In marketing, copy is any written content that informs, persuades, or entertains your audience. Most copy is the result of copywriting or content writing by a trained team of internal writers or freelancers.


A Beginner's Guide to SEO

Quick Navigation If you’re looking into SEO, you likely have a website or an idea for a website you’re trying to drive traffic...

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Overhead view of young UX designer planning out the structure of a website. Wireframing stage of a web design project; concept for designing a pillar page vs landing page for content marketing.
Copy Pillar Page vs Landing Page: What You Need To Know

Find out what you need to know about creating a pillar page vs landing page and how they work for your content marketing strategy.

31 Jan 2023

Create material for digital publications. Writing, posting, and uploading articles and other media to a website are all part of blog promotion. Organizing and publishing content on websites concept for copy in marketing
Copy What Is Copy in Marketing? (And Mistakes to Avoid)

Effective marketing requires a lot of different pieces. Whether you’re trying to find the best advertising space or you’re attempting to perfect your email marketing campaign, there’s a lot that goes into telling people about the products and services you sell. But at the heart of every...

8 Nov 2022

woman sitting on a couch, writing on a piece of paper
Copy Copyediting: How To Include It in Your Content Marketing

Whether you’re trying to edit your own work or you’re looking to add to your content team, it’s helpful to understand what copyediting is and how it can benefit your marketing efforts. Copy editors can not only save your company time and resources, but they can also...

13 Jul 2022

laptop sitting on a table
Copy Digital Copywriters: What They Do and How To Find Them

Whether you’re just starting your content campaign or you’re looking to continue it, hiring a digital copywriter can make your life a lot easier. Copywriters have the skills and expertise to improve your marketing strategy and help you develop content at a much faster rate. The only...

27 Jun 2022

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