50 Landing Page Templates For All Websites

Christy Walters


August 6, 2021 (Updated: May 4, 2023)

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In marketing, a landing page is a standalone webpage that aims to drive conversion via a call to action. A landing page has the highest conversion rate of all sign-up form types, making it valuable to professionals in all industries. Using a customizable template can help you quickly develop one of these helpful pages for your business.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a webpage that offers visitors timely information about a business, event, or opportunity and an associated call to action. Content on a landing page might include free downloads, registration for events, or sign-ups to receive more information about a product or service. Designs are concise and inviting and often include:

  • Buttons
  • Calendars
  • Forms
  • Images
  • Maps
  • Text

Many use hero images, or oversized videos and pictures that dominate most of the page. Other elements can include banners, pop-ups, or overlays.

Why Should I Use a Landing Page Template?

Using a landing page template can help you understand their construction. They also save you time. Templates provide most of the elements and content sections you want for your page. Most are customizable and let you change the wording, branding, and images. If you use a website builder, you may be able to choose and integrate templates right into your current site with no extra code.

Where Can I Find Landing Page Templates?

You can find landing page templates from different sources around the internet. Some are free, while others require subscriptions for continued use. Other templates come with a one-time cost to download. Some common template hosts include:

50 Landing Page Templates For Your Business

Here are just a few landing page templates you can download and start using on your website:

1. April by Cruip

Image via Dev.to

The April layout from Cruip is a customizable theme for startup companies and app or software sales. This multi-layer page has sections for application features, testimonials, and product reviews. It includes two submission CTA boxes at the top and bottom sections of the page.

2. Architecture by HubSpot’s Landing Page Builder

Image via HubSpot

This theme from HubSpot is designed to drive traffic to a blog. The top section has room to tell visitors about your blog’s purpose. It also includes a CTA option for them to subscribe. Other features include samples of past content and brand customization. This template is available through the Landing Page Builder, one of HubSpot’s paid services.

3. Author by Astra

Image via wpbeginner

Astra designed this WordPress template specifically for authors. Unlike some of the other options, this template includes navigation to guide you to other sections of the page. The top layer shows the author’s latest release with an image and information about the title. Other sections let you add more personal information and past releases with cover images. CTAs appear throughout for things like book purchases or chapter previews.

4. Bandmates by MailChimp

Image via HubSpot

This template from MailChimp has musicians and bands in mind. Thanks to its highly customizable features, you can also use this template for other industries and purposes. It includes simple CTA buttons and a submission bar with the option to add additional text to the design.

5. Bold by HubSpot’s Landing Page Builder

Image via HubSpot

This layout is ideal for protected or gated content like newsletters and eBooks. It includes a conversion piece in the top section of the page. It also offers other layers to add more detail about your products.

6. Car Repair by RockThemes

Image via TemplateMonster

The website TemplateMonster hosts landing page layouts for creators, including this option from RockThemes. It’s designed for automotive dealers, service stations, and repair shops. The template offers a customizable header to add your company name, logo, address, and phone number. The main section includes a rotating lightbox with a click-through design to show three sets of information. Other sections let you share services, information, testimonials, and Google Map listings. CTA buttons ad contact forms appear throughout.

7. Charity by Astra

Image via wpbeginner

Astra’s charity theme for WordPress works well for nonprofit organizations. The top section uses bold colors and faded images to focus on the heading and CTA button. The navigation bar lets you browse other sections like rotating photo galleries, information about the organization, company goals, and testimonials. You can add additional CTA opportunities throughout the page, including a donate button to connect to services like PayPal.

8. Coffee by Colorlib

Image via Colorlib

Colorlib’s Coffee WordPress theme fits the needs of coffee shops, cafes, and bakeries. It has space on the page for your menu, promotional videos, animated statistics, and a photo gallery. Like some other services, Colorlib’s templates come with a fee. Choose from a yearly access to a single theme, yearly access to multiple themes, or an unlimited lifetime plan.

9. Construction by WordPress

Image via WordPress

This theme from WordPress targets construction companies, but you can customize it to meet the needs of other small businesses or community groups. Aside from the CTA header, it has sections for services and testimonials. It also includes a portfolio option to show off your previous jobs. Other features include CTA buttons, social media links, and section navigation.

