in different national markets or plans to expand to them, let us take care of that work so you don’t have to hire additional permanent team members.

Blog Posts

Let the CopyPress team develop your blog posts so that your content managers can focus on other aspects of their job. Our blog content services include writing, editing, and quality assurance checks. The creatives use a living style guide document created especially for your brand to understand your voice and messaging. This helps ensure each piece resonates with your target audience.

Our writers have experience creating content in a variety of markets and niches, like health care, recruitment, and finance. They can cover virtually any niche your company needs, or any where your clients do their business.


Content managers may request eBooks to promote the brand or generate leads within their online marketing strategies. CopyPress helps you design informational and eye-catching eBooks for lead magnets or email newsletter incentives to get people to subscribe to your mailing lists and keep coming back for more. We use our proprietary content management system, Dante, to help streamline the creation process. Our team handles everything from topic choice and research to wireframes and design.

Product Descriptions

For any content manager responsible for an eCommerce store or a set of services pages, they may oversee product and service descriptions to describe exactly what the company provides the audience to meet their needs. CopyPress creates polished product descriptions that help increase client interest and customer sales. Well-written blurbs highlight the unique features of the products and services you sell. When done right, they also provide a better user experience, which can increase your sales.

White Papers

B2B brands love adding white papers to their content marketing stack because they’re a great way to show what your company can do for its audience without making a hard sale. White papers also help establish your brand as a thought leader in its industry. At CopyPress, we work with you to understand your unique selling proposition and the benefits your products and services bring to customers. Then we help you choose the right white paper topics and assemble the team to create your pieces.

Designing Your Style Guide

As a content manager, one of your duties is to make sure your creatives stick to the brand style guide. When you work with CopyPress to outsource your content creation, we do the same. Before the campaign kickoff, we create a living style guide document with your help. This guide follows the project from ideation to publication. Include all the nuances that come with writing in your brand voice so our writers make each piece sound authentic to your brand.

Handpicking Your Team

One of the trickiest duties of a content manager is making sure you assemble the right team to get the job done. But what if you didn’t have to worry about hiring, firing, or interviews? Let CopyPress handpick creatives that care just as much about your projects as you do. We prioritize our writers, editors, and quality assurance professionals and know their backgrounds and skills inside and out. This lets us assign the right writers, editors, and QA professionals to your campaign to deliver the high-quality content you expect.

Focusing on Alignment

The most unique feature of working with CopyPress is our campaign alignment phase. This takes place before our creatives start full production on your projects. We generate test pieces for your review. Then you determine if the team we’ve selected understands your goals and expectations. You get the chance to edit your living style guide and clarify any aspects of the project we haven’t mastered yet, so that your finished products are exactly what you expect once the campaign begins.

Zoning in on SEO

Content managers know SEO is the key to ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and getting more organic traffic to your website or blog. CopyPress knows that too, and it’s why we put SEO as the focus of every piece we create. We use our proprietary software, Thematical, to find the right data to influence the SEO strategy of every piece we develop for your brand.

Staying in Communication

One of the best skills of a content manager is effective communication. You must understand how to interpret information in a way that makes sense to your team and your audience. You’ll never have a problem communicating with the CopyPress team. Each client gets paired with a dedicated client success manager as the main point of contact with our company. We also provide a Slack channel for each client account for easier conversations.

Delivering Publishing-Ready Content

Our proprietary content management system (CMS), Dante, makes it easier for content managers to review, track, and publish all the content the CopyPress creatives produce. With this program, you can see external comments from our writers, editors, and quality assurance specialists. You also have the option to give feedback to our creatives and make your own changes right within the program.

When it’s time to publish, send your pieces to the right location with one of our API options or download a full copy of the content in the right file format for your convenience and publication on other channels.

Are you ready to experience how CopyPress makes the creation, editing, and publishing processes easier for your content managers and influences the success of your marketing team? Schedule your free, no-obligation introductory strategy call with our team today.

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