10. Creative Agency by Colorlib

Image via Colorlib

Colorlib created this template with creative agencies like marketing and consulting firms in mind. However, its sleek design isn’t industry-specific, and you can adapt it for other purposes. The header uses a grayed-out background image to focus attention on the headline, description, and CTA buttons. Other sections include places to share information about your company, services, pricing, and team. This option also includes section navigation, a blog, and a CTA contact form.

11. Digilab by Colorlib

Image via Colorlib

Colorlib’s Digilab template helps freelancers in different industries create a web presence. It’s based on a one-page agency website layout and uses the Bootstrap web development framework. The top section uses a two-column vertical layout. One side shows a heading, descriptive text, and a CTA button. The other has a rotating photo gallery. In mobile view, these elements resize and combine to show the text and CTA overlaid on the rotating images. Other features include Google Maps integration, functional contact forms, scroll load content, and testimonial sliders.

12. Digital Service by Shades

Image via Dev.to

Shade’s versatile Digital Service template makes it adaptable for most companies and industries. It includes pre-designed sections like testimonials, product features, input forms, and a pricing table. It’s based on the Bootstrap 4 framework to make customization easy. This template has mobile adaptability and automatically adjusts for screen size. This pro template requires a monthly subscription to use.

13. Fitspo by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

Unbounce’s Fitspo template works well for fitness instructors, gyms, personal trainers, and studios. The template’s top section uses a hero image with an overlay to place focus on the company logo, headline, description, and CTA intake form. Other sections feature services, classes, and trainer biographies. There is a second option for CTA buttons at the bottom of the page. The template automatically resizes for web and mobile views.

14. Gardenhouse by MailChimp

Image via HubSpot

This template uses a simple design to display header text, a photo, and a CTA. You can customize the bottom of the page to include your logo and other company information. Like all of MailChimp’s layouts, the service optimizes Gardenhouse for mobile, and the template automatically adjusts to different screen sizes.

15. Glint by Colorlib

Image via Colorlib

Colorlib’s Glint template is an HTML-based layout for designers, agencies, photographers, and freelancers. You can use this template on WordPress to showcase your company values, statistics, services, and projects. Other features include section navigation, social media links, email CTAs, and functional contact forms.

16. Gradient by Inbound Pixels

Image via HubSpot

This general template from Inbound Pixels contains multiple rows for content. In the top section, you can use a hero image, background, and form to promote your CTA. This template gets its name because of the ability to adjust the shading of the background from section to section. You can download this template through the HubSpot Asset Marketplace.

17. Homego by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

The Homego template is perfect for construction companies, home services, contractors, and other related businesses. This one-page option doesn’t include navigation—instead, its elements flow from section to section. You can add your company name and logo along with information about services and customer testimonials. This template automatically resizes for web and mobile views.

18. HowTo-Webinar by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

If you’re looking for a template specifically designed to advertise webinars, you’ve found it. Unbounce’s HowTo-Webinar theme has a multi-layer design with sections to reserve your spot for upcoming webinars, meet the hosts, share testimonials, and read frequently asked questions (FAQs). In the top section, you can display a headline, explanatory text, and an image. You can include a CTA button to prompt visitors to join your webinar.

19. Hubstrap by ThemeStrap

Image via HubSpot

This theme works well for all industries because it’s not specific to just one field. One unique feature of this template is its focus on the text. This makes it a good option for descriptive or narrative content that has fewer images. The template also lets you conduct social sharing and change the background image. To personalize this layout, use the drag-and-drop elements or the navigation to lead to other parts of your website. ThemeStrap is a division of Inbound Pixels, which offers its content through the HubSpot Asset Marketplace.

20. Invest by Inbound Pixels

Image via HubSpot

Invest is a non-industry-specific layout with a multi-row design. It has options for multiple types of interaction such as CTA buttons, forms, and background videos. Like some other templates available through the HubSpot Asset Marketplace, this template isn’t compatible with all of their new CMS Hub features. It’s still available and functional, but it may not allow for the latest system updates.

21. Landing Form by Inbound Pixels

Image via HubSpot

This template works for all companies and industries. Its major segment uses a dark overlay on background images to put the focus on the heading, text, and CTA. With a multi-row design, you can include more images and details about products or events. The template is available through the HubSpot Asset Marketplace.

22. Lawyer by WordPress

Image via WordPress

This WordPress theme meets the needs of lawyers, attorneys, and law firms, but you can still edit the design to fit other single-service organizations. The banner section includes a contact form. Other layers let you add information about your business, services, team, testimonials, and FAQs. This template includes navigation, CTA buttons, social media links, and an internal search bar.

23. Lead Generation by Wix

Image via Wix

This Wix template targets business-to-business lead generations. The major segment holds the long-form CTA, so it’s visible from the first click. You can also add background videos to this template and information about products or staff.

24. Lintense Personal Portfolio by ZEMEZ

Image via TemplateMonster

ZEMEZ designed the Lintense template for anyone looking to share a personal, professional, or art portfolio. It has a heavy focus on design and images. It includes sections to share your latest designs in an interactive slider, information about yourself, testimonials, and reviews. You can add CTA buttons throughout or use the contact form or email subscription box. The template also lets you link to a blog.

25. Location Selector by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

Location Selector is a different type of landing page that focuses on adding a sticky bar to the top of your content. It’s ideal for companies with sites or content in different countries or languages. This bar can prompt users to visit their most localized site, page, or web extension.

26. McGillis University by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

Unbounce’s McGillis University theme has the important elements for a school, college, and university landing page. You can customize the header bar with the school name, logo, address, and phone number. The top tier has a two-column vertical spread with an image and a CTA form. Other sections have room for statistics and quotes. The branded footer allows you to add a school seal or secondary logo.

27. Multor by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

Multor is perfect for scheduling and booking appointments. The header section uses a hero image, headline, and descriptive information. The CTA form collects appointment data which flows through the multi-layer sections. Other areas include product features, video clips, testimonials, and business background information. This template uses automatic resizing when switching between mobile and web views.

28. New Online Store by Wix

Image via Wix

This Wix template lets you advertise for your business before it’s fully operational. Use this layout to introduce an upcoming online store or to tease a website update. It includes a photo box for a product shot, a headline, and some descriptive text. There’s also an email CTA box to collect subscribers’ addresses.

29. Nightfall by HubSpot’s Landing Page Builder

Image via HubSpot

The Nightfall template can turn your content into a narrative landing page. There’s plenty of space for text and limited images. This may be ideal for upcoming events or “coming soon” content. The template uses both intake forms and CTA buttons that you can easily customize with the drag-and-drop interface.

30. O-Book by Unbounce

Image via HubSpot

Unbounce designed this template for those promoting eBook content. O-Book’s adaptability lets you customize it to promote other products as well. The top layer has room for a product image, headlines, descriptive text, and a form box. The top navigation menu lets you move to different sections throughout the page. Social media links let you connect back to your accounts. As with many of Unbounce’s layouts, you must have a subscription to use them. However, you can access some templates with their 14-day trial to test them before purchase.

31. Piggy Bank Loans by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

The Piggy Bank Loans template is a design for banks, lenders, and other financial services. You can customize the images to showcase your company. The top section uses a three-column structure with an image, headline, and CTA intake form box. Other sections share information about your company and customer testimonials. You can add additional CTA buttons throughout the page. This layout offers automatic resizing for different screens.

32. Rally by HubSpot’s Landing Page Builder

Image via HubSpot

This template encourages visitors to interact with and download your eBook. It uses a three-column format to give an example of your book, provide more information, and share a CTA form. Another layer lets you provide more information about the book’s content or chapters.

33. Real Estate by Wix

Image via HubSpot

This template helps real estate agents advertise their properties. Edit the layout to include property details, provide agency branding, and add your contact information. The prominent contact form encourages buyers to reach out. Additional sections let you include customized information about each listing.

34. Referral Welcome by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

Unbounce’s Referral Welcome landing page focuses on a pop-up box that appears when someone uses an inbound link to your website. You have the ability to edit the text to address visitors based on their referral link. You can also include a large image, your logo, and a CTA button.

35. Royce by Squarespace

Image via HubSpot

This Squarespace template focuses on event registrations. The background image and headline catch visitors’ attention, and a CTA button lets them RSVP for the event. Further down the page, there’s a second conversion form. Other sections include dates, times, menus, and a brief event description.

36. SaaS Flash Sale by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

SaaS stands for “software as a system,” and you can use this pop-up box landing page for multiple types of offers. Include your company logo, a header, and the deal or offer. You can also provide a timeline or timer, along with a CTA button.

37. Set a Reminder by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

The Set a Reminder template is a sticky bar at the top of another webpage. It lets you include an important reminder for viewers at the top of the page. You can use both a timer and CTA button to increase conversion urgency.

38. Skyline by Wix

Image via HubSpot

The Wix Skyline template is perfect for companies who are still working to get their first clients or become established in their field. You can use it in place of a full company website or share information before you open. The “Coming Soon” header lets visitors known to check back later for more information. You can also link to your social profiles, live chat with visitors, and collect email addresses for newsletters.

39. Small Business by Beaver Builder

Image via wpbeginner

This WordPress template is perfect for small businesses in any industry. The top section has a simplistic background image, a headline, and a CTA button. Other levels let you share more information about services, resources, and team members. You can also add dynamic statistics and additional CTA opportunities.

40. Smile Dental by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

Dental practices and dental offices may enjoy using the Smile Dental template. It includes a header bar where you can list your hours and phone number, customize the site with your logo, and change the images and headline. CTA options include buttons and forms. Other layers provide information about services and products.

41. Solid by Cruip

Image via Dev.to

Solid is a free HTML5 template for technology startups, software companies, and web developers. It uses 3D icons and illustrations to provide unique elements to your page. Consider adapting the hero image placeholders to fit your branding and including content like pricing and sales information.

42. Solmusic by Colorlib

Image via Colorlib

With Solmusic from Colorlib, you might start or advertise for your own music streaming service. This template uses the Bootstrap framework to run its features like a Login function and CTA buttons. The top section includes a motion header and descriptive text. Other layers have places for services, features, and additional CTA opportunities. This template automatically updates for mobile and desktop devices.

43. Switch by Cruip

Image via Dev.to

This HTML template from Cruip gets its name from a toggle in the top section that allows you to change between light and dark mode backgrounds. With mobile adaptability, two CTA options, and customization for product information and images, you can use this template for almost any purpose.

44. The Big Event by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

As the title suggests, you can promote an event with this landing page layout. The multi-level design comes with pre-designed buttons for downloading an event app. Provide additional information about your event in subsequent sections. This layout has desktop and mobile views with automatic screen resizing.

45. Ultra App by Themify

Image via wpbeginner


This design from Themify for WordPress shows the features of a mobile app or device. The top section includes a dynamic image where you can link a video that plays in a lightbox. It also has a heading, descriptive texts, and a CTA button. Other layers provide motion scroll features, product elements, testimonials, and payment plans. You can provide additional CTA opportunities throughout the page with feedback forms and buttons.

46. Ultra Wedding by Themify

Image via wpbeginner

Anyone looking to create a wedding website or offer wedding planning, photography, or venue services may enjoy this WordPress theme. The header section focuses on a dimmed background image, headline, and date information. The navigation bar lets you move to other sections like stories, timelines, countdowns, and a photo gallery. Use the CTA at the bottom of the page to RSVP.

47. University by Wix

Image via HubSpot

This University template from Wix lets you show off the best attributes of your college, university, or school. Customize the images and text to match your school’s branding, and use the detailed CTA form to collect information about potential students or families.

48. Venus by Cruip

Image via Dev.to

The Venus template focuses on app introduction and sales, but you can change many of the elements to make this a multi-use layout. The motion graphics background adds flair and allows the focus to stay on the CTA buttons. Customize the vector illustrations, social media icons, and Google fonts to match your company’s design elements.

49. Vibrant by HubSpot’s Landing Page Builder

Image via HubSpot

Vibrant is a great landing page choice for long-form sales copy. Pair an image with text in each section, and save your CTA for the end of the page so that people are ready to convert when they reach the bottom.

50. Website Survey by Unbounce

Image via Unbounce

This pop-up box encourages visitors to give you feedback about your company or website. Customize the banner image, header, text, and CTA button to get visitors to take a survey. You can also change the content to prompt them to complete a different action on your site.

Different developers offer plenty of landing page templates for every industry and budget. You can use most templates via web builders or by manipulating the code on your own site. Customizations help you take industry-specific or general templates and redesign them to stay on brand and get more conversions from your clients.

